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September 2, 2015

'Nurse Jackie' Season 3, Episode 4 Recap

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 19th 2011 7:20AM
nurse_jackie_ohara_jackie_showtime_2011['Nurse Jackie' - 'Mitten']

Has it really only been three episodes since Jackie's intervention -- the one that was supposed to set her straight, but only made her more defiant and determined to continue her life exactly as it's been? Drugs and all...?

Yes, just three episodes, and yet Jackie has miraculously turned a seemingly impossible situation around to her favor. She's repaired the damage to her marriage, making Kevin believe that she's not dependent on pain meds, and she's managed to get O'Hara to forgive her as well.

There's no question that Jackie is a world-class liar, as well as a talented Mrs. Fixit.

A prime example was her intervening at the restaurant for the downtrodden waitress. The way she swooped in and righted a wrong was akin to a superhero's actions. And Jackie works without a cape or any special powers.

O'Hara was amused and realized that life with Jackie is a helluva lot more interesting than life without her. Even if that means wearing blinders, O'Hara's accepting Jackie as she is, which means accepting Jackie's lies as the truth.

Jackie's problem-solving skills were also on display in the ER. For Jackie, a valium drip to take the edge off an expectant dad was a perfect solution to jitters. She probably has done it many times herself.

But it wasn't until later that she realized his problems went beyond nerves. He was scared about becoming a grown-up, a father. It was a situation Jackie could probably relate to. Were she and Kevin ever prepared for Grace and Fiona? The scent of a newborn is a powerful elixir and likely saved Jackie from spinning out of control when the girls were infants.

But drugs remain too important to Jackie, and she's growing aware of the shaky ground on which she's built her foundation. After creatively hiding stashes of pills in the basement, she was forced to backtrack when a mitten full of valium wound up in a church clothes drive.

There was something sad about how she held that mitten after retrieving the pills. Jackie was almost wistful for a time when the mitten was just a mitten and not a place she used for hiding pills from Kevin and the kids.

In other ongoing All Saints storylines, Gloria was fundraising to get Michelle Obama to visit her hospital; Cooper thought he could compete to be chief of emergency, even though O'Hara already has the job; and Zoe, who's always been an energizer bunny, learned that she had to slow down or risk burnout.

Eddie remained enchanted by Jackie, although he wasn't at all disinterested in Tunie at the barbecue. Will Jackie let that relationship blossom? It would only take a nod toward Eddie to put him right back in her clutches. He's a sucker for Jackie.

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Stupid writing in regards to the empty drawers and closet. Who donates EVERY piece of clothing to charity like that?

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