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August 29, 2015

'Breaking In' Season 1, Episode 3 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Apr 21st 2011 3:00PM
breaking in michael rosenbaum Odette Annable['Breaking In' – 'Need For Speed']

OK, 'Breaking In,' it's time to bump Michael Rosenbaum up to full-time status, like now! The former 'Smallville' baddie stole the show from Christian Slater and Bret Harrison on this week's manic and fast-paced third episode.

Last week, I mentioned that my least favorite thing about 'Breaking In' was the blooming love triangle between Cameron, Melanie and Dutch, Rosenbaum's frosted tip-sporting douche knuckle. But I'll happily eat those words (mmm, words) if this ongoing will-they-or-won't-they plot will mean more screen time for Dutch.

Rosenbaum, who was credited as a guest star here, looks like he's having a blast playing the ultimate uberdouche. Slater momentarily nabbed the spotlight back with a few sly lines and his intense crazy guy stare, but the night clearly belonged to Rosenbaum. The guy nails his clueless character and the comic timing perfectly. He's so breezy and natural (in a role that could easily come across as grating) that it's easy to believe he's ad-libbing half his lines.

'Need For Speed' dropped Dutch right in the middle of things when Cameron was forced to hire him to help with the team's latest job -- something about figuring out why Nascar star Jimmy Johnson's radio was going all wonky during races. Dutch's qualifications for the gig? He's the biggest Nascar fan on the planet! Of course he is! He bought a hybrid but "ripped out all that electric crap" under the hood and "dropped in an ass ton of ponies." Talk about awesome sauce, broheem!

This episode benefited from focusing the story on Cameron and Dutch. The first few eps, while funny and entertaining in a not-so-deep kind of way, felt a little too jam-packed with jokes and forced character "wackiness." Cameron's quirky co-workers mostly hovered in the background here as he focused on escaping the office's "nerd cave" and dealing with Dutch.

Of course, the sideline players bounced to the forefront here and there with mixed results. Watching Cash match wits with a sentient copier was funnier than watching off-putting weirdo Josh tase himself in the face.

One of the ep's laugh-out-loud moments came when Cash, disturbed after catching the copier printing out pages with the message "Kill Humans," asked, "Copier, what are you doing?" The copier's response: a sheet of office stationary that read, "Nothing."

It's that kind of oddball humor that's gonna help keep the show working. An argument could be made that the show needs to deepen its characters a lot more if it wants to hold our attention for a few more seasons, but I'm no longer convinced that's true. These light and breezy episodes fly by with such a breakneck pace that it's hard to remember anything but the gags and one liners. I admire 'Breaking In''s go-for-broke comic mugging, especially since more than half of the jokes and lines are actually pretty funny.

The writers are still struggling to bring the laugh out loud stuff while writing for some of the side characters, especially Melanie, who does little but look hot and act cool. But it's obvious that they enjoy writing for Slater and especially for Rosenbaum.

And now that Oz has hired Dutch on full-time, obliterating Cameron's shot at winning the "numbers game," it looks like we can look forward to even more quotable lines from one of TV's funniest new (non reality show) tools.

It's tempting to fill this recap with every single one of Rosenbaum's lines, but that would be lazy, so I'll only type up most of his lines instead ...

- "You left your celly in my ride. How am I supposed to text you my love haikus?"

- "We build wells in countries ravaged by poverty. And the most fulfilling part: I get crazy paid! Dolla dolla bills, ya'll!"

- "I'm goin' green broheem."

- (Announcing his exit) "I gotta Michael Bolt-on."

- "You're my second favorite human on the planet right after the guy that invented boobs!"

- "Look, if you're here for boner pills, I don't sell those anymore."

- (Singing) "You dropped a deuce on my heart, baby..."

- (After meeting Jimmy Johnson) "Is it weird I got a boner?"

'Breaking In' airs Wednesdays at 9:30PM ET on Fox.

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I loved that copy machine joke too! I laughed for three minutes straight. Awwweee...such goofy humor...such wonderfully, wonderfully, goofy humor. Speaking of which, kudos with the "mmm, words" joke. That one made me laugh too. Keep 'em coming...makes me happy.

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