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August 31, 2015

Jim Rash Previews Dean Pelton's Big 'Community' Costume-o-Rama

by Maggie Furlong, posted Apr 21st 2011 9:00AM
As Greendale Community College's Dean Pelton, Jim Rash has become 'Community''s most stylish punchline. I mean, just look at some of the man's best and boldest ensembles:

In this week's episode, titled 'Paradigms of Human Memory' (Thurs., April 21, 8PM ET on NBC), we'll get a ton of never-before-seen memories of the gang via flashbacks, including quite a few epic Dean Pelton costumes.

Keep reading to see an exclusive picture of Dean Pelton, Southern Belle -- who was unanimously described by cast and crew as "an ugly woman" -- and to hear more about giving Mozart boobs, showing off his midriff, having "safe shots" for some of his sexier get-ups and the 'Community' wardrobe he's jealous of.

Of all your costumes, what's been your favorite?
Well it's tough, but in this particular episode, I get to do a little Tina Turner. The heels -- I don't want to be a cliché, but it took me a while to get used to the heels. You know I've worn ... Gaga had some major boots, the debate team Fourth of July had some major boots. I think Dean might own a lot of stripper boots. [Laughs] I have blue and red at least.

'Community''s Dean Pelton as MozartYou've got quite a few costume changes in this episode ...
In this particular episode, I think I have six changes, which are all fantastic. I just remember we tried them all on, got them fitted, and the note was "tighter and more midriff."

I talked to the wardrobe department, and apparently Joel McHale takes home quite a bit of Jeff's wardrobe. You don't really have that same luxury, do you?
Well I'm so angry because he's got tons of clothes and I know for a fact if he even says a label out loud -- here, on 'The Soup,' wherever -- there's a dump truck of new clothes backing up into his house. And I'm not dissing him because he did give me some nice Puma shoes last season. But this season? Nothing. [Laughs]

You know what's funny? Until now, with these Dean costumes -- when I was just wearing short sleeves and colors that no one's skin should be near -- I was like, "I've never been on a show where I want my clothes." There are certain actors who get awesome clothes, but why would I ever want this? However there are some awesome costume pieces that would be fun to have.

Tina freaking Turner! I can't wait. What else can we expect?
I also do a little Mozart ... but sexy. You've never seen Mozart with leggings like this. Very tight, tight leggings. And then there's sort of a Carmen Miranda ... with midriff. A lot of midriff. [Laughs] And they kept putting boobs in there. I was like, "God, Dean's really going for it." Wardrobe was like, "Should we put boobs in Mozart, too?" I was like, "No! We actually have one guy in the mix -- let's celebrate that." There's one where I'm a Southern Belle, and everyone commented, as if I would take offense -- they said, "You are beautiful, but that is an ugly woman."

Do you have a dream costume for Season 3?
I'd like to dress as Jeff, Joel's character. I came to a table read one time, and I had a decent beard and he has this scruff now, and I thought it'd be great to just sort of say, "Oh we're both growing beards" one day in an episode. And then he'd shave. And then I'd shave. [Laughs] But it'd be nice to wear something that looks like his -- plus, then I could take those clothes! [Laughs] I'm really open for anything -- they've never shocked me.

Well, there was a little shock with the Fourth of July thing, when I kept saying that was my sister's outfit. I came down to set and some people hadn't seen it, and they called to say, "Are we sure we have approval for this?" They had to do "safe shots" where the crotch wasn't seen. Like when I wore that bee costume with the stinger -- one shot, I think I pointed at it, and they were like, "Don't point or play with it." [Laughs]

Preview Dean Pelton's
paintball finale look here:

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