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August 29, 2015

'The Real Housewives of New York City' Season 4, Episode 3 Recap

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 22nd 2011 2:00AM
alex_simon_the_real_housewives_of_new_york_city_bravo['The Real Housewives of New York City' - 'Hairy Mess']

A week later and I'm still haunted by the image of Bryan's portrait of Sonja. Do you think she actually hung that in her townhouse or is it stashed in the basement, away from prying eyes?

So tonight was an OK episode, but I missed Jill Zarin. She was shopping in Australia and was only mentioned once at Ramona's bat mitzvah-thing.

After last week's fireworks with Alex and Sonja, Alex decided to face Sonja head on to clear the air. The ladies who lunch were on display, but instead of caftans, Sonja was sporting a fur hat that looked like something out of 'The Wizard of Oz.'

Alex was paler than usual, which could be a problem for the cameramen if she gets any whiter, and that was before La Morgan dissed Simon again. Ultimately, Alex decided to live to fight another day; she told Sonja they should put the Marriage Equality incident behind them. That's where it's been put ... for now at least.

Kelly and Luann went out for mani-pedis. Is it just me or does Kelly seem like she's high in every scene? That strange laugh of hers makes it seem like she's always loaded. The Countess was pushing Jacques' Wine Connection event, a sort of speed dating with vino.

Cindy, Kelly and Sonja were all willing participants, but the men who showed up were really pretty lame. My favorite was the kid from Julliard who wanted to be an actor. Can you imagine how he got on this show? Some agent told him it would be good exposure. But when your acting partner is Kelly, you're not going to convince anybody that you're the next Robert De Niro.

Kelly also was bonding with Cindy, who needs to get involved with the ladies if she wants to make an impression on this show. So far she's nice, but boring. Nanny-drama was hardly the hysteria she made Kelly think it was. What was hysterical, though, was Kelly's attempt to write an e-mail to Ramona. Is it that hard to text, "I won't be there." Kelly is Blackberry-challenged, apparently.

Designer David Meister got a nice promo in the episode. He was so willing to get his name on Bravo that he let Ramona walk the runway in one of his dresses. Apparently, Ramona didn't learn anything from the eye-popping fashion disaster last year, because she was all bug eyed again when she got on the catwalk. It's like an alien possesses her. Hasn't she seen how bad that look is for her? Luann said she was sorry she missed last season's Ramona walk; this year she got to witness it first hand and laughed her ass off.

Speaking of memories, remember how the Van Campen's had the horrendous housewarming a couple of season's back? Well, Simon and Alex still stink at entertaining. Simon decided to throw Alex's birthday party on Governor's Island in the fall. That's out in the middle of New York harbor and it was freezing.

All the champagne in the world couldn't make the picnic tables look elegant and chic, and the only food on display was one tray of pigs-in-a-blanket. Yo, Simon, next time ask someone from 'Top Chef' to plan a challenge at your party! Still, Alex rated it her best birthday ever, which makes you wonder how bad the others had been. Well, love is blind, right?

Cindy looked down her nose at Alex for the blustery birthday party, but I'd hardly call a day of femme-scaping a great date. Cindy said it was a spa day for her friends, but she seemed intent on pushing the procedures and drumming up new business.

The laser waxing wasn't very exciting, and neither was Ramona's big night as the woman of the year. It was Ramona's moment in the sun, although Sonja used it as an opportunity to reinterpret every line in Ramona's speech to Cindy.

Since Cindy speaks English, I can only assume that Sonja felt the need to comment on all of Ramona's words ... or that she simply wanted the spotlight. I'm guessing it was the latter.

Finally, there was Alex at the photo shoot. Can you believe that a stylist was actually paid for fixing her hair like that?

'The Real Housewives of New York City' airs Thursdays at 10PM ET on Bravo.

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