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October 13, 2015

Khloe Kardashian Dishes on Her 'Law & Order: LA' Guest Role & TV Guilty Pleasures

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 25th 2011 9:00AM
Khloe KardashianKhloé Kardashian is about to have a run-in with the criminal justice system -- on 'Law & Order: LA,' of course.

The star of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' and 'Khloé & Lamar' comes under police scrutiny after her stylist is murdered on this week's episode (Mon., April 25, 10PM ET on NBC).

Detectives Ricardo Morales (Alfred Molina) and T.J. Jaruszalski (Corey Stoll) call on Kardashian (the TV version, at least) to find out just what happened during her last meeting with the doomed stylist.

"I'm kind of a suspect because my stylist and I got into a fight before she died," Kardashian told AOL TV in an exclusive interview. "They come to my set, they're kind of interrogating me, and I just give them my answers."

This isn't Kardashian's first foray into scripted TV. The E! star appeared as herself on an episode of '90210' with her sister Kim earlier this season. However, this time Khloé's flying solo -- not even husband and 'Law & Order' fan Lamar Odom will be by her side.

Are you a 'Law & Order' fan?
Yeah, I'm a big 'Law & Order' fan! I became one because this is one of Lamar's favorite shows and he always watches it. I love a good murder mystery and crime shows ... I love all that stuff.

When I got asked to do it, I was a little hesitant because I've never acted without any of my sisters. This is only the second acting job I've ever done. I did '90210,' but I was with my sister Kim. It was just easier when you have someone who you're in your comfort zone with, so doing this by myself, I was skeptical. Lamar and my best friend Malika kind of pushed me into doing it.

So Lamar won't be onscreen with you?
Oh no, it's just me. Lamar has that other career in the NBA. [Laughs]

What was it like filming with 'Law & Order: LA' stars Alfred Molina and Corey Stoll?
Filming with them was intimidating for me. Like I said, I've never done this. It's weird, I almost felt like I had to tell them, "I've never done this before!" but I didn't because that's so lame, it's like a cop-out. They were so nice, so professional. [Alfred Molina] is hysterical, so funny and always making jokes. There was some pressure, you know? You want to do good, you don't want to fumble on your lines. Even though it is one scene, I really do love and appreciate that I was with such great actors.

Law & Order: LA, Khloe KardashianDo you have your own personal gag reel? Did you do many takes?
We did a lot of takes, but because they do a lot of different angles. It's so different than when I film. I messed up a few times -- like, I'd fumble over my words or speak in present tense when it was supposed to be past tense. So many things that I've never had to think about before, but they said I did a great job. They said, "Oh, so many pros have messed up more than you." I don't know, they could just be saying that to make me feel good.

Do you want to become an actress and guest star on more shows?
I would never say never. I do not think I am comfortable enough right now to want to just jump in and do that. I like doing little stuff like this because I think it builds my confidence. I've never acted, so obviously I don't think I could be in a movie and memorize an entire script right now, but I do like practicing. I'd love to try to play a character because in ['Law & Order: LA' and '90210'] I play versions of myself. Playing somebody who's not me, that's the first step -- a baby step. We're our own worst critics. I don't even know if I'm good at this, I think I need someone else to kind of tell me that.

So, will you watch yourself?
That is the thing, I don't know! It's so weird, I can watch myself on my shows, doing reality TV, but I could not watch myself on '90210.' It freaks me out. I know my family is going to watch it and Lamar is going to watch it, but I don't know if I could watch myself at first. That might sound weird, but I just don't know.

I'm the same way. When I go and transcribe this interview, I'm going to say "Oh my god, why do I sound like that? Why did I say that?"
[Laughs] I know, it gives me the chills, it's like nails on a chalkboard.

Now thanks to 'Khloé and Lamar,' have you and Lamar gotten any closer with his father?
With his dad, I do think definitely with the first episode -- I know it aired recently, but we filmed a while ago -- it's very therapeutic. I've asked Lamar how he felt and he said it is like therapy for him and his dad, they have gotten closer. Every day is different. It's hard to explain, but when you watch yourself, you do learn a lot of things about you. You learn about different relationships and how things look as an outsider looking in because you actually get to watch yourself, and the average person doesn't get that luxury. So, by doing that, I think they've grown closer together and they see how they treat each other.

Aside from your show, what are you watching on TV? What's your favorite show?
I film all the time, 12-18 hours a day, so I don't really have much time to watch TV. If I do, I like to watch reruns of 'Friends' or 'Seinfeld,' shows that are kind of easy-peasy to watch.

One reality show I love to watch is 'Toddlers & Tiaras.' There's another show called 'Little Miss Perfect' and I made Lamar watch it and he was like, "What is wrong with these people!?" It's just so sad to see how much makeup and spray tans and eyebrow waxing that these 4-year-olds get! It's crazy, but that's my guilty pleasure that I watch.

Khloe KardashianSo it's safe to say you'll never become a pageant mom?
No, never. I think the morals are wrong. They're teaching kids that the only way they can win things is if they put piles and piles of makeup on -- that the average adult doesn't even wear. I mean, to each their own. It's not for me. It's like the parents, it's their dream, and the kids don't even seem to want to do this stuff.

Back to 'Law & Order,' is there anything fans should watch out for?
I'm boxing in the scene. That's fun -- I get to kick some ass.

That's cool, so you were working and getting a work out?
It was. They were making me sweat. I was like, "Um, why did I sit through makeup if I'm sweating my balls off right now?"

So you had your own sweat? They didn't mist you?
I had my own sweat, baby.

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