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September 1, 2015

Backstage Interviews at 'Dancing With the Stars': Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke Discuss Their Exit

by Michael Maloney, posted Apr 27th 2011 10:20AM
Tom Bergeron, Brooke Burke, Chris Jericho and Cheryl BurkeWhen a show like 'Dancing With the Stars' is filled with so many talented celebrities, one off week can cost someone his or her place on the show. That's just what happened with Chris Jericho and his pro partner Cheryl Burke.

After scoring a low mark of 22 for their tango during "guilty pleasures" week, the two were voted off the show.

While the ejected duo and the survivors usually all go backstage together to do press, this week only Jericho and Burke did. The rest of the cast hoofed it immediately to rehearsal, since next week's show includes team dances.

Below, check out what Jericho and Burke had to say about their exit, what host Brooke Burke thinks of the competition this season and what Len Goodman thought of Kendra Wilkinson's dance.

"It's upsetting because Chris had the potential to go all the way," Burke said about the vote. "Having that one mess-up [on Monday,] I think, really messed up everything else. It was an off night."

Jericho said his departure can be seen as a mixed blessing, since he's anxious to return to his role as a family man.

"It was starting to get to me," he said of the show's grueling schedule. "We were getting ready to do two dances a week. It's hard. You have to put everything you have into this show. That's what you agree to when you sign up for it.

"It was a great experience," he continued. "At this point every dance has to be your best. I was happy with Monday's performance, but it wasn't my best. I pretty much felt [my exit] coming."

Chris JerichoWhat would Jericho like to do next? "I want to continue to entertain," he said. "I've done some acting. I'd like to do more, maybe host another game show. The sad thing is I may never ballroom dance again. I really enjoyed it, but you have to do it six or seven hours a day to get really good at it. It's a lot of work, but every moment was a blast. I really enjoyed it."

"Chris has helped me be excited about this show [again]," Burke said. "After doing it for so many seasons, you get kind of used to it, but he's given me a whole new life with it."

"Cheryl's the best dancer on this show," Jericho raved before wryly adding, "That's why she gets stuck with guys like me. She makes us look really good."

"I have a shoe line coming out on Home Shopping Network and my clothing line," Burke said of her future plans. "I'm still promoting my book ['Dancing Lessons'] and I'll be available for results shows."

The pair shared a rapport based on mutual respect as evidenced by Jericho saying that he's made a friend for life in Burke. "We've shared so many experiences," Burke said. "I know I've gotten on his nerves, but at the end of the day we gained a mutual respect for each other. We never crossed that line of disrespecting each other."

Alas, Burke said she feels that can't necessarily be said when it comes to the judges' comments, which many feel have gotten racy this season.

"It's turning more into the judges' show," Burke said. "Bruno [Tonioli] was especially mean to Chris on Monday. There was nothing positive that Chris could have taken from Bruno's comments. I hope this show doesn't turn into a 'mean' show."

"We have such nice celebrities this season," host Brooke Burke said later. "Maybe the judges are trying to make up for it on their end?"

The host said she is pleased that this season has no clear frontrunner.

"It brings the show back to its original format where it's not about scandal. It's about celebrities doing something that they've never done before. You can't predict who'll win. If you ask five different people who's going to win you'll get five different answers."

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