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October 4, 2015

'Community' Stars Joel McHale & Gillian Jacobs On Shirley's Baby, the Finale & More

by Maggie Furlong, posted Apr 28th 2011 9:00AM
Joel McHale & Gillian Jacobs, 'Community''Community' threw fans a curveball last week with the reveal that Jeff (Joel McHale) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) had been secretly hooking up again, and this time it went on for a while.

Thanks to the amazingly imaginative flashback theme of the episode, we even got to see bits and pieces of their relationship -- which of course, is already off again since it's not nearly as fun messing around when people know about it.

I caught up with McHale and Jacobs to hear about this week's big episode (Thurs., April 28, 8PM ET on NBC), titled 'Applied Anthropology & Culinary Arts,' which features the birth of Shirley's baby, finally solving the who's-the-daddy mystery.

But, of course, it doesn't happen without a few snags: "We are kind of trapped there for reasons which we're not going to tell you right here right now," McHale teased. Could Shirley's baby actually be born in the same spot where Betty White almost killed Jeff Winger? I love this show.

We also dished about Britta being "a huge slut," a couple of Christopher Nolan movies, the big two-part paintball finale and "dreamy" guest star Josh Holloway. Keep reading for more ...

Jeff and Britta were secretly hooking up all that time! How did you guys sneak that by us?
Joel McHale: How did we sneak it by you? Well, it wasn't entirely snuck, because they did turn a camera on and said "Say these lines" beforehand.
Gillian Jacobs: Well the biggest hint, I think, was in the bottle episode, where I commented about Jeff's underwear, and I said the word "usually," and then Abed said, "Usually? What does she mean by usually?"I think that was the biggest clue ... and it seemed like a lot of people on the Internet picked up on it.

Jeff & Britta, 'Community'So did you all know that was a thing they were planning?
GJ: They didn't really tell us too much, other than the fact that when we were doing the Christmas episode we did record that dialogue in the stop-motion animation. But yeah, I'd say a lot of what happens on this show is a surprise to us as well as to the audience.
JM: Then when everyone kind of found out that we were hooking up, and they decided that they were OK with it, we immediately were like, "Do you want to do this? No."

[Laughs] Yep, like all the fun is gone now that you're not sneaking around.
GJ: That's how mature our relationship is.

Now I wonder if that was a trick within a trick and they're still going to continue hooking up ...
JM: Yes. It's 'Inception.'
GJ: Yeah, your guess is as good as ours ...
JM: I mean, Britta got together with Troy a few weeks ago.

Yeah, Britta's kind of slutting it up this season!
GJ: Kinda? Yeah. She's a huge slut. [Laughs] She flashed a guy for concert tickets ...

And they were only mezzanine!
JM & GJ: [Laughs]

I can't wait to finally see Shirley's baby this week. So she actually goes into labor in that gross anthropology classroom, right?
JM: Yeah, she definitely goes into labor there. And we're there for a long time. We are kind of trapped there for reasons which we're not going to tell you right here right now.

Shirley goes into labor on 'Community'

Interesting. Well we know that Abed has had some experience delivering babies. Will he play a hand in delivering Shirley's baby? And will you guys help at all?
GJ: Well, you know, it's usually a group effort on our show.
JM: Yep, and I'll do a lot of taunting during that group effort.
GJ: Yeah, a lot of Blackberry Messenger-ing. There's a lot of BBMing during the birth. Usually we make a big mess of things, but then it all works out in the end. I'd say, generally, that's how our show goes, right?
JM: Yep, except for the finale when everyone dies.
GJ: Oh yeah! We all die.

Well I was there on set for the finale, and it actually looks like people died. You guys tore up Greendale with the latest paintball episode!
JM: Yeah, I was told that the pickup for the third season had to come sooner rather than later because if they didn't scrub the paint off and reset the set, it would completely ruin the set -- the walls, the floors -- and they would have to be removed and replaced, which was a lot more expensive. So they had to almost immediately start scrubbing the place down.

Josh Holloway on 'Community'We've now seen a picture of Josh Holloway in the finale ...
JM: The Black Rider, as he's called.

Holy hell, that man.
GJ: [Laughs]
JM: Yes, and I will say here that my character gets together with him. I'm kidding, he gets together with Chevy [Chase]. Yeah, Josh is dreamy. And Jeff spends a lot of time being jealous of that ... he's got a great chin.
GJ: He's got a great chin.

Do you have a dream episode for Season 3?
JM: I'd like to do one where they force me to gain 30 pounds.
GJ: [Laughs] Dan Harmon will do that.
JM: Yeah, it's so I can eat for like six months. Just go crazy.
GJ: Maybe ... one ... where ... we ...
JM: Talk like robots?
GJ: [in best robot voice] ... talk like robots and everything happens backwards. [Laughs] We could do a 'Memento' episode.
JM: Yeah, a 'Memento' episode. We could have [Christopher] Nolan direct it, no problem.
GJ: Nolan's got a lot of free time.
JM: It's not like he made $60 million on the last 'Batman,' so I'm sure it would be similar pay.
GJ: Maybe he could pay us!

Behind the scenes at 'Community'

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