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October 13, 2015
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Tribal Council Reveals a New Twist on 'Survivor: Redemption Island' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 28th 2011 2:42AM
'Boston Rob' Mariano, 'Survivor: Redemption Island'This was a key week for Ralph and Steve, the last remaining members of the original Zapatera tribe. With the "Ometepe Six" standing strong and "Boston Rob" running the show, there was little hope left for them on 'Survivor: Redemption Island' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS).

At the Challenge for the week, Jeff Probst handed the tribe a package to bring with them to Tribal Council. Inside, he promised, was a twist. Twists have notoriously turned this game upside down, but at six-to-two, what could possibly change the fates of the Zapatera?

Steve and Ralph needed to convince several someones from the former Ometepe tribe to flip and take out one of their own. Obviously, Rob would be the smart choice, but he's proven untouchable so far. Could that change?


The twist didn't come into play through the first vote, which followed expectations and eliminated Ralph. This despite Steve lobbying the Ometepe girls hard to turn on Rob, reminding them how he's used people in past seasons.

As it turns out, they were right as the twist simply triggered a memory-based Immunity Challenge and a second vote. Steve made it into the final round, but ultimately lost out to Rob Mariano and finalized the decimation of the former Zapatera tribe.

The interesting thing now is the delayed reaction to this. There are now four people on Redemption Island and three of them are former Zapatera. Earlier Matt and Mike won again sending Julie to the jury.

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