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October 23, 2014

'The Vampire Diaries' Exec Producer Julie Plec Teases Next Week & the Finale

by Maggie Furlong, posted Apr 29th 2011 12:01AM
Hey 'Vampire Diaries' fans -- you still breathing?

What an episode! I posted a little preview earlier today, but there's nothing you can say to prepare for something like that. Now that it's happened and you've seen it too, I've got a little bit more from the press Q&A with executive producer Julie Plec to help clarify things a bit.

Obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you haven't yet watched 'The Last Day,' keep reading at your own risk. While I won't spoil anything coming up, there's plenty of dirt about what happened tonight, including Damon's need for forgiveness, Elena's very un-'Twilight'-like speech and how Aunt Jenna got thrown into the middle of everything. So yeah, spoilers.

Plec also gives some good scoop on next week's "big, powerful, enormous, emotional" episode and the season finale. Keep reading for more ...

When's the Sacrifice?
This week's episode covered the preparation for the sacrifice ritual. So what will we see next week? "The next episode takes place over the rest of the night," Plec said. "And it is Klaus' attempt at executing the sacrifice ritual to break the curse, and the part that Jenna is meant to play in that and what everybody else has to do to try to keep her from being the vampire that Klaus sacrifices."

This Ain't No 'Twilight'
"I love [the waterfall scene] between Stefan and Elena because when we started the show, the similarities to 'Twilight' were so extreme and this was our way of sort of closing the book on that chapter of similarities. For Elena to say, 'I've never even wanted this for a minute because I'm still a kid, and I still have choices to make in my life, choices that I wanted to make' ... I love that about Elena. I just think that that's so beautiful, and was happy to let her have this introspection when the choice has already been made for her."

A Bloody Mess
Yeah, about that ... can you believe Damon forced Elena to drink his blood? Just when you thought he couldn't get more selfish ... but where does that leave the Damon-Elena relationship? And how will it change Damon? Will any of it even matter if Damon dies from that werewolf bite?

"Stefan sees that, in love, you have to take the other person's wishes into consideration, and Damon, because he's been so screwed in the head by love and it's his achilles heel ... this episode was about him kind of learning that lesson," Plec said. "He needs to seek her forgiveness for what he did, and he does try ... and he desperately wants it. And he's now got the extra reason with the werewolf bite -- like I can't die with you hating me. That's his point, but how does that play out? That's really what the finale's all about."

The Finale
Plec gave a little more insight into the finale, and why they're not ending on the sacrifice ritual we've been leading up to all season long. "The finale is basically the end of the road of Damon's journey for the year -- his character journey -- and we could've ended with the sacrifice ritual and just gone out. It's really big, powerful ... it's enormous and emotional. That could have been it. But for us, we started the season and Stefan said to Damon, 'For the first time, I see you starting to feel something, starting to care. Do not let this ruin you. Do not let Katherine ruin you. Do not let anything come between us [or] take a step backwards.' And here we are -- we've come full circle, and now he's at the end of his life, so he believes, and he needs to come to terms with all the decisions he's made in the year ... and since Katherine seduced him 145 years ago.

"Stefan's whole cross to bear is like, wait a second ... my brother's finally showing his humanity, the humanity I took away from him 145 years ago. I can't let him die now! But there's no cure. So what the hell is he gonna do? So that's the finale."

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