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October 6, 2015

'Army Wives' Season 5, Episode 8 Recap

by Allison Waldman, posted May 2nd 2011 10:30AM
Harry_Hamlin_Army_Wives_Lifetime['Army Wives' - 'Supporting Arms']

So far this season, there's been quite a bit of sadness on 'Army Wives.' The death of Jeremy Sherwood has hung over the show as a reminder that military families live in a state of perpetual anxiety, even as they try to remain positive.

While life has gone on for the 'tribe,' the Sherwoods can't really put Jeremy's death in the rear-view mirror. Denise and Frank tried a grief support group, which seemed like a great idea, until politics entered the scene.

But there were good points raised by introducing Carrie, Denise's friend who was also an Army wife, one who'd lost her husband in Afghanistan. When Carrie revealed that she thought the war was senseless, soldier Frank was incensed.

However, it wasn't really a political clash. It was something that hit closer to home for Frank. He'd nearly died in the same helicopter crash that took Carrie's husband. So her feeling that her spouse had died for nothing cut too close to the bone. Frank cannot allow the thought to enter his mind that the mission -- whatever or wherever it is -- has no purpose. This was a good example of how 'Army Wives' can show both sides of the story without pandering.

Roxy and Pamela's friendship has hit a rough patch because of Whit. Roxy has been completely naive about how Whit has become a fixture in her life. She doesn't see that Whit's assumed Trevor's place in many ways. He's bonded with the boys and been Roxy's knight in shining armor, while Roxy has been at odds with her husband who's far, far away. They're so estranged that when Trevor heard he was promoted to staff sergeant, he didn't call her with the good news.

Pamela saw things much more clearly, and she feared that Roxy was screwing up her marriage. As a friend, she took it upon herself to talk to Whit. I don't think her telling him to leave town was the best advice, though, and when Roxy found out, neither did she.

Pamela made the mistake of being straight with Roxy. Instead of couching her criticism in a diplomatic way, she just unloaded on Roxy. She told Roxy that Trevor had not died, but that Roxy was acting like a widow. It wasn't surprising that Roxy was furious with Pamela and, basically, told her to butt out.

With the news that the unit has been given orders to return home, Trevor will be back next week. Expect all hell to break loose for the LeBlancs when Trevor learns about Whit. Roxy's going to need Pamela then; just you wait and see.

We got a resolution to Elena's immigration case, thanks to Grant using the military and the media. Michael was reluctant to play ball, but he couldn't stand by and let the wife of one of his soldiers be deported over a paperwork error.

Elena's victory came because of Claudia Joy fighting for her and making everyone around Elena's case care as much as she did. Elena's struggle was synonymous with Claudia Joy's latest health crisis. At least in her mind. Claudia Joy told Grant she would never give up if she had cancer.

It turned out that the mass on her ovary needed surgery, but it wasn't cancer and she didn't need a hysterectomy. It was good news all around for Claudia Joy, including Elena's humanitarian parole and Michael's call informing her that he'd be home in a week.

While it was a relief that Claudia Joy was okay, I found her deciding not to tell anyone but Grant about her health scare all wrong for the character. Friends who love her, a second family, surround Claudia Joy. Why would she choose to face a grim prognosis without her support group? That just didn't ring true. I also thought Grant's kiss was predictable and a non-factor. Claudia Joy loves Michael. There won't be a complication from that kiss.

Finally, there were the Burtons. After making the decision to have another child, adoption seemed to be their only option once Roland declared that Joan facing a high-risk pregnancy was out of the question. This led to the revelation that there's a bias against military families when it comes to state adoptions. It was a little preachy the way it was presented, but it's the kind of storytelling point that would only be shown on a program like 'Army Wives.'

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