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October 13, 2015

'Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Week Seven Elimination

by Katy Kroll, posted May 4th 2011 1:35AM
Finally! The last of the dead weight has been dropped from 'Dancing With the Stars.' It was the elimination I had been salivating over for weeks, because now the competition is really on.

During Monday night's performances, the leaderboard got shaken up once again, with first-time front-runner Romeo plummeting all the way to the bottom and Ralph Macchio shooting from the bottom to the top for the third time. All the contestants had to perform two routines -- an individual dance and a group number -- with the two scores being combined.

Dragging the bottom of the leaderboard alongside Romeo was Kirstie Alley, who, even though she suffered a fall and lost a shoe in past weeks, had yet to find herself in serious jeopardy of elimination until she raked in her lowest scores to date. Meanwhile, aspiring lap-dancer Kendra Wilkinson somehow managed to pull in a better score, albeit by just one point. Week after week she skirted elimination when she should have been the one to go, seemingly becoming this season's version of Bristol Palin.

But I can finally thank the 'Dancing' gods -- and voters -- for kicking Kendra to the much-deserved curb this week. While she danced surprisingly well in week one, she never really got any better. Once she found her niche -- skimpy outfits and bouncing her "assets" -- she just kept doing the same thing over and over. For some reason, the judges always ate it up and scored her way higher than she deserved. And then there was her attitude ...

Going into this season of 'DWTS,' I was neutral on Kendra. I wasn't a fan of 'The Girls Next Door' or her current self-titled reality show, but I thought she was entertainingly cartoonish with her bubbly Elmer Fudd-sounding laugh. But clearly I either hadn't been paying enough attention or her previous reality TV appearances have done some polishing when it comes to her personality. She started to lose my respect the week she mouthed off to the judges, and continued her downward spiral with her foul mouth, farting and general obsession with proving she has an aversion to anything "elegant."

So, good riddance, I say! (Funny that it was her first stab at elegance with a fully-clothed, rather traditional tango that got her voted off ... fickle fans, indeed.)

Now it's time to focus on who might make it to the finals. With Kirstie and Chelsea Kane rounding out the bottom three this week, it's going to get harder and harder to guess who will go in the next couple of eliminations leading up to the grand finale.

While Kirstie has had her share of mishaps and might seem like she should be the next casualty, she has way more charisma and dancing ability than someone like Kendra could ever dream of. If she can just stay focused, she might actually stand a chance of being in the finals. But next week the stars must once again master two dances, which could prove difficult for her. While she appears to be a fan favorite, there might very well be a point where they turn on her because she's made one mistake too many. (Unlike the rest of the remaining contestants, she has yet to top the leaderboard.)

As for Chelsea, it was the second time she's been in the bottom two. Both times she and partner Mark Ballas have wound up there after "risky" dances -- this week's futuristic "biker chick" paso doble and week four's 'Harry Potter'-themed performance. Now, whether their bottom-dwelling status was decided by an actual lack of votes from viewers or the show's producers remains to be seen, as host Tom Bergeron usually points out that the bottom two are not necessarily who's really in jeopardy.

It's interesting to note that neither Romeo nor Hines Ward have ever been in the bottom three on elimination night, which could be a sign that they're destined for the finals. But it's literally anybody's game right now, as there's still no real front-runner -- although Hines and Ralph are in a dead heat when it comes to topping the leaderboard the most.

Watch the full episode here:

Part 1

Part 2

So, are you like me and happy to see Kendra go? Take the poll below and comment ...

'Dancing With the Stars' airs Mondays at 8PM ET and Tuesdays at 9PM ET on ABC.

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I also like Hines! He's such a good dancer! And he's not one of the dancers that is always argueing about their partner!( He is also named after ketchup!:)

May 09 2011 at 8:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I am so rooting 4 Chelsea!! But I think tonight is Kirstie's final night.(I'm afraid!)

May 09 2011 at 8:45 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

Call ABC at 818-460-7477. Tell them to please leave our soaps alone. If they cancel the soaps,
they are going to lose a lot of loyal viewers! I will boycott ABC for good and will not buy any
products their advertisers sell while I continue to watch the soaps until they cancel them.
Call for Brian Fron's to be fired. No more DWTS or Castle...NO MORE ABC!!!!

just now Report abuse Permalink

May 06 2011 at 8:11 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

I also didn't like Kendra at first but I thought her tango was far better than Kirstie's whatever it was. I thought she would be eliminated. Ralph is so cool and smooth and Karina is the perfect partner. Who would have thought the Karate Kid would have turned into this guy. I still like Hines and Romeo; these guys have surprised me. I usually like Mark but he is going a little over the edge this year. Maybe he should take a little time off and enjoy life. He seems very uptight.

May 05 2011 at 8:10 AM Report abuse +4 rate up rate down Reply

Go Chelsea and Mark. They are awesome.

May 04 2011 at 9:45 PM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply

The sympathy voters will keep Kirstie ...thats a show !l

May 04 2011 at 6:12 PM Report abuse -2 rate up rate down Reply

I am from Pittsburgh. So I am definately rooting for Hines Ward.

May 04 2011 at 6:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I like Kirstie but in NO WAY is she a better dancer than Kendra. Katy who wrote this awful article. And, YellowRose I hate to inform you MANY poeple cannot shake it up like Kendra! Katy's comments on her dislike of Kendra had nothing to do with what I think you were suppose to write about. I feel sure you don't know anything about dancing or you would have seen when Kendra made improvment that is when the Judges gave her better scores. It makes sense & you don't! I think you are highly JEALOUS as you choose to write about Kendra's laugh, her TV shows (which do very well & that is why she keeps getting more) which I'm sure they didn't ask for you to include you like or dislike of TV shows. I think Kendra left with grace & nice words to many & then stated she was ready to go back to being a Mom (which is the most important thing in her life) and wife to Hank who was there every week to support her. She has the cutest little boy & a wonderful husband. And, my gosh please don't even mention the nightmare of Bristol Palin & her Mom's "people" who kept voting her in & she is so far from being a STAR! Your article proves your total lack of knowledge of dancing. So, I say right back to you ... "good riddance" to the worst writer I have ever read at the AOL site. What a total JOKE you are & I don't mean that in a nice way! Now, please go make us a You Tube of your great dancing skills so all of us can see just how good you are. I think you are just plain hateful. Please try an article on Nascar or something elses you know nothing about. LOL!

May 04 2011 at 3:27 PM Report abuse +4 rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Debbi's comment

wow! kendra has a tv show?????????????

May 06 2011 at 6:33 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

I really disliked Kendra early on because of the "attitude" BUT she improved her dancing over the last couple of weeks (and her attitude) and should not have been voted off. It appeared to me she was finaly "getting it" and I could see an exponential improvement on the horizon.

I was and am a huge Kirstie fan, BUT....she needs to up her game to stay. The two dance format does look like it will be her achilles heel. I was very surprised to NOT see her in the bottom two. She certainly is dropping weight though.
The other one who should have gone is Romeo. Although he certainly has the tools to go all the way, he seems to have hit a plateau with his tecnique. If he hasn't gotten it by this stage of the game, it's probably too late, the choreography will be taking up all his brain cells from this point on.

It looks like Mark Ballas should change his name to Mark "Balls". Seems as though his strategy is to by-pass the judges altogether and rely on fan appeal "only". I'm a traditionalist , but I gotta admit, his routines are DA BOMB!
This strategy may even change the structure of the show to include some other forms of partner dancing, such as West Coast Swing, Hustle, Salsa, or even Hip Hop. He could only pull this off with a partner like Chelsea though. If the producers don't like what he's doing they'll probably make sure he never get's a partner like her again.

Hines. I think he may have peaked already. This is not to say he can't win, he's very likeable and that counts for a LOT, but the methodical way he goes about learning these routines hints that he is relying on a computational
prowess to master a creative activity. Eventualy you hit a point where there is too much to memorize and you get the human equivelant of the "Blue Screen of Death" If he is unable to "feel" the dance it will show next week.

Ralphie Boy! When he's doing Smooth Ballroom he reminds me of Donnie Osmond and John O'Hurley (Season 1)
He just nails it! Unfortunately Latin Ballroom is the other half of the show. O'Hurley had this same problem but still made it to the finals and many were upset that he didn't win. So, in reality Ralph only needs to avoid doing Latin in the finals. He seems to be able to execute difficult choreography which, going forward, will be a HUGE advantage that Karina will no doubt exploit.

So my pick is.......Ralph. He will succeed where O'Hurley failed. Hines has been good so far but he is rarely out of closed position so I cannot say he can handle difficult choreography. Chelsea is good enough to make this a no-brainer but it remains to be seen if Mark will continue his gambit through the finals and risk the Judges Ire at that point. It's a tough call for Mark. At this point he can't stop or he'll risk being elimnated by Kirstie and Max

If comes down to the wire and Ralph and Karina are doing Waltz or Fox Trot it pretty much won't matter what anyone else does

May 04 2011 at 3:13 PM Report abuse +3 rate up rate down Reply
Bert A. Coffman

The slim bonde gal is the best dancer-all the energy, fundamentals of movement and facial brightness of commucication. She could easily become a professional dancer!

Good luck to all, but quality must reign -rain drops on all.


May 04 2011 at 3:05 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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