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October 13, 2015

'The Celebrity Apprentice' Season 4, Episode 10 Recap

by Katy Kroll, posted May 9th 2011 5:15AM
'Celebrity Apprentice' S04/E10['The Celebrity Apprentice' - 'Laugh On']

Color me confused, but I never guessed that this season of 'The Celebrity Apprentice' would become 'The Meat Loaf Show.' Nor did I ever think he was a serious contender when it came to winning ... until now.

The emotional rocker dominated much of this week's three-hour show -- yes, three hours -- with his ups and downs, replacing NeNe Leakes as the scene-stealer. No matter what he did, good or bad, Donald Trump heaped tons of praise on him.

The only thing that overshadowed Meat Loaf's big moment in the spotlight was the fact that not one, not two, but three (count 'em) celebs went home this week. In fact, three seemed like the magic number of the night.

By the end of an episode filled with shocking twists and turns, NeNe had quit and La Toya Jackson and Star Jones were both fired. (Wha?! Didn't Star seem like a shoo-in for the final two?)

As the night kicked off, the feud between Star and NeNe continued to rage, and a re-hired La Toya settled into her new role on Team Backbone alongside John Rich and Lil Jon.

When NeNe told Star she wanted to talk things out after last week's heated boardroom exchange, which ended with Hope Dworaczyk's exit, Star walked away and left her hanging. Before the next task began, Star told Trump she no longer wanted to work with NeNe, so he sent NeNe over to Backbone while Team A.S.A.P. got Meat Loaf.

Their first task of the night was to produce a stand-up comedy show, with each team choosing three up-and-coming comedians. They were expected to sell 50 tickets for as much money as possible, and whichever team raised the most would keep both teams' earnings. La Toya and Meat Loaf both stepped as their team's project manager.

When Backbone went to their war room to begin hashing out the details, NeNe was nowhere to be found, and her teammates' calls went unanswered. As soon as Trump learned she went A.W.O.L., he tracked her down only to find out she had hailed a cab and quit the show because she could no longer deal with Star. Upon learning that she was officially out, John hit the nail on the head by pointing out what was really going on: NeNe was ticked that Trump sided with Star rather than her. It was a rather anti-climactic exit for a larger-than-life woman who always seemed ready, willing and able to pick a fight.

But her team quickly shook off the loss and started working on the task at hand, calling any and every donor they could think of. But, despite John single-handedly raking in more than $500,000 on a previous task, the team was tapped out when it came to getting people to once again open their wallets. Meanwhile, A.S.A.P. was working double time to make money, fearing John would once again bring in the big bucks.

After Meat Loaf called on several donors to help support his charity, Painted Turtle, he started crying when he realized the money he raised would go to La Toya's charity if his team lost. (Duh.) With tears streaming down his face, he blubbered to his teammates about how he felt guilty "gambling" away his donations. Meat Loaf was such a wreck, Star even called Trump to ask if he could keep his funds even if they lost, but Trump denied the request because it would detract from Meat Loaf's desire to win.

Once Star and Marlee Matlin talked a hysterical Meat Loaf off the proverbial ledge, he took to the stage as M.C. of their comedy show as if nothing ever happened. (Mood swings, anyone?) Then, when the teams sat in the boardroom waiting to find out who raised the most money, he turned into a puddle of water again. Sigh ...

This was apparently my personal breaking point for how much Meat Loaf I could stomach. Sorry, but there's a fine line between coming across as caring, and being just plain annoying, and he crossed it after about the third breakdown. I assumed The Donald would agree and reprimand him for being an uncontrollable bawler, but nope. Trump lapped up every tear, patting Meat Loaf on the back for "caring so much."

When all was said and done, Meat Loaf and A.S.A.P. raised $20,000 more than Backbone. And, of course, Meat Loaf cried like a baby. Yet again. With Backbone's loss, La Toya became the first person in the history of 'The Apprentice' to be fired twice. So, what was the point of bringing her back to the show? Oh, yeah, that "shocking twist" we all talked about ...

The real twist, however, came during the night's second task, which ended with the "WTF?!" firing of front-runner Star, who had seemed destined to make it to the finale.

The task that took her down was the production of a promotional video telling consumers that in-vehicle security system OnStar was available at local retailers. The task was judged on creativity/originality, product integration and brand messaging, and the winning team would nab $40,000 for its project manager, either Marlee on A.S.A.P. or John on Backbone.

With John fighting a sinus infection, he dumped a lot of the task on his only remaining teammate, Lil Jon. Meanwhile, Marlee let Meat Loaf take the lead for A.S.A.P., with him being the main visionary when it came to the concept for and execution of their video. She decided it was time to take a creative risk, which is why she went along with the wacky storyline that spewed from his head.

In the end, A.S.A.P.'s video was a jumble of incoherent images, including Meat Loaf as a cop using the OnStar system to find the nearest donut shop. On the other hand, Backbone had a much more streamlined idea set against a white backdrop and featuring Lil Jon hyping the product alongside a soccer mom.

In the end, Backbone was crowned the winner, securing John and Lil Jon's positions in the final four. With an impending firing about to go down, the members of A.S.A.P. immediately started pointing fingers at each other. Marlee and Star blamed Meat Loaf for the loss because the video was his vision, and Meat Loaf set his sights on taking down Star.

While it seemed like either he or project manager Marlee should have been the one to go, Meat Loaf pulled Star into the crossfire by beating it into Trump's head that she was the one who had dropped the ball. Marlee soon shut up and quietly faded into the background in order to let her teammates drag each other through the mud.

When Trump kicked them out of the boardroom for a minute to ponder who should go, an argument broke out between Star and Meat Loaf, culminating with Star taking offense with him flippantly referring to her as " sweetie" and "young woman" and Meat Loaf completely losing his cool ... if he ever had any. (And, for the record, Donald, it is offensive when a man uses such words to belittle a woman on purpose, particularly in a business situation. So, shame on you.)

While Star's teammates had consistently called her "conniving" and a "backstabber" week after week, it was still a shock when Trump somehow found a reason to fire her over creative mastermind Meat Loaf and project manager Marlee, who had let him run amok.

With the way Trump fawned all over Meat Loaf for three hours, it seems obvious that he will make it to the finale. The only question now is, who will he face off against: John, Marlee or Lil Jon?

'The Celebrity Apprentice' airs Sundays, 9PM ET on NBC.

Watch the full episode here:

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Fabulous recap of an annoying, unsatisfying and misogynist episode. I want those three hours of my life back when I am on my deathbed. Meat Loaf is a certifiable lunatic. And Katy Kroll is right: either Meat Loaf or Marlee Matlin should have been fired. What was Donald thinking? Ugh

May 11 2011 at 11:20 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
General Kenobi

Your recap almost seems to imply that Star was without fault... really? Meatloaf was exactly right in what he said about her. She was in charge of branding. And, in fact, she was in charge of what she would've called the script. Meat had agreed to produce the vignettes, the small acting stories centered around the central donut shop joke... over all that Star was supposed to write copy that she would use to narrate the commercial and provide the product and branding information required from the task with his humorous vignettes in the background. He didn't need a script for his portion and consistently told Star to write her voice-overs. When they went to edit, it was Marlee who was in charge with Meat and Star taking responsibility for their own sections...

While the execs didn't like the humor with the cops, the bigger problem with the commercial was the entirely missed concept and point... namely that OnStar can be purchased for older and non-equipped vehicles... something that Star's voice-over work was supposed to take care of.

But Star didn't do a script for herself, and certainly didn't do a good one that showcased the product properly. Then, when Meat was trying to put the box at the end, she interceded and made them change it to a logo. That's just a fact, a fact she tried to lie about.

I agree that Meatloaf's crying was a bit ridiculous, but apparently you didn't reach your limit of Star being Star... I think most of us reached that a few years ago.

May 09 2011 at 11:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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