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September 2, 2015

What to Watch: TV Picks for May 9 - 15

by Stephanie Earp, posted May 9th 2011 2:30AM
Survivor - Sunday May 15, 8PM ET/PT, Global/CBS

Rob Mariano has played his best game -- even if he does say so himself -- but is it enough to finally get him an elusive win? The Survivor three-hour finale airs tonight. The first two hours are, as always, on the island. Then Jeff and his blue shirt will travel through time to a live studio audience where the winner will be announced. I'm eager to see if Rob can keep control of the game right up to the bitter end. If so, the final three should be Phillip, Rob and Natalie. In any other season, I'd be rooting for Grant, the nice guy who's been strong in challenges, strategic in his voting and alliances and wears dirty dreadlocks well. But I love me some Boston Rob, so I'm rooting for him all the way.

Also This Week:

The Good Wife - Tuesday May 10, 10PM ET/PT, Global/CBS

I just love sweeps and season finales for all the bizarre guest stars the networks pull out. This week, filthy comedienne Sarah Silverman plays a variation of the polished sex-bomb, taking the role of a woman who runs one of those adultery dating sites (AshleyMadison.com, ahem). Shiny hair, pearls, and little Jackie O. cardigans clothe the kind of maneater Hall & Oates were so worried about. She may or may not be guilty of murder, but she's definitely going to walk off with this episode.

CSI - Thursday May 12, 7PM ET/PT, CTV (9PM ET/PT, CBS)

'CSI' used to be so, so good. I remember being so excited for new episodes back in the first two seasons, and most of the characters and actors that I loved are still kicking around Las Vegas, so you'd think the show would be able to soldier on. But Laurence Fishburne's giant head eclipses the still-excellent work of Marg Helgenberger, and it appears the writers have stopped trying to keep things in the realm of the possible. This week is the second half of a two-parter, which sees Fishburne's Ray trapped in the house of one Nate Haskell, who is Ray's version of Paul Millander. Is it wrong of me to hope that Ray's is Haskell's next victim?

Saturday Night Live - Saturday May 14, 11:30 PM ET/PT, Global/NBC

With the tear-jerking departure of Michael Scott from 'The Office,' it looks like popular cast members are doing what they can to remind viewers that there is still some funny to be had in Scranton. John Krasinski was on 'Ellen' last week, and now Ed Helms hosts 'SNL' for the first time. I love it when someone with skills in improv, stand-up and music takes up the mantle because it gives the show so much leeway on what to do. Speaking of music, the legendary Paul Simon performs songs from his new album, which some reviewers are saying is his best since 'Graceland.'

How'd You Get So Rich? - Sunday May 15, 5PM ET, E!

E! is making Joan Rivers earn her paycheque by adding another show to her roster of duties. This one looks like it could be a lot of fun. Rivers tracks down unlikely millionaires and asks them nosy questions we'd all want the answers to. Mainly, as the title suggests, how they made all that filthy lucre and what they spend it on. The debut episode features a guy who invented the multi-chamber bubble blower -- which, if you ask the average five-year-old, is probably on par with the telephone and the microchip -- and spends his dough on a walk-in closet for his dog, among other things.

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