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October 9, 2015

'Nurse Jackie' Season 3, Episode 7 Recap

by Allison Waldman, posted May 10th 2011 2:00AM
nurse_jackie_showtime_2011['Nurse Jackie' - 'Orchids and Salami']

With our dear Nurse Jackie of late, it hasn't been a case of how high can she go. It's been more about how low will she sink? She's barely getting by on just six pills a day, and coughing up a hefty $200 for that daily dose.

Doing drugs was a lot easier when Kevin was in the dark, Eddie was screwing her in exchange for meds, and she was able to get O'Hara to write her scrips for a phantom bad back. Ever since that damn intervention, she's been pretending to be straight and it's mucking up her addiction.

If Jackie just didn't care about these people, she could blow them off and do her own thing. But she loves Kevin and is determined to be a good mom to her kids. At every turn, Jackie is surrounded by the saints, which are a constant reminder that she's no saint.

There's the hospital, All Saints, as well as Gracie's fixation with the saints. The kid has major anxiety issues, which this week gave her middle-of-the-night stress. It's scenes like her attending to Gracie with cocoa and conversation that reveal that Jackie is a good mom, but that doesn't change the fact that she's a drug addict.

Walker, a boy whose mom had OD'd at a concert, thought he had a good mom, too. But he knew she was an addict. Based on the lady's massive drug binge, O'Hara commented that she was no "mother of the year."

That got to Jackie, because she was sipping from her own World's Greatest Mom coffee mug with Gracie. Jackie knows that she's just as much a druggie as Walker's mom ... only she has yet to OD.

It's not just the six pills a day that's vexing Jackie. There's Kevin pestering her on the cell. The new guy, Kelly, is also pissing her off. He's winning over the nurses and even scored a Saturday off just because he met the First Lady and Akilitus wants to use him to snag Mrs. Obama's New York hospital visit.

Then there's O'Hara and Eddie. Jackie blew off O'Hara's invitation to a champagne soiree, but when she saw that Eddie wound up taking her place in the stretch limo, Nurse Jackie was jealous. But was she jealous of O'Hara being with Eddie or Eddie being with O'Hara?

Jackie managed to get Coop to stop wallowing in self-pity about his mommies getting divorced by having him treat the ironworker who'd gotten hurt while flying kites 70-stories up on 34th and 8th. The character, an American Indian, was pretty cool, but Coop managed to offend his ethnicity in just about every way you can imagine.

It was clever that Gracie's fixation on those saint cards -- sort of like baseball cards for Catholic school kids, apparently -- led to Kevin finding that dental floss stash that Jackie lost in the car last season. Remember that? When Kevin saw the pills, he assumed the worst about Jackie.

For a change, Jackie told the truth ... partially. It was an old stash. She hadn't touched that box in a year. That was when the 30-day chip came in handy. Like I said when she got it from Bill, Jackie would use it eventually.

Tonight was the night. She showed it to Kevin to prove that she was working the program. Of course it was a lie, but it did the trick. Kevin couldn't imagine how else Jackie could have gotten it without actually being in the meetings. If he only knew how Jackie really operates ... like the transdermal drug patch on her arm!

'Nurse Jackie' airs Mondays at 10PM ET on Showtime.

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