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October 8, 2015

'How I Met Your Mother' Finale Preview: The Stars Tease Romance & More Mysteries

by Laura Prudom, posted May 13th 2011 1:00PM
It's been a season of emotional highs and lows on the CBS comedy 'How I Met Your Mother' -- we started with a wedding, took a tragic pitstop at a funeral and found ourselves inordinately fixated on a dingy old building populated by cockamice, but on Monday (May 16, 8PM ET), it all comes to a head.

Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris

The season finale will see Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) given a chance to make amends for a mistake he made earlier in the year, relationships will be tested, questionable foods will be eaten and the Arcadian will meet its ultimate fate.

AOL TV was on set to watch the finale being filmed, and we caught up with Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders for a few hints on what fans can expect as the season wraps up. (Spoilers ahead)

Things have a way of coming full circle on 'How I Met Your Mother,' and the finale is no exception -- we started the season with a mystery wedding, and according to Josh Radnor, that's how we'll end.

"The very, very last scene of the season is back at the wedding inside the church," the man behind lovelorn Ted Mosby revealed. "Not in the chapel, I'll say that, but it is in the church."

Josh RadnorBoth Radnor and Smulders are all too adept at witty banter and sidestepping spoilers, and Radnor would only talk about the finale in the most oblique terms, no matter how much I wheedled him.

"There is a demolition of a building in it; there's food poisoning in it, there's a food poisoning scare; there's reunions with ex-lovers; there's chance encounters on the streets of New York ... There's a florist shop. So, those are some of the things you can expect," he teased.

Robin might have taken a bit of a backseat to the boys this season following her break-up with Barney, but as series co-creator Carter Bays revealed in a recent interview with Mo Ryan, "there's going to be a lot of Robin next season."

"It's news to me," Smulders admitted with a laugh. "It's so funny, because I was saying that we never know what's happening, honestly. This year was the first year that they were like, there's a wedding, Ted's going to be get involved with this relationship, Marshall [Jason Segel] and Lily [Alyson Hannigan], Marshall's father's story line, so it was nice to have some sort of an idea of what's coming down."

Smulders doesn't begrudge the writers their secrecy, but she did admit that the show's recent two-year renewal will allow the actors and the creative team to feel more confident about the show's overall arc. "It could go anywhere. We're here for two more years, so [the writers can say] let's break that down, instead of, 'we have to write four more episodes, what are we going to do?' I feel like our writers, because it's a sitcom and there's an improv energy and there's a changing up on the day type of energy, it's nice to know and to have some sort of idea of what the future is."

CBSIn terms of the season finale, Smulders revealed that Robin is more of a facilitator for her exes than at the center of the story.

"I feel like Robin has been the helper this season. She's with Ted a lot and Ted is going through all this stuff with Zoey, and Barney is sort of finding out that he has a real emotional side with the discovery of his father and the meeting of Nora. So, for the last couple of episodes, she's in this place of trying to get her people into the right happy place ... In the finale, Barney and I are racing around trying to make sure Ted doesn't do something stupid -- as always!"

Though the last couple of seasons have seen Robin focusing on her career, expect her to switch gears next year. The introduction of Robin's "crush" (played by Michael Trucco) a few weeks ago wasn't just a throwaway appearance.

"I think she's now just coming to the realization like, 'OK, I'm settled into my job and I'm doing what I want to do, but it's not bringing me total happiness,'" she mused. "So, we'll see what happens next season with [romance]. I don't know what's going to come up next year, but there's a lot of tension between Barney and Robin and her feelings for him and him risking more in a different relationship, so it's an interesting emotional cliffhanger, the end of this season."

While on set, we observed two scenes being shot. The first involved Ted, Barney and guest star Chi McBride outside the Arcadian, preparing to demolish the building -- let's just say that Barney steals Ted's thunder and leave it at that. The second saw Robin and Barney in the midst of their aforementioned rushing around, before a chance encounter with the beautiful Nora (Nazanin Boniadi) stops Barney in his tracks.

"This is the next time that Barney and Nora see each other after last time, when they kissed Nazanin Boniadi and Neil Patrick Harrisand then she slapped him and stormed off," Boniadi reminded us, looking lovely as ever. "They pick up from where they left off -- it's a bit of a contentious scene, since it's difficult to be happy to see someone after they told you that they lied to you."

Still, despite the awkward note they left things on, all hope is not lost for Barney. "I think it's just a matter of Barney facing what he did and fixing things if he can," the British-Iranian actress explained. "Fingers crossed, it is kind of open ended -- it would be lovely [to come back]."

Given the "tension" between Robin and Barney that Smulders mentioned, I can't help but wonder how Barney's encounter with Nora will affect things between our favorite on again/off again couple. Will Robin make a move, or will she refocus her energy on her crush?

We'll have to wait until next season to know for sure.

Do you think that Robin and Barney are meant to be, or will they find happiness with other partners? Who do you think has invited Ted to be Best Man in the episode's final scene? Share your predictions below, and don't forget to tune in Mon., May 16 at 8PM ET on CBS to catch the finale.

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now the season is over i guess i have got nothing to say except it was a very good finale episode the best in all of the seasons!!

July 16 2011 at 1:27 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

the Captain & Zoey are getting remarried, and Ted will be best man!

May 16 2011 at 8:38 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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