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October 4, 2015

What to Watch: TV Picks for May 16-22

by Rich Keller, posted May 15th 2011 2:00PM
Chuck and Casey work feverishly to save Sarah in the season finale of 'Chuck.'MONDAY, MAY 16

'Chuck' (8PM, NBC) season finale

Though the threat of cancellation has consistently hung over this NBC series, the network officially announced Friday that Chuck Bartowski and his Buy More and CIA colleagues would get a fifth and final season to wrap things up. So rest assured watching the season finale that any cliffhangers will be resolved when the show returns in the fall. In the season 4 finale, Chuck tries to bring down Vivian Volkoff before she can ruin his wedding to Sarah.

'House' -- More of Thirteen's recent past is revealed as a former ex-con friend of hers asks for a drug-related treatment which the hospital won't support. While this takes place, House deals with some devastating news. (8PM, FOX)

'Hawaii Five-0' -- After McGarrett discovers some incriminating information on Wo Fat, the criminal makes it his goal to destroy Five-0. (10PM, CBS) season finale

'How I Met Your Mother'
-- The season-ending episode finds Ted at a wedding that changes his life and Marshall fearing he may have been the victim of food poisoning. Which may be why he asks for an adult diaper in the episode teaser. (8PM, CBS) season finale

'Castle' -- A hit man with information on the death of Beckett's mother escapes, leading to a manhunt and the discovery of a law-enforcement official connected to it all. (10PM, ABC) season finale

'Freedom Riders: American Experience' -- A documentary on the 1961 Freedom Riders, civil rights activists who attempted to get the JFK administration to recognize the Jim Crow laws which were still in effect across the South. (9PM, PBS)

'Mike & Molly'
-- Mike is put on the spot when Peggy's new boyfriend asks if he intends to marry Molly. (9:30PM, CBS) season finale

'United States of Tara' -- A frightening incident at a corn maze triggers Tara's urge to flee as she transforms into Chicken. (10:30PM, Showtime)

-- As the third season ends, the gang gets ready to graduate, which leads to graduation problems, travel decisions and an impromptu wedding. (8PM, CW) season finale

'Make It or Break It'
-- Friendships are tested as the gymnasts compete for the final position on the Worlds team. (9PM, ABC Family)

'The Best Thing I Ever Ate'
-- The fifth season opens with folks like Duff Goldman and Ted Allen speaking about their favorite food pairings and the restaurants they order them from. (10:30PM, Food Network) season 5 premiere

'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' -- The ladies from Northern Joisey are back to gossip, fight and pull on each other's wigs. New cast members this season include Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga, who are related to veteran Housewife Teresa. (9PM, Bravo) season 3 premiere

After the death of a close friend, the hunt for the Port-to-Port killer gets personal for Gibbs and the team on the season finale of 'NCIS.'TUESDAY, MAY 17

'NCIS' (8PM, CBS) season finale
Since there are no prom-related shows on this evening -- plus the fact I got reamed last week by 'NCIS' fans -- I felt it was best to spotlight tonight's season finale. Especially with the events of the previous episode. Needless to say, the final confrontation with the Port-to-Port Killer, who isn't your run-of-the-mill serial killer, will put Gibbs and his team in grave danger.

'NCIS: Los Angeles'
-- Across the country, the West Coast NCIS team searches for Hetty after her surprising resignation and disappearance. (9PM, CBS) season finale

-- Speaking about grave danger, it looks like one of McKinley's own is hit with some sobering news about an unexpected loss. This, as the New Directions kids polish their Nationals set with the help of Jesse St. James. (8PM, FOX)

-- The Hellcats head to their own Nationals competition. Unfortunately, a strep-throat epidemic hitting the university could hurt the team's chances. (9PM, CW) season finale

'Secrets of the Dead'
-- This episode recalls the race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union to build and detonate the world's biggest bomb. (8PM, PBS)

'Raising Hope'
-- The Chances recall the year Jimmy turned 18, including his goth phase and the time Maw Maw kicked them all out of the house (9PM, FOX) season finale

'Tosh.0' -- Daniel Tosh is back to make fun of all those Internet videos you make fun of. Except you don't get paid to do it. (10:30PM, Comedy Central) season 3.5 premiere

'The Looney Tunes Show'
-- Bugs and Daffy go to prison. I'm sure the shower scene will be hilarious! (8PM, Cartoon Network)

A.J. Cook returns to 'Criminal Minds' in time for the season finale.WEDNESDAY, MAY 18

'Criminal Minds' (9PM, CBS) season finale
Television producers can sometimes make mistakes that rile the ardent fans of their shows. Sometimes it's a plot shift, sometimes it's the death of a beloved character, and sometimes it's giving Jim Belushi another series. In the case of 'Criminal Minds,' the mistake made was to let go A.J. Cook, who played Jennifer "J.J." Jareau, in the middle of this season. Viewers were mad and let the network know of their dissatisfaction. Finally, the producers decided to bring J.J. back in the season finale before returning as a regular next season. Good job, 'Criminal Minds' fans!

'Cougar Town' -- Having enough of Travis' depression, Jules decides to take matters into her own hands. Elsewhere on the cul-de-sac, Bobby and Laurie get some business advice from Andy and guest star Lou Diamond Phillips. (9:30PM, ABC)

''Modern Family'
-- Attendance at Alex's middle school graduation may be in jeopardy as a series of events delays the entire family while they wait at Jay's house. (9PM, ABC)

'Law & Order: SVU' -- The 12th season ends with Benson and Stabler investigating the murder of rape-trial witness. Also, something happens in the last moments that may affect everyone at the precinct next season. (10PM, NBC) season finale

'The Middle' -- Summer is near and the Hecks are preparing. While Axl competes for a lifeguard position against his nemesis, Sue tries to find the perfect two-piece bathing suit. (8PM, ABC)

'Happy Endings'
-- Dave encounters members from his old fraternity at a concert by a band he and Alex enjoyed in college. Dave also finds out his old fraternity buddies have seen a copy of the wedding video. Ouch! (10:30PM, ABC)

-- The guys needs to rescue Jillian as a blind date becomes a trip to an Insane Clown Posse concert. (10:30PM, Comedy Central)

'America's Next Top Model' -- The 16th season closes with the remaining two candidates shooting a CoverGirl commercial. (9PM, CW) season finale

'The Real World' -- Time for the annual 'Real World' road trip. This season, the gang heads down to Cancun, Mexico for some fun in the sun. Which you can get in Las Vegas, minus the beach. (10PM, MTV)

Will Dwight become the permanent manager of Dunder-Miflin or will one of the many candidates appearing in tonight's finale of 'The Office' become the new leader?THURSDAY, MAY 19

'The Office' (9PM, NBC) season finale
Who will be the new manager for the Scranton branch of Dunder-Miflin? Well, there are plenty of candidates, including those portrayed by guests Jim Carrey, Ricky Gervais, Catherine Tate, James Spader and Will Arnett. It could also be Warren Buffet, who will play himself has he applies for the position formerly held by Michael Scott. It may also be someone from within the office who gets the position. One way or another, 'The Office' will probably look and feel different next season.

'The Big Bang Theory' -- Sheldon welcomes Roommate 2.0 as Raj moves in after Leonard and Priya find other sleeping accommodations. In another part of the galaxy, Bernadette finally receives her PhD, making Howard the only one who doesn't have the degree. (8PM, CBS) season finale

'The Mentalist' -- In a two-part episode, the mole within the CBI is finally revealed while Jane and Red John confront each other face-to-face. (9PM, CBS) season finale

'Private Practice' -- Benjamin Bratt joins the cast as a new admirer of Addison's who makes her an interesting proposal. Also within the offices of Ocean Wellness, Charlotte is assigned to a rape case, and the other staff members face a crisis of belief due to the practice's vulnerabilities. (10PM, ABC) season finale

'Bones' -- Booth goes undercover as a senior member of a bowling team in order to investigate a murder. Plus, Angela goes into labor. (9PM, FOX) season finale

'Parks and Recreation' -- In the first episode, Chris makes changes to the Parks Department that no one likes. In the season finale, Tom makes a big decision while Leslie prepares a memorial service for a beloved Pawnee friend. (9PM, NBC) season finale

'Grey's Anatomy'
-- Owen makes his decision on who will be Chief Resident. Elsewhere, Meredith's deceit in Derek's clinical trial may cost her career and cause repercussions on other staff members. (9PM, ABC) season finale

'Naked Science'
-- The concept of parallel universes is explored. (8PM, NatGeo)

'Wipeout' -- In the spring season ender, twelve engaged couples battle through a series of obstacles including the Love Boat Launch and Wedding Cake Testing. (8PM, ABC) season finale

'The Real Housewives of New York City' -- Jill holds an anti-bullying event. Really, Jill?! Seriously? (10PM, Bravo)

The mental wall holding back Sam's memories of Hell breaks, causing him to remember everything on the season finale of 'Supernatural.'FRIDAY, MAY 20

'Supernatural' (8PM, CW) season finale
The lives of brothers Sam and Dean have been fraught with constant danger, death, rebirth, and the occasional trip down to Hell. Yet, they're able to tamp down the memories of all the frightening things they've encountered in order to continue battling. However, it now seems the barriers that protected Sam from those memories have opened and the darkest thoughts are now pounding his brain. This leads to some serious consequences which may or may not stop him from his continued battle. We can only hope he controls these memories before next fall.

'Flashpoint' -- Mike is afraid his former mentor may be implicated in a case involving drug lords, gang executions and ripping the tags off mattresses. (8PM, CBS)

'Camelot' -- Morgan casts a spell of invisibility on herself in order to initiate a plan to turn Arthur's men against him. (10PM, Starz)

'Children of Promise: The Legacy of Robert F. Kennedy'
-- Mandy Patinkin narrates this examination of RFK's Children's Action Corps, which helps the young victims of crime and neglect. (8PM, ID)

'Whitest Kids U'Know' -- Tonight's skits focus on bad drivers, hot sisters and making animals kiss. (10:30PM, IFC)

'CMT's Next Superstar' -- The remaining competitors volunteer at a food pantry and perform inspirational songs for its volunteers. (9PM, CMT)

Chris and Lis Griffin reprise their roles as Luke and Leia Skywalker in the 'Family Guy' tribute to 'Return of the Jedi.'SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, MAY 21-22

'Family Guy' (Sunday, 9PM, FOX) season finale
Seth MacFarlane continues his tribute to the iconic 'Star Wars Trilogy' with his rendition of 'Return of the Jedi.' Chris returns as Luke Skywalker, with Lois and Peter as Leia and Han, and Stewie as Darth Vader. Also lending their voices to the season finale are Carrie Fisher, Anne Hathaway, Rush Limbaugh and H. Jon Benjamin.

'Saturday Night Live' -- Justin Timberlake hosts the show's season finale along with musical guest Lady Gaga. (Sat., 11:30PM, NBC) season finale

'Doctor Who' -- The Doctor and his companions drift out of the space-time continuum, landing in salvage yard filled with impossible inventions. (Sat., 9PM, BBC America)

'Chase' -- The series ends with Annie putting her estranged father in danger on a case that leads to revelations about her past. (Sat., 8PM, NBC) series finale

'Big Time Rush'
-- The boys deal in some dastardly tactics to be crowned prom king of Palm Woods. (Sat., 8:30PM, Nick)

'Sinbad & The Minotaur' -- Sinbad leads his crew on a search for a treasure guarded by a minotaur. No careless teenagers were harmed in the making of this film. (Sat., 9PM, SyFy)

'The Simpsons'
-- When Ned begins dating Mrs. Krabappel, he learns she has been with practically every man in Springfield, including Homer. Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer has a voice cameo. (Sun., 8PM, FOX) season finale

'The Killing'
-- When the police's efforts to arrest a suspect hit a roadblock, the Larsens decide to take matters into their own hands. (Sun., 10PM, AMC)

'Game of Thrones' -- Ned makes a costly decision which could affect the Seven Kingdoms when he sits on the throne while Robert is out hunting. (Sun., 9PM, HBO)

'Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost' -- Tom Selleck reprises his role Jesse Stone, who investigates the apparent suicide of a teen girl he once tried to help. (Sun., 9PM, CBS)

'Celebrity Apprentice' -- Donald Trump names the winner of this year's contest and could possibly launch his presidential bid in a live broadcast. (Sun., 9PM, NBC) season finale

'When Aliens Attack' -- A variety of military and scientific experts discuss the hypothetical situations which would occur should aliens attack. All we non-experts need to do is watch 'Independence Day' one more time. (Sun., 8PM, NatGeo)

'Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure' -- If you haven't picked up the DVD, here's your chance to see the return of Ashley Tisdale to her role as Sharpay Evans. In the movie, Sharpay heads to New York to try out for a Broadway show. However, as you would guess, complications arise. (Sun., 8PM, Disney Channel)

'Billboard Music Awards'
-- Hosted by Ken Jeong, the awards show honors artists with the most sales and airplay. Among the performers are Cee Lo Green, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez. (Sun., 8PM, ABC)

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workaholics! new fav show. you guys should watch it at workaholicsnow.com

June 02 2011 at 9:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Joni Hough

Thank you for including "NCIS" this week after not doing so last week (problem with a 2-part episode that's not billed as a 2-part episode). I appreciate the mention.

May 15 2011 at 9:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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