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October 7, 2015

'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 24 (Season Finale) Recap

by Rich Keller, posted May 17th 2011 3:00AM
Chuck and Sarah go through a dry-run of the wedding on the season finale of 'Chuck.'['Chuck' - 'Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger']

Okay, for those of you who watched the season finale of 'Chuck,' let's take some deep breaths before we plunge into the recap. For those who didn't watch, you need to stop reading right now, go to your DVRs and tune in.

In the meantime, let's congratulate Chuck, Sarah and the rest of Team Bartowski for pulling off yet another renewal. Granted, it's only 13 episodes, the show will be moved to Fridays, and it will most likely be its last season; however, it's good to see that it will return to the NBC lineup. All that in spite of the fact that the network itself has not given the show a shred of the promotion it's due.

The renewal is especially important because of went on in the finale, which changes the entire playing field. If you've caught your breath or watched the show, then read on.

BIG SPOILER WARNING: Do not read ahead if you haven't watched 'Chuck' yet. You'll regret it if you do.

So much happened in this episode, it's hard to find a point to begin. So let's start with the following: Chuck is now a true spy. Whether he's using the Intersect, and for the time being he won't, the man who was once the best of the Nerd Herd is now one of the best spies around.

How do we know this? Well, Casey said so. Here's a man who has seen Chuck grow from a simple "Asset" to a true asset to him and Sarah. Whether it be his intelligence, his planning or his stubbornness, Mr. Bartowski now has all the tools available to be a top-notch spy.

It shows with his confidence. You may not have noticed it lately, but the stammering Chuck we once knew is no longer taking crap from anyone. This was seen in last week's episode, when he punched out the cave guard, and this week when he took on Agent Clyde Decker. As Chuck said himself, "That guy may think he's a hardass, but I'm the Intersect."

Not only the Intersect, but an agent who would hop on a prototype, super-speed motorcycle to capture the only person who could help him save Sarah: Alexi Volkoff. A man who would ride said motorcycle into the truck holding Volkoff (a la 'Knight Rider') to help him escape. A person who went, without weapons or an alias, into Vivian Volkoff's office to plead for the antidote for Sarah's illness. A man who, after reuniting the now undone Alexi with his daughter, enlisted Volkoff Industries' troops to help him enter the hospital with the cure for Sarah's condition.

The word 'proud' would probably define the way most viewers felt as he jumped all of these hurdles in the finale. Those who have watched from the very beginning have rooted for the young Bartowski to get what he wanted. In this week's episode, all of his training came into use to not only save Sarah, but eliminate the two most dangerous people in his life.

Now we have a new baddie to contend with: Clyde Decker. Where Alexi Volkoff was somewhat comical in his role as an international arms dealer and Vivian was, let's face it, an undecided international arms dealer, Decker is a prick we can really hate. From the moment his smug face appeared on the monitor (which Chuck happily smashed to pieces), the CIA agent oozed with malcontent. Though working for the Agency, Decker looks to be working on his own to make sure the secret of Agent X, one he seemed to be part of from the beginning, and the Intersect, were erased from everyone's memories.

Even with Chuck and the team no longer working for the CIA, Decker had to twist the knife even further by planting a seed of conspiracy. All of the events leading up to now -- the Intersect, Agent Bryce, Fulcrum, the Volkoffs -- were part of a plan of control by someone or something else. Sounds like 'Lost,' except without all the confusion. With this knowledge, Decker could become the baddie for the show's fifth season.

Which leads us to the final moments of the finale. The producers certainly didn't disappoint when they mentioned the show would be a game changer. First, the Buy More looks to be no longer part of the Agency. Instead, it's now owned by Chuck and Sarah, thanks to $847 million given to them as a gift from Hartley.

This new wealth is also being used to start the team's freelance spy business. While Chuck and his team are no longer working for the Agency, it doesn't mean they're giving up their lucrative jobs. Since they need to find more information about this new conspiracy, this opens up a whole new set of stories for everyone.

Especially for one Morgan Grimes, who is the new home to the Intersect! Sure, Chuck lost the Intersect, but this happened a few times over the past few seasons and it was only logical to think he would get it back at some point next season. Then Morgan sees the sunglasses left by General Beckman and, in that instance, we all knew what was going to happen: Morgan knows kung fu.

Now it's back to square one, or is it? With Chuck, Sarah and Casey were really starting from ground zero. Morgan, on the other hand, has been training for over a season now. While he's still wet behind the ears, he knows more than Chuck did. This may be an advantage to him while using the Intersect. Then again, he is Morgan. Needless to say, at least the season premiere will be interesting.

Other items of note in the season finale of 'Chuck':

-- Two great quotes from Casey. One was his use of the term "Reagan-smart" in learning the true use of the Norseman. The other came when he saw all of Volkoff's troops landing at the hospital, "Russians, so many Russians." We even got a smile out of him at the wedding.

-- Besides becoming the new Intersect, Morgan showed his CIA chops by standing up to Decker and holding a gun to him. This, and he called the man a douche. He also had a great line while officiating at Chuck and Sarah's wedding, "By the power vested in me by the Intergalactic Federation of Planets, I now pronounce you husband and wife."

-- Deven punching out the CIA agent: This is why he's nicknamed Awesome

-- The last act starting with the church sign describing a 3PM funeral, followed by a pan-down showing the 4PM Bartowski wedding. You bastards!

-- Some may say the writers scrimped on the wedding ceremony. However, the real ceremony took place in Sarah and Chuck's memories as they recalled the dry-run of their wedding vows. If you didn't tear up after hearing Sarah's vows, then you are devoid of any emotion.

-- No opening credits for this week's episode, most likely due to the amount of material they needed to push through. Hopefully this will not be a regular thing next season.

Next week on 'Chuck': The show takes a well-deserved summer vacation. Thanks for a great season, Mr. Bartowski, and we'll see you in the fall.

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Bad guy Decker... just like the A-Team..

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1 reply to Slab's comment

I noticed that! I also noticed that Chuck invoked the "Oh Boy," line...which ties back to Stephen aka Scott Bakula...aka Sam Beckett.

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