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October 6, 2015

'Nurse Jackie' Season 3, Episode 8 Recap

by Allison Waldman, posted May 17th 2011 2:00AM
nurse_jackie_2011_edie_falco['Nurse Jackie' - 'The Astonishing']

A day without Valium? Jackie wasn't totally out; she had one snort to start the day, but as the hours passed, our Jackie was losing it.

Would she make it to Gracie's pageant to see her portray Christina the astonishing, a Belgian saint of insanity, or was getting a hug from Bill more important?

It's hard to know exactly what Bill wanted from Jackie by asking her to come to his place for a score.

Since Jackie has a history of bartering sex for drugs, her showing up at the building suggested that she was ready to give it up for a fix or two.

But fate or the saints or whatever's ruling Jackie's universe intervened when a truck wiped out Bill, after him nearly being crushed by a falling cement gargoyle. Jackie saw it all and without a moment's thought about her responsibility as a nurse, she was off and running.

Oh, sure, she was determined to make it to Gracie's pageant, but she was also determined not to be linked with Bill. Remember when Sam saw them together and asked if they were friends? Jackie denied it then and walking away this time was a way to keep the lie intact.

But Jackie's essential problem remains; she's in desperate need of drugs. The patch is clearly only doing so much to keep her buzzed. Although Kelly sees right through Jackie; he can see that she's high. That's why Jackie's decision to take on Kelly as an adversary is reckless. He's a much more formidable foe that she's had in a while.

Kelly is the kind of guy that Jackie should befriend. He came through for O'Hara when the PCP patient attacked her, and while she can push Sam around, Thor is a sweetheart and Zoey is an acolyte, Jackie could use a sharp guy like Kelly in her corner.

Jackie tried to be a comfort to O'Hara after the incident with the patient, but she instead turned to Eddie, marking the second time that Jackie's seen them together and has been jealous of their relationship. And what made Jackie even more upset was the way Eddie rejected her.

Her visit to the pharmacy, standing near the back room where they used to screw, and mentioning her bad back, that was all code for what she wanted and needed. Instead of drugs and a quickie, Eddie suggested that Jackie try pilates. It was like a slap in the face to Jackie.

Kevin received a visit from Carl, an old friend who knows very well that Jackie is a piece of work. You can almost sense that he'd heard Kevin complain in the past about the tough times at home. But Kevin let Carl know that even when he's been pushed, his loyalty and love for Jackie remain intact.

In other business, adorable Zoey invited O'Hara and Jackie to lunch to get fodder for her blog. There's something wonderfully sweet and uncomplicated about Zoey's look at the world. She's the anti-Jackie.

Gloria finally found an ally in her battle with Lily Cheung; Thor. He knows how to give good phone. Akilitus rewarded him with a hug, which is what Coop was looking for in light of his parents' divorce. This week he was up to his navel in old toys, wallowing in self-pity. Even the ogling of 16-year-old girls about him being the cute doctor failed to make him happy.

Finally, Jackie did make it for the pageant, praise the Lord. Little Gracie is so anxiety ridden that her mother missing the event would have haunted her for years. But in a nifty bit of camera work, the overhead shot of Jackie as the Psalm was read showed that Jackie will need divine intervention to keep her insanity in check now that Bill's gone.

'Nurse Jackie' airs Mondays at 10PM ET on Showtime.

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