Blake Lewis: 'Scotty Slayed It, Haley Sang From Her Soul'

by Blake Lewis, posted May 19th 2011 1:30PM
Holy Top 3 'American Idol!!!'

I remember when I went home for my "homecoming celebration" during the Top 3. It was nuts! It was super intense coming home - seeing all these fans you reached week in and week out and finally getting the chance to meet them. Very surreal and exciting.

It looked pretty crazy for the contestants this year, too, but they really didn't show much of them going home. They barely showed anything at all. Oh well.

Last night's show featured Beyonce mentoring the contestants on the songs they picked. It was cool to see such a big vocalist give them critiques. She seemed genuinely excited to be there with Lauren, Scotty and Haley.
The Idols each sang three songs: one they chose themselves, one chosen by Jimmy and the last picked by the judges.

Scotty started the night singing a song by Lonestar and he slayed it! I forgot how young this kid is. His tone is just insanely good and he did a killer job with the song. I love the fact that Randy is parodying himself now, giving Ryan the set up with "In it to... WIN IT!" WOW.

Jimmy picked "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" for Scotty's second song and it was also a great performance. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling his third song. To be honest I didn't pay much attention. The cable in my hotel room cut out a bit, but from what I did hear and see, I wasn't as impressed as the first two performances.

Lauren was impressive with her song choices and vocals. Her first song I thought was alright. She missed a couple notes here and there, but the judges thought she was fantastic and all in all, it was a good first song.

Jimmy's pick was "If I Die Young." I really love the melodies and the sentiment of the song. She sang it beautifully. The judges picked "I Hope You Dance" for her last song and it was one of my favorite performances and songs of the night. She really took charge and did a great job with this song. It showed off everything that is great about her as a performer and vocalist.

It was really cool to see all these top Idols' auditions. I never saw them before and it was really nice to see how much growth each one of them has shown since America first got a taste of their talent.

Haley (my favorite) seems to always get the last spot on each show. Have you noticed that? You know why? 'Cause she kills the competition. The thing I love is that she is only a little bit older than both Scotty and Lauren, but she is so much more of an artist than the other two. When she sings, you can hear it from her soul, like it's dying to come out of her.

She came out singing Led Zepplin with her dad on the guitar. I thought it was perfect. She stumbled and got right back up and rocked it out. A sign of a true professional.

Jimmy picked "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac and I thought she did an alright job with the song, it definitely got better in the end. It was a different feel and vibe compared to Led Zepplin and it worked.

The judges chose "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette and it was actually pretty rad. The verses were a little low for her voice while she was moving around the judges, but when she hit the chorus she sent me right back to junior high when I first heard that song and loved it. It was a cool song to end the show, I just hope it was a big enough closer to send her fans voting till the early light.



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General Kenobi

You know, I don't watch American Idol. I haven't for years (ever since Paula was found to have been in a relationship with one of the contestants).... So, I'm not really in the group of people you'd expect to comment here... then again, week after week I've seen you post these articles, and week after week I see that nobody responds to you. Do you suppose that has anything to do with your Oprah Complex? Now, it could be that like newspaper writers who don't actually write their headlines, it could be that you aren't responsible for the photos they put next to your article each week. However, I hate to break this to you, but seeing a different picture of YOU each week instead of, oh, I dunno, the subject of your article.... yeah, that's hardly endearing. Maybe we all need a dose of Elizabeth Hasselbeck crazy, as she's the only person I've ever heard reference you, but you're just not that interesting or good looking... and you're not Oprah... So, maybe, just maybe, you could drop the extreme ego and rotate in some pictures that aren't of you, but are of what you want to discuss....... might have a better discussion generated.

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You are an idiot.

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General Kenobi

Yeah, because you reply to his comments every week... like all the others rushing in here to do so...

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I think his photo is there because the editor wants to promote the fact that an idol alumni is reviewing the article. Maybe to get some more attention and give the review some more weight? Either way, I don't think he's the one putting up his pictures (I may be wrong but I like to think of people as innocent until proven guilty). Still, I like his review and if changing a measly picture is what it takes to get more buzz, then so be it.

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