'Something Pitchy:' Does Lauren Alaina Stand a Chance Against Scotty McCreery?

by Hilary Rothing, posted May 20th 2011 1:50AM
Cut yourself a slice of apple pie and get those flags in the air cuz it doesn't get more American than good 'ole boy Scotty McCreery singing his boots off against southern belle, Lauren Alaina.

After the disappointing elimination of 'Something Pitchy' favorite, Haley Reinhart, myself, Rickey Yaneza (Rickey.org) and MJ Santilli (MJ's Big Blog) question whether or not either of these two are ready for the big time.

Also on our minds, does Lauren really have a shot at besting this season's All-Star, Scotty? Will the 'American Idol' season ten finale feel more like a country fair talent show than one of the biggest televised competitions of the year? We discuss all that, plus Il Volo, Nicole Scherzinger and Lauren's mom in this post-Top 3 results show edition of AOL's 'American Idol' talk show, 'Something Pitchy!'

'American Idol' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8PM ET on FOX.

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I realize these comments are two weeks old but I have to comment. These kids are great kids no doubt but I feel at least for Lauren that judges have pushed her into the finale. Constantly, they raved about her audition but she NEVER brought that to the Idol stage. The judges song choices were songs within Scotty and Lauren's range but gave Haley one that was extremely difficult! On purpose? I believe so! Jennifer Lopez did not like Haley from the start but it isnt about personality-yes it is a PART but this is a SINGING competition so judges let's base your opinions on their songs and be fair to ALL the contestants. Oh wait I forgot everyone did just great--sounded beautiful-fantastic-everyone that is except Haley. Orchastrated? I believe so. Yes i am a Haley fan! I love her voice--it is distinct and unusual and is Scotty's voice. Lauren's is pedestrian.

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OK, no offence to you Lauren and Scotty fans, but this is gonna be the most boring IDOL Finale ever.
Country vs. Country.
Does it REALLY matter who wins?

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Personally I think this is one of the best ever seasons of American Idol. I love Scotty and Lauren both but I am hoping that Lauren will win it all! I think Haley was too arrogant and presented a falseness to her singing. I liked James in the beginning but he slowly got on my last nerve with his "screaming", sometimes it is o.k. to simply sing a song and do it well as opposed to screaming in it. It is time for everyone to stop slamming Scotty and Lauren and act like the adults you all are! Hello... would you want people talking about your children or grandchildren that way! I think not!!! remember what goes around comes around and comes back 10 fold. Life is what you make it... and this is a show and a contest. The people of America vote, if you don't like who is in the finale you should have stayed on line or the phone and voted till your fingers bled (pun intended). Also, got you friends to join in. That is the way it's done. If you didn't then shut up and stop crying over the spilt milk so to speak. Enjoy the Voice, Blake Shelton is awesome on there and the X Factor too... personally I didn't miss Simon Cowell at all this year!

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Sharil Brown

Wow just Wow. I can not believe what a self absorbed nation we live in. I just can't believe the venom that is spewing all over the internet. What did these two kids do to deserve this type of hatred except enter a singing competition like everyone else. They do not deserve to be covered up in all this hatred. The sad part is it is adults that are spreading this hate. Haley is talented as all of them were but the mass of the voting public did not want her, why is that so hard to understand. She is just another singer counting on her sexy dancing around to pull her through. Why is it that when things don't go the way certain people want they immediately start yelling American Idol is manipulating everythng. All of you haters out there should be ashamed of yourself and shut the heck up and quite being spoiled self absorbed idiots.

To Scotty and Lauren I will say don't listen to this mess and stay strong because there are plenty people that are behind you 100%. I personally am proud of both of you and will be watching next Tuesday.

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Scotty will win..He has been pimped, plucked, and whatever.. I truly believe that all of these contestants have had their less than fifteen minutes of fame. Lauren and her mom are ridiculous, and therefore, I am pulling for Scotty to win..Haley completely screwed herself out of contention. Her diva attitude and disrespect really did her in. She belongs in a strip joint with a pole..where-o-where is James? and of course Pia...If Simon were there, these poor souls would never have been in the final three. I will watch out of curiosity, but I am now into "The Voice" these contestants put Idol to shame!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Enough already!

Can't see that any of this is a surprise. The judges, Nigel, Levine, etc. were manipulating the entire season to get these two teenagers in the finale. Their pimping alone left the public with a sour taste about this show and it's future. You are probably right, they will have big numbers next week, justifying their outrageous behavior. I truly hope Randy's contract up, he's not in it to win it. I am so looking forward to X Factor and putting AI in the rear view mirror.

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I think this is about the end of Idol for me.The judges suck ,especially that 3rd rate no talent bass playing Randy.Miss Beautiful dosnt know a flat from a sharp,but she knows (pitchy. Steven is bored to death with his fellow celebrity loosers and really had Randy @ J Lo nailed on both of their attempt to destro Haley. THE REAL WINNER
ALONG WITH JAMES. Do you really believe the American vote numbers? Want to buy a bridge?

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I disagree you Lauren fans. She is too immature, tries to be like Carrie and has no stage performance like Haley. At least she didn't cry all the time. That's why Lauren got voted they felt sorry for her. Well look at Jennifer Hudson she didn't win the American Idol so we'll see who comes on TOP - Haley.

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So, so happy to see Hayley eliminated. That sounds awful but I didn't like her attitude....I love Lauren....I have from the start and Scotty too although I would have loved to have seen Casey, Jacob and James too...so many talented performers this year....I couldn't believe that snippy little Hayley endured to the top 3. Anyway, I think these 2 humble , nice kids will both do well after one is crowned. Good luck to them both.

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