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September 2, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: 'Supernatural' Fan Fills in the Missing Year With New Book

by Allison Waldman, posted May 24th 2011 3:00PM
If you're like most fans of 'Supernatural,' you want more than what you've seen on screen or devoured in Mo Ryan's recaps. More Sam and Dean Winchester! More things that go bump in the night! More monsters and hunting and ... well, 'Supernatural.'

Here's your chance to fill that void. With the approval of creator Eric Kripke, author Rebecca Dessertine has written a new novel that's an exciting original story about Sam and Dean, but also provides a valuable service.

'Supernatural: One Year Gone' fills in the gaps in the TV show's timeline by telling us what we missed in that year-ahead jump from Season 5 to Season 6. Having been privy to an advanced copy of the book -- and as you'll see in our exclusive excerpt after the jump -- it's a must-read for true 'Supernatural' fans.

AOL TV talked to Rebecca Dessertine (fun fact: she's actually Kripke's assistant by day) about her experience writing the novel, which is arriving in stores today (May 24). Keep reading for more details ...

How did you get the opportunity to write the novel, and what were your goals in writing it?
With this novel my goal was simply to make it good and illuminate more of the characters which we all love so much. How did this opportunity fall in my lap? Like anything good I had to beg for it. Since I'm in the enviable position of being Eric Kripke's assistant I had the opportunity to get his approval. I timidly knocked on his door, stepped in and started blabbing, then maybe got to the point like five minutes later. Kidding. Sort of. In any case, he said "go for it."

Why should fans be excited about the novel?
When Season 6 started, I knew we'd be skipping ahead a year, and I thought it would be cool to experience that lost year since we weren't going to see too much of it in the show. The hook is that we really get into Dean and Sam's individual heads while they are separated; Dean is with Lisa and Ben, and Sam is with Samuel and his hunting family. I wanted to know what was really going on with them -- what they were feeling? But of course we know Sam wasn't feeling much of anything.

What inspired the story you came up with for Sam and Dean?
Well, I have this sort of weird obsession with not believing things I'm told. I guess I believe in a series of conspiracy theories, but also I want to formulate my own opinions and I have a natural tendency to question everything, even authority. All those things combined led me to thinking about the Salem Witch Trials and everything that happened there, where innocent people were put to death ... terrible, terrible things.

And I read why people thought it happened: mass delusions, teenage sexual repression, even poisoning from the winter's grain crop. That's what most people think caused the hysteria. But what if they are wrong, and there were witches in Salem. What would happen then? That was my jumping off point, and then I had to tie Sam and Dean into it. Since we've established a long blood line of hunters I thought it would be cool if the Campbell family stretched back all the way to colonial times.

supernatural_2011_CWWas the 'Supernatural' mythology a help in building your creation?
The mythology helped with creating the bloodline of hunters to 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, and I built off of that. And then, of course, our monsters work in different ways than in some shows ... we try to stay as true to the real legends as possible. When I settled on Salem and the witch trials I tried to figure out how our witches would try to command power.

Would you like to do more novels in the future?
I would love to write more novels above and beyond the 'Supernatural' novels. I'm working on something right now, it's based on my experiences at a private school in one of the most haunted counties in America. But I can't say much more than that.

What's the reaction been like from Eric and others involved in the show?
Well while I was writing, every once and a while I checked in with Eric and [showrunner] Sera Gamble, asking if I could include something in the novel. Initially they approved the idea and then they left me to my own devices -- may the fates be on my side. So I have yet to get a reaction from them.

Here's a brief preview of the book, an exclusive for AOL TV readers:

"It's normal to feel guilty when a family member passes, especially under extraordinary circumstances. Your brother died how, exactly?" Dr. Hodes took off her glasses and peered at Dean, slouched on the patterned couch opposite her.

"Um. Mining accident. We were both miners and he fell into a pit."

"Terribly sorry. That's an awful way to pass."

"Yeah. It is. Listen Doc -"

"You can call me Linda."

"Linda. I just need to know when this is going to go away. I'm putting my girl - well, my friend through hell. I'm staying at her place and I just need to be set straight again."

"Dean, I'm sorry, things don't work that way. We live in the real world where no magic power is going to restore your brother or take away your pain. What we need to focus on is why you have this guilt."

"How about angels?"

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing. I'm sorry. I think this was a waste of time." Dean rose from the couch and dug into his pockets.

"Dean, why don't you sit down? Let's talk about how therapy might help you so it doesn't feel like the weight of the world is on you and you alone."

"It's not anymore, Linda. It was on my brother and he took care of that. Thanks for your time." Dean pulled a wad of cash from his pocket, counted out some bills and placed them on the coffee table. He then grabbed his jacket and left the office.


When Lisa returned home that night Dean was on the couch surrounded by a pile of books. "I see you found the library," she said putting down her purse and peering into the kitchen. "Where's Ben?"

"He's in bed," Dean said flipping a page. "We ate macaroni and cheese, watched 30 Rock, then he conked out."

"So what's all this?" Lisa already could tell she was going to regret asking the question.

"Um. Nothing really."

"So you're just doing some light reading?" Lisa picked up a Carl Sagan book, then put it down. "Why, Dean?"

Dean looked at her. "Because I want to know that I've exhausted every possible way of getting him out of there."

"By what? Turning back time? I mean this is..." Lisa looked around wide-eyed. "This is even a little too much for me."

Dean set down the book he was reading. "I tried it your way; Dr. Melfi didn't work. Let me exhaust this as one last option. Please?"

Lisa shrugged, what else could she do. These past weeks Dean had seemed more connected to her and Ben. If he needed to do a little reading, perhaps it wasn't the worst thing in the world. "Okay. I'm going to bed. Night," she said.

"Night," Dean said, already engrossed in another book.


"You know I'm not coming back," Sam said. The light from oncoming cars flickered over his face.

"Yeah. I'm aware." Dean clenched his jaw.

"So you've got to promise me something."

"Okay. Yeah. Anything."

"You got to promise not to try to bring me back."

Dean couldn't believe what he was hearing. What awaited Sam in Hell made Dean's time down there look like the ball pit in a McDonald's playground; fun but a little smelly. It wasn't going to be the same for Sam. Sam was going to get the royal treatment. He would be toast. Dean couldn't just let his brother rot in Hell. "So, what am I supposed to do?" Dean asked.

"You go find Lisa. You pray she's dumb enough to take you in. You go have barbecues. And you go to football games. You go live some normal apple pie life, Dean. Promise me," Sam said, looking at his brother.

Far away lights blinked in and out over the cornfields of Michigan as the Impala raced past. They were rocketing toward their destiny. Sam knew it. Dean knew it. Dean's throat was dry. He wasn't supposed to even try to get his brother back?


So 'Supernatural' fans, what do you think? Are you excited for this new book?

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Melody Paris

I have to agree with Catharine about Dean and shrink, it just wouldn't happen. I don't even think that Lisa would have suggested it. She knew him well enough to know better. I think it would be interesting to read about what happened during the year, but after reading that I'm skeptical about the book and her portrayal of the characters.

May 31 2011 at 8:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No offense intended to Rebecca, but a year of Soulless Sam and Domesticated Dean is the absolute last thing I want to read. Jensen Ackles said (politely) that he really struggled with the direction they took Dean, because he thought it was a bit unrealistic. I more than second that opinion, much as I love Lisa. (Ben I tolerate.) And along those lines--again, Rebecca has a right to tell her story, but under no circumstances can I see Dean Winchester willingly going to a psychologist, unless it was an evil zombie ghost psychologist he planned on ganking.

May 26 2011 at 9:27 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This season, we made it back from hell, and retrieved a soul. We've seen (well, heard about) civil war in heaven. We've fought shifters, vampires, fairies, and elves. We've seen directing debuts from star Jensen Ackles and writer/producer Ben Edlund. We have seen the greatest meta episode of all time, "The French Mistake." And we have seen a new god take to the throne. What the hell is left?

May 25 2011 at 8:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Sounds like an awsome book! I'll have to try and find it!

May 25 2011 at 5:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Madeline Luft

That girl has the most awesome job ever.

May 25 2011 at 5:02 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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