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September 5, 2015

'Nurse Jackie' Season 3, Episode 9 Recap

by Allison Waldman, posted May 24th 2011 2:00AM
nurse_jackie_2011_cast_showtime['Nurse Jackie' - 'Have You Met Miss Jones?']

So now that A.A. Bill is dead, how in the world is Jackie going to feed her habit? Never mind that he left behind 50 addicts that he was sponsoring (a disturbing thought since he intended to get them all to hit rock bottom), what was Jackie supposed to do without a hug a day?

The answer to that question was improvising and trying to get high in some other way. In fact, considering all the over-the-counter crap that Jackie was ingesting -- cough syrup, no-doze, ibuprofen, et. al -- it was a shock that she didn't wind up flat on her back from the counter affects of the medications.

Jackie was suffering from narcotic withdrawal to the point that it was showing. She was sweating like a woman with hot flashes, which should have been her excuse if you ask me. That would have worked better than 'stressed out.' Jackie's the right age for perimenopause symptoms.

It has to be trying for Jackie to appear ready for work when all around her are people who seem to have their stuff together. O'Hara's finally found a home to call her own; actually, an entire townhouse. Hmm, nothing like being rich in New York.

Coop's over his mommy-divorce blues, buying himself a Rolex and searching for a bride on Facebook. If there's one character that just doesn't ring true on 'Nurse Jackie,' he's the guy. Are there really doctors like him working in big city hospitals?

He's such a boob. It's hard to buy that he's really talented. By the way, the story line about him and O'Hara competing for head of ER seems to be on the back burner. I don't think there was a mention of it in this ep.

Presumably, Jackie's run out of the fentanyl patches, because she was definitely not on any narcotics. She still managed to put the asshole ex-con in his place. Maybe it was the Red Bull kicking in.

Eddie finally called Kelly on the carpet about those missing fentanyl patches, warning him to fix the problem or else.

Eddie remembers giving Kelly the patches to run up to oncology, but Kelly has no memory of handing them off to Jackie. That's a bit of a stretch, although it was his first day on the job.

But Kelly is wise to Jackie. He's already suspected that she's high on the job, so why didn't he put two and two together? That might be next week's story, when he'll be confronting Jackie about what she did with the patches.

By then, however, Jackie might be ready to jump off the roof. After confessing to Eddie that she's missing the rush provided by the drugs, she decided to induce that feeling externally.

Walking in the middle of New York traffic will definitely make someone's heart race. Or was Jackie secretly hoping to get hit by a car so she could be treated in a hospital with a nice, steady morphine drip?

On the lighter side, there was a funny 'Meet the Parents' take off involving Zoey and Lenny. After he accidentally jabbed himself with a shot of epinephrine, he had to be hooked up to a heart monitor.

Zoey proceeded with questioning him as though he were strapped to a lie detector. The big revelation was that Jackie makes his heart race ... but only because he's afraid of her.

As the season heads into the final stretch, it's hard to know where things are heading. Can Jackie live a clean life sans drugs? Does she even want to? Maybe it's better that we don't know and just keep watching.

'Nurse Jackie' airs Mondays at 10PM ET on Showtime.

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Karnol Swan

Its a nice episode till and also my favorite.

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