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September 1, 2015
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Mitchell Has a Close Call Hunting Frogs, on 'Swamp People' (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted May 27th 2011 8:30AM
The Guist BrothersBrothers Glenn and Mitchell Guist live in Conway Bayou, La. and as we saw on 'Swamp People' (Thu., 9PM ET on History) they're master hunters.

The Guists are Cajuns, and they were taught to live off the land by their dad. So, if the fish in Conway Bayou aren't biting, they'll catch something else for dinner. This week they were out hunting for frogs at night, which is when Mitchell had a close call in the dark.

The brothers need at least 12 frogs for a decent meal, so when Mitchell sees a plump juicy one he leaps out of the boat to follow it into the swamp and quickly disappears into the darkeness. When he doesn't return, Glenn calls out for him. For a few heartpounding moments there is silence, and Glenn starts to really worry.

Suddenly Mitchell reappears, but he's empty-handed and not happy about it. "I ain't seen but one frog and he got away from me." He admits that "It's real easy to get lost in the swamp at night 'cause everything in one way looks the same."

But, experienced hunter that he is, he was able to find his way back to the boat using the moonlight. We're just glad he didn't run into a big old gator out there in the dark.

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Real heros. Too bad the gator didn't have a gun. I think they should hunt each other that would be a better show, and we could get rid of them.

June 17 2011 at 1:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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