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October 7, 2015

Soap Round-Up: Murderous Lisa Escapes on 'GH' ... and More

by Allison Waldman, posted May 27th 2011 11:55PM
mac_Robin_Patrick_General_Hospital_ABCWelcome to the Soap Round-Up, our weekly recap of all the soap action this past week. Rumors persist that there might be a reprieve for 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live', but so far nothing concrete. But the shows keep churning out great story lines, and we're covering them all on AOL TV.

If you don't want to know what aired already, consider this a SPOILER ALERT.

For instance, on 'General Hospital,' were you ticked off when Robin and Patrick finally caught Lisa red-handed and she still managed to escape? What the hell? Where was the PCPD?

'General Hospital'
Patrick and Robin caught Lisa as she tried to kill Robin. Mac arrested Lisa. Sonny was upset about Kristina's interest in Ethan. Luke admitted that he feared becoming his father, then agreed to go to rehab. Sonny assured Brenda that he could protect their family. Anthony continued to toy with Michael. Liz was distracted at work by a memory of Jake. Lulu quit Crimson to run the Haunted Star. Michael was ready to take Abby out of the country. Anthony plotted to mess with Sonny, Brenda and her son. Alexis urged Jax to share custody of Josslyn, but he refused to compromise. Lisa escaped. Johnny and Michael captured the woman who set up Abby.

'All My Children'
Jake fumed at Amanda about trying to get pregnant without telling him first. Kendall stopped her wedding, then told Griffin she would get Ricky's confession on the yacht. Krystal noted that Erica wasn't acting normal. Tad helped Griffin escape from the cops so he could rescue Kendall. Ricky left Marissa and Bianca tied up in a closet. Bianca had flashbacks of being raped by Michael Cambias. Ricky admitted that he killed Zach. Griffin and Kendall captured Ricky. Jesse arrested Ricky for kidnapping. Griffin was also arrested and Kendall vowed to clear his name. Jake and Cara were tempted to make love.

Thomas_Brooke_The_Bold_and_the_Beautiful_CBS'The Bold and the Beautiful'
Stephanie suspected Brooke and Thomas were keeping a secret. Taylor ingested the island berries and had sexual dreams of Ridge. Brooke told Ridge she ate the berries but didn't have a reaction like Taylor's. Stephanie offered to leave her shares of Forrester to Thomas if he'd say that he and Brooke had sex on the island. Whip ended his marriage to Taylor because she was obsessed with Ridge. Brooke defended herself to Ridge, but he believed Thomas' lie. Stephanie anticipated Taylor and Ridge reuniting. Thomas felt guilty about lying, but wanted Ridge and Taylor to get back together, believing that nothing's impossible.

'One Life to Live'
Matthew needed surgery to deal with a brain bleed. Todd fumed when Tomas moved into his house. Bess emerged and told Brody that Todd was key to finding Marty and the baby. Nate worried that he caused Matthew's injury. Clint asked Tea to confirm the authenticity of Cutter and Tess's marriage. Aubrey admitted to Joey that she was trying to con him, but fell in love him instead. Joey wanted to leave Aubrey and get Kelly back. Todd told Tomas that Marty was privy to their covert operation. Rama told Vimal that she was never pregnant. Tomas was prepared to kill Marty.

Taylor_EJ_Days_of_Our_Lives_nbc'Days of Our Lives'
Rafe returned to Salem with Sami, enacting their plan to make the DiMeras think that he was the imposter. Rafe wore a wire to get EJ and Stefano to reveal their crimes. Taylor realized that Nicole blackmailed EJ. Taylor accidentally let Nicole know about EJ's drug past. Jennifer was insecure about being as good as Daniel's former loves. Carly stopped taking pills after Abigail found out about her prescription. Brady saved Dario and paid off his debt. Maggie made a Greek dinner for Victor, but he insisted that they were not meant to be. Unaware of Quinn's drug dealing, Chloe agreed to date him.

'The Young and the Restless'
Kay forbade Ashley from seeing Tucker, then fired Ashley from Jabot to avoid a scandal. Jack shared Ashley's new formulation of cactus serum to Kay to convince her to let him be Jabot's CEO. Phyllis was furious with Daniel when he moved into Billy and Victoria's garage apartment with Lucy. Nina blamed Heather for Chance re-enlisting. Sharon confided in Sam about Cassie. Phyllis wrote a blog about Lucy to lure Daisy to Genoa City. Billy fired Phyllis. Daisy read Phyllis' blog. Lily checked into a mental hospital. Cane's double, Caleb, was pretending to work for Colin, but was secretly plotting with his mother.

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I can only hope that ABC has come to their senses and will not cancel either ANC or OLTL

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