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October 9, 2015

'South Park' Season 15, Episode 6 Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 2nd 2011 7:10AM
'South Park' - 'City Sushi'['South Park' - 'City Sushi']

There are certainly advantages to having an art style wherein all of your characters look virtually interchangeable. It was used brilliantly already in 'The Coon' episode, and here again. Only this time, we got a twist that put a whole new face on a long-time character in the show ... or, should I say, underneath the face.

It was about ten minutes into the episode before I realized that Butters was going to carry it all by himself, but I've found myself enjoying these occasional installments.

Butters is the only kid on 'South Park' who is that pure innocence of childhood through and through. In fact, he's one of the few kids on television who's authentically a child in every sense of the word.

So it was brilliant when he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder or, as we would call it, a healthy imagination. All of the goofy things he pretends, including Professor Chaos, were officially diagnosed and his parents were told he needed medication.

What was genius in the episode was how the A-story and B-story came together in the end. I should have been expecting the two to connect somehow, but it never crossed my mind how they might, and I certainly didn't see the ingenious twist about City Wok owner Tuon Lu Kim coming.

While Butters was battling his own demons, and more seriously the demons of his therapist -- who really did have multiple personality disorder -- there was a different war raging on the other side of town.

I still love that City Sushi was built right next to City Wok and Kim had no idea. Kim has become one of my favorite characters on the show, even though he's an outrageous stereotype. Well, add to that Takinawa, who was brought in as an equally outrageous Japanese stereotype.

But then, Parker and Stone got to point directly at us and chastise Americans for getting the two Asian cultures mixed up all the time. The residents of South Park of course did it in some of the most offensive ways, calling them both Chinese while dubbing their district "Little Tokyo."

Kim and Takinawa were no better than their American counterparts, harboring racist opinions about each another and their cultures. It was particularly funny when they couldn't understand one another, considering the voice actors were clearly doing the exact same terrible generic Asian accent.

As a stab at how Asians are perceived in our society, Parker and Stone nailed it. They're simply misunderstood in every way. They even bowed to the stereotype of having them own ethnic restaurants.

As it turned out, though, Kim's problems ran much deeper than that. Be honest. How many of you saw the big reveal coming at the therapist's house? As his personalities began to converge into something more dangerous, Butters stumbled into a room filled with newspaper clippings about City Sushi and words like "Kill" in red on the walls.

At that moment, we discovered that Tuong Lu Kim was just another personality of Dr. Janus. Thankfully, the police detective proved to be the kind of shallow and stupid resident that makes South Park proud and decided it was best to leave Janus thinking he was Kim since City Wok was the city's only Chinese restaurant and they'd hate to lose it.

It also leaves the ticking time bomb of Janus and all those other personalities inside of Kim, and you just know Parker and Stone will come up with a great way to bring them back sometime down the road.


-I couldn't stop laughing at how confused and overwhelmed Butters was whenever dealing with Janus; particularly when Janus set him up for robbing that jewelry store

-"An Asian turf war? Butters, you are grounded!" --Butters' dad (you knew he'd have to get grounded for something, so why not starting a turf war)

-"It's clear it isn't our parenting. We're awesome. He must have mental problems." --Butters' dad (raise your hands if you know parents like this and if your hand isn't up, it's probably you)

-"No! This is racial stereotype!" --Takiyama, when he committed suicide

-Butters 'Paranormal Activity' video revealing Dr. Janus peeing on his face and punching him (I don't think I want to know what happens when I'm sleeping)

-Porn Star Butters? Is that a nod to his earlier exploits through the seedier side of town, or his descent into madness over a porn tape?

What did you think of Butters' latest solo exploits?

'South Park' airs Wednesdays, 10PM ET on Comedy Central.

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Eric Matisoff

Love Love Love Butters. Episodes devoted to him are always amazing! Oh, and thanks to AOLTV/TVSquad for reviewing all the south park episodes this season - been loving the reviews as well :)

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