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October 9, 2015

'Vampire Diaries' Stars Talk Ghosts, Romance & Season 3 Start Date

by Laura Prudom, posted Jun 7th 2011 1:00PM
Steven R. McQueenBright and early last Tuesday morning, reporters from across the globe gathered in a chic London hotel to sit down with three of the luminous young stars of The CW's 'Vampire Diaries,' Candice Accola (Caroline), Katerina Graham (Bonnie) and Steven McQueen (Jeremy) -- needless to say, it was an attractive room.

Though Graham informed us that they couldn't reveal much about season three's mysteries, since the writers were returning to work the very same day, she did confirm the tentative airdate for the season three premiere: Thurs., September 8. Better start stocking up on vervain, 'TVD' fans.

Spoilers were off-limits, but the three stars were willing to offer some speculation on the direction of their characters next year, including Jeremy's newfound abilities and Caroline's tumultuous love life.

One of the biggest surprises in the season two finale came with Jeremy's realization that he can now -- to steal a line from Haley Joel Osment -- see dead people, namely the women he's loved and lost.

"Jeremy starts [the series] in a place of extreme numbness, from his parents dying and losing his first true love to losing Anna," McQueen mused. "He went from very unaware to very aware and also feeling very limited by death; death was one of his biggest fears -- losing people he loved and people around him. I think this whole new twist with seeing ghosts, wherever that goes, will be interesting. It'll probably help pull him out of the dark a little bit, where he's had this fear and has been wanting to protect Bonnie and his sister and his aunt, who, again, he unfortunately couldn't. It'll be interesting to see if that kind of lightens him up a little bit -- like death isn't the end, that there can be new beginnings from that. I'm interested to see where Jeremy goes."

Even though Jeremy will be facing fresh challenges with his newfound abilities, McQueen and Graham don't see the twist as a sign that trouble is ahead for Jeremy and Bonnie. "I don't know if the whole seeing dead people thing will affect that [relationship]," McQueen confessed. "But at the end, Bonnie admits her love for him. I don't see them pulling apart at any time soon, I see things hopefully growing stronger."

Katerina GrahamOn the subject of the pair's longevity, Graham observed that, despite the slight age difference between their characters, fans seem to have really connected with Bonnie and Jeremy's romance.

"At first I think they were a little shocked by it, they were like, 'wait -- they grew up together and all of a sudden they like each other?' It was a slow boil," she admitted. "There was the awkward sexual tension in the beginning and the fans, by the end of it, were really rooting for the characters to get together. They went on the journey with us, I think."

"And she couldn't help herself," McQueen teasingly interjected.

"Yeah, Jeremy makes Bonnie weak in the knees," Graham laughed.

Romance plays an integral role in 'The Vampire Diaries,' which boasts more love triangles than you can shake a stake at, and Caroline Forbes is no stranger to being caught between two gorgeous (but troubled) men. "I think there's a lot of grown-up situations that go on within the show, based on so many life and death circumstances, and what brings it all back down to the teenage world is that relationships are so important," Accola reasoned. "If you think back to when you were in high school and the idea of a first love, it's so significant. You break up and get back together and it's all dramatic."

The actress was quick to point out that although two seasons have now passed, many episodes take place over the course of consecutive days in Mystic Falls, "to avoid us going into 'Vampires: The College Years,'" she laughed. Because of that, Accola insisted, "there's still a chance for either character, whether Caroline and Tyler [Michael Trevino] were to be together, or Caroline and Matt [Zach Roerig]. I don't think that it's defined yet. Caroline and Matt had that kind of first love, and then Caroline and Tyler had a love that's been built out of friendship, so it's coming from a different foundation. So who knows?"

Candice Accola From the outset, 'The Vampire Diaries' established itself as a show that wasn't afraid to kill beloved characters to serve the broader story, and though the actors live in constant fear of being written off the show, Accola told us that she respects the writers for their fearlessness in terms of driving the narrative forward.

"You can't hold the writers accountable for that; we were told on day one that the content of the show requires characters to die -- that's just the way the cookie crumbles," she shrugged. "It really comes down to what's going on in the writer's room, that creative pot that they just churn and churn -- I'm a huge fan. I love the show 'Dexter,' which takes away a lot of main characters, and I think it's very important to keep that kind of aspect to a show where you really genuinely don't know what's going to happen next. "

"There are so many twists and turns," Graham agreed. "It becomes more than a TV show, it becomes an addiction."

"I think that's the fun of supernatural shows in general," McQueen noted. "There's no rules and there's no limits. You're watching a story being told that you can never actually live, and you can kind of escape reality for a little bit."

Still, Accola did admit that losing cast members never gets easier, no matter how much practice they've had. "It is really hard to say goodbye to, essentially, a member of your creative family. It's not easy; it's not fun; but hey, that's entertainment."

That risky writing style is a large part of what makes 'TVD' so successful, according to the actors. Well, that and ...

"I think Candice's fabulous hair, that's the whole reason [for our success]," Graham joked.

"I was going to actually say the same thing, my hair," Accola grinned, winking at her co-star. "But right on a par with that would be our writers. I think it really just comes down to the writing, the fact that we're going into our third season and everyone collectively on the cast and the crew is constantly begging to know what's going to happen next. Our department heads have strict directions not to show us any scripts until they're finalized because we're constantly always asking to know what's going to happen next. I mean, granted to know if we're still alive, but it's just an entertaining show that the writers do a great job with. That and the fans."

'The Vampire Diaries' returns to The CW in September. You can catch reruns of season 2 airing throughout the summer on Thursdays at 8PM.

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Becca Leigh

As if I could not be more Team Caroline, I love Candice to pieces and she lights up any scene shes in! She hit the nail on the head with the writers, I bow down to their storytelling abilities. The whole cast is terrific, cannot wait to see what happens with Jeremy & his seeing "Dead Ex-Vampies", TVD Season 3: "are we there yet?!"

June 07 2011 at 9:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
mindel jon


June 07 2011 at 7:57 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"I think Candice's fabulous hair, that's the whole reason [for our success]. LOL, I agree.

I really enjoyed reading the actor's reaction to what is going on in the writer's room. TVD does seem a show where anyone can die at anytime and still seem to be part of the story. I have never once been completely devastated or angry at the writers because whenever someone dies on TVD, it seems to be integral to the story being told. It's fascinating for me to contrast this with Supernatural where I am far more devastated to see characters die like Jo and Ellen or Balthazar coupled with the continuing abiding terror of having it happen to Cas. It's an interesting contrast between two shows who deal with the same type of subject matter. And now I'm suddenly craving a TVD/Supernatural Crossover.

Thanks for a very interesting interview. All three of these characters have grown so much since the series started and I must confess, Carolina is by far my favorite character on the show now so I enjoyed reading about her viewpoint.

June 07 2011 at 2:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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