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October 6, 2015
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Paris Hilton Doesn't Think Anthony Weiner's Twitter Photo Is 'Huge' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 8th 2011 5:54AM
Paris Hilton, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'Last time Paris Hilton was on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Weeknights, 12AM ET on ABC), she tried to school him in her meanings for the words "hot" and "huge." He never got it.

Nevertheless, he decided to take it back there with her in light of the recent Twitter photo scandals involving Rep. Anthony Weiner. Hilton admitted to being marginally aware of it, but not so much that she recognized the infamous underwear picture.

"What is that?" she asked when Jimmy Kimmel set it up in front of her. The game was to have Hilton assess if each image was "hot" or "huge." Of this one, she responded, "Not huge."

In fact, none of the pictures of Weiner elicited either term. Instead, Hilton used words like "brutal," "heave" and "sad."

So, if Paris Hilton's opinion on political scandals is the one you've been waiting for before you form your own, you have all the information you need. Rep. Anthony Weiner is "sad" and most definitely "not huge."

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Weiner has only exposed himself to a few people initially, but Paris has exposed herself to millions. Her depiction of Rep. Weiner is accurate, in that he has little show besides his ego, and Paris would be an expert. If he is to be removed as a House member, it should be for cheating the public of an adequate view. Kidding aside, Rep. Weiner should show some decorum as a representative of our federal government. It also begs for him to contact psychological services somewhere, for the help he obviously needs. He should be censured by his fellow House Members for his personal conduct, but he should not be removed. His re-election will be soon enough, and the voter's in his district should have the say as to whether he stays or leaves.

June 08 2011 at 3:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

anthony weiner is a worm why the hell does the news media devote so much exposer to this little masturbating worm he is 1 of the uglest bastards i have ever seen on tv he has a big mouth with no true regard for the people he represents or elected him to office with all the the elected theives breaking thwe laws ignoring the constitution and stealing your money u pay attention to this misfit and give him space in your news reports . who gives a dam about this ugly bastards sex life he,s a political degenerate give it up and vote this worm out of office

June 08 2011 at 2:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Paris Hilton and I finally agree on something!

June 08 2011 at 2:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Isn't Paris getting a little old to be acting like she used to at 20? Time to go, your 15 minutes are up, Paris!

June 08 2011 at 12:43 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

I value Paris's opinion on this matter she is very qualified to comment on Wiener's pics.

June 08 2011 at 12:01 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Box of rocks

June 08 2011 at 11:50 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Well, she probably qualfies expert on penis sizing.

June 08 2011 at 10:47 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

Who the HE!! CARES about ANYTHING Paris Hilton thinks? IF, she is even CAPABLE of thinking!!

June 08 2011 at 10:37 AM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply

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