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October 9, 2015

Fran Drescher & Her 'Happily Divorced' Cast On Why They Don't Need Guest Stars

by Chris Harnick, posted Jun 14th 2011 12:30PM
Fran DrescherFran Drescher is back! The star of 'The Nanny' is returning to her roots -- sitcoms -- after giving a tawk talk show a try. But this is no ordinary comedy. Drescher is teaming with ex-husband and 'Nanny' co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson to bring a fictionalized version of their life to audiences.

In the new TV Land sitcom 'Happily Divorced' (premieres Wed., June 15 at 10:30PM ET), Drescher and Jacobson play their real-life situation -- they had a seemingly perfect marriage until Jacobson came out as homosexual -- for laughs. The couple is divorced now, but just as happy as before.

Fran stars as a fictionalized version of herself, with 'Best In Show' star John Michael Higgins as Peter and 'West Side Story' veteran Rita Moreno as Drescher's mother.

At Monday's premiere party for 'Happily Divorced,' Drescher told AOL TV she wasn't hesitant in bringing her personal life to the screen.

"We were already writing a movie," Drescher said. "We always write about what we know anyway, and then it takes on its own life as a creation."

Higgins, Drescher's on-screen ex, described the show as being about a couple "who have a fully-functioning marriage with, like, one bolt missing. They divorced, but they didn't breakup. It's an odd situation, but it's a strangely functioning marriage without the marriage."

Happily Divorced castAnd what should viewers expect? "A lot of laughs and a lot of substance," Drescher said. But don't go into it looking for stunt casting.

Drescher said her 'Nanny' co-star Charles Shaughnessy will be popping up, but there won't be a stockpile of guest stars staggered throughout the season.

"We're much more interested in developing our characters and building the show on the world that exists," Drescher said. "It takes a great discipline to do that and we need to do that so we can arc a long series out of it."

Moreno and Higgins couldn't stop singing the praises of Drescher, who is also an executive producer and writer on the series. Moreno called working with the funnylady a "blissful" experience.

"When you're on a happy set, you can be sure that it comes from the top," Moreno said. "She just exudes this wonderful warmth and generosity and sweetness. She's also funny as hell! So, what's not to love?"

"Fran's the best," Higgins said. "I adore her and we work really well together and we have very, very, I would say magical chemistry. Magical because it was immediately apparent within literally 30 seconds of us meeting each other. It just gets better and better. I couldn't be happier with my colleague, she's a wonderful, beautiful woman and huge talent."

'Happily Divorced' premieres Wed., June 15 at 10:30PM ET.

Tell us: Are you excited for Fran's return to sitcoms?

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