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October 10, 2015

'The Bachelorette': Top 5 Ways To Be Inappropriate In A Foreign Country

by Lincee Ray, posted Jun 14th 2011 8:00AM
The BacheloretteCan you believe that Ashley isn't over Bentley? And that she travels all the way to Thailand for exotic dates and can't do anything but talk about how she misses Bentley? And then she has a perfectly normal date with Ames (who else was surprised?) and compares him to Bentley?

And about 20 minutes in when Ashley has mentioned Bentley approximately 15 times, did you begin counting the Bentley's in the remaining minutes of the show?

Welcome to this season of the 'Bachelorette': Insecure Ashley And Her Love For All Things Bentley!

AOL TV has generously asked me, Lincee Ray, back to share an original top five list from various moments of the night. It is without further ado that I present to you ... the Top 5 Ways To Be Inappropriate In A Foreign Country!

1. Purchasing a gray crochet hoodie poncho thingy that resembles a fishing net made from the nimble fingers of a Thai woman in the market is a sweet gesture. However, wearing said gray crochet hoodie poncho thingy that resembles a fishing net over your skimpy purple string bikini as your evening outfit is straight up hooch. Furthermore, crotchless panties should not substitute as your skirt on date night. P.S.: Bikini tops do not a count as an appropriate top for any place but the beach. I'd be willing to bet that Fodor's Travel Guide doesn't have a section that says Thailand is blouse optional.

The Bachelorette
2. Handshake or bowing? Refer to your handbook for appropriate greeting. I'm pretty sure the little old man who gave you relationship advice had to do some sort of spiritual or ritual cleansing when you and Greek Groban shook his hand after buying the fishing net poncho from his wife of 37 years.

3. When standing in front of an orphanage, do not begin your speech by saying, "In case you don't know about the natural disaster that hit here ..." Offending the intelligence of those around you by assuming that they have not heard of the giant tsunami that swept over the majority of Asia in 2004 is in bad form. Most people in Thailand probably have heard of that particular devastation.

The Bachelorette4. Making out "From Here To Eternity" style in the rain with JP in front of 10 other bachelors and sweaty crew members is understandable, but probably not the best use of your time. Here's hoping the adorable newly painted and muraled orphanage was not down the beach from your 10-minute act of passionate horizontal love.

5. Bringing up the imaginary relationship with that total dill hole Bentley no less than 63 times in two hours is inappropriate. However, it makes for a great drinking game, so I'm willing to give Ashley a pass this one time.

Lincee Ray works in the oil and gas business in Houston, Texas. She has been recapping The Bachelor for seven years. In her spare time she enjoys frolicking on the beach in her bikini and drinking Dr Pepper. To read her entire season seven recap, go to www.iHateGreenBeans.com.

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So tacky its fun!

June 14 2011 at 1:01 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Christina Draper

This is ridiculous. I'm sorry, really? She fell for him in the ten minutes of accumulated time they had together? Ashley is coming across as a fool, and I am sorry...but who would want to be with a fool? Those guys need to RUN

June 14 2011 at 12:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

ASHLEY, WAKE UP!!!!! B is a player - you don't need that kind of a person in your life, or on this show. He is an egocentric sleezebag.
I did not like the insinuations of last nights previews of next week's show. I really hope I'm wrong, but it appears as if B is in Thailand. ASHLEY DON'T BE A FOOL! Tell him to get out and stay out of your life. He's out to ruin you. You have other guys that are so much nicer.
If Ali was not allowed back on the show with Jake, please, producers of the Bachelorette, do not allow this creep back on the show. ASHLEY DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER !!!

June 14 2011 at 10:46 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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