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October 9, 2015

A Day in the Life of Cee Lo Green: 'The Voice' Drama & His Favorite to Win

by Maggie Furlong, posted Jun 20th 2011 6:30PM
Cee Lo GreenCee Lo Green says f*** you to a lot of things -- convention, boring outfits, anything without substantial sparkle-factor -- but he did say yes to a camera crew documenting a day in his life for Absolut's 'Cee Lo Distilled.'

Now more in the spotlight than ever thanks to his coaching duties on 'The Voice' (Tuesdays, 9PM ET on NBC), Green is not an easy man to track down. One sneak peek at 'Distilled' -- which you can watch the first half of now on Absolut's Facebook page -- and you can see just how crazy his life is.

I caught up with him to compare Cee Lo the performer and Cee Lo the guy (if there's even a difference at all), and he talked all about the tension between co-coaches Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine, whose team he would want to be on if he were a contestant and which singer he wished he'd gotten for his own team.

This 'Cee Lo: Distilled' thing is pretty cool.
I still haven't seen the final -- I saw an almost-almost final cut, and that was cool, so I know the final should be awesome.

It's pretty much an all-access pass backstage with you, right?
Yes. They definitely make it very interesting. It's a sort of day in the life, you know?
[Part 2 of 'Cee Lo Distilled' will be released Wed., July 7 on Absolut's Facebook page]

You say something in there about performing as your character "Cee Lo Green." How different is the Cee Lo we see on 'The Voice' from Cee Lo the on-stage persona?
How different are they? Very. [Laughs] It's definitely not an act ... it's an extension, an expression of self, and it's definitely very true to life. It's not a facade or a character that I have to conjure up and play for the sake of entertainment. Fortunately, I have made a career out of being myself.

I love the show -- it's a lot of fun -- but there's been a lot of talk about drama between the coaches, and we've seen some tension on air. Is that real?
You're referring to Christina and Adam? I think Christine -- oops, I called her Christine. I think Christina does hold something against Adam for Javier [Colon]. I mean, we all turned around for Javier, you know what I'm saying? She's still holding it against him. I don't know if she thinks her team would've been better ... it definitely would've made her team different. If he was the only guy on her team, that would've been a very unique lineup, but she ended up having all girls. Maybe she wanted the experience of working with someone who's such a supreme vocalist, as she is. If it came down to just someone mentoring me on how to sing, I would be on Christina's team.

Oh, she's one of the most accomplished vocalists of our time.

And the singers auditioning agreed.
No doubt. She can really, really, really sing. I love her voice, and I make no qualms about that. I'm just in very good company -- that's why I'm so cool all the time. I'm kicking it!

The Voice

But you're literally in the middle of Christina and Adam. You're honestly saying you don't feel the heat?
You know what? It's ... [laughs] it's all banter, as they say. I don't really think that there's anything boiling under. I really just think it's all in good, clean fun and silly competition. That's about all.

Christina just recorded something with Maroon 5 -- any plans to work with her yourself?
I actually have. We have a song called 'Nasty' out that we recorded for 'Burlesque,' and it did not make the soundtrack in time. They kind of leaked it recently ... I don't know if they'll go out with it formally as a single, but it's a pretty good song.

Beverly McClellanObviously you love your team, and this week you'll have to deal with eliminations. Do you have any guesses about who America will vote to save from your team?
No, not necessarily because I tried my best to signify in each individual act that they were incomparable in their own right. So it'll be quite a surprise to see who advances. I really couldn't tell. I think all of my team did a great job, and they were noticeably different from all the other competitors.

So if you could poach one person from another team, who would it be?
I love Beverly [McClellan]. But that makes sense, doesn't it? In my opinion, Javier isn't like the total thing to me. He's got a gorgeous voice -- like one of those radio voices -- so he gets all of my compliments. But to see Beverly get into her groove and stomp and really act out the drum rolls and different parts of the music ... she really knows how to use her body as an instrument.

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