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October 4, 2015

Justin Kirk Doesn't Think This Will Be the Final Season of 'Weeds'

by Jean Bentley, posted Jun 27th 2011 11:00AM
Justin Kirk, WeedsWhile 'Weeds' creator Jenji Kohan has gone on record saying she thinks the seventh season, which premieres tonight at 10PM on Showtime, will be the last for her series, star Justin Kirk isn't so sure.

"I think that when it's our last season it will be officially announced, because they will have us write to a series finale," he told AOL TV late last week. "And that has not happened in this particular case."

Season 7 flashes forward three years, with Nancy moving from prison to a halfway house in New York City, where she intends to re-start her lucrative pot-dealing business. Meanwhile, her sons and brother-in-law (Kirk) fly in from Copenhagen, where they've been hiding out.

Kirk spoke to AOL TV about the ideal 'Bonnie and Clyde'-style ending he envisions for the series, whether he thinks Nancy and Andy should end up together, and which actor is going full-frontal this year.

Let's talk about Weeds.
'Weeds'? I love that show! Although I haven't really watched it since they left the suburbs.

What's Andy been doing these past couple of years?
I guess he's kind of become a local figure. When we find him he's giving tours to visitors of Copenhagen, bike tours, and seems to have made a little bit of something with that.

Did you go to Copenhagen to film?
We did! Luckily they airlifted it to the back of the Universal lot and we spent a little time there. No, no we didn't. We didn't even get to go to New York, which is where the show is supposed to be this year. I mean, when I was on a show on The WB, they took us to New York for a couple of days. So if anyone at Showtime or Lionsgate is listening, come on -- you can't even rise to The WB level?!

I guess it would be The CW level now.
It is now the CW. In my day, my dear, we called it The WB and there was a frog that sang.

No, I remember those days. But back to Andy. So, he's got his bike tour business...
He's hanging out with the boys. Doug seems to have joined us at some point. I like to think that Doug came out like a week before we start. He finally made it out three years later and then we turn around and leave. That makes me laugh a little bit.

Has Andy been keeping busy with a woman?
Not that I'm aware of. Believe me, when I heard we were in Copenhagen, I thought, 'Well all I've been talking about is my Danish girlfriend Femke in previous episodes, so where is she and let's start casting.' No such luck. One would assume that he kept entertained on some level. I would hope -- well, we all get older.

Do you think he's matured a little bit?
I guess. He always seems to be trying to get more legit, just in terms of having maybe like a proper job going on. We've seen Andy with lots of schemes and silly things that don't seem to land. This year he comes up with something good and follows through in terms of business. And it's actually something that's based in something real. So it's kind of exciting to be -- it sounds exciting, right? That's all I'm going to tell you. I can't tell you anything.

Weeds, Justin KirkYeah, that is kind of vague.
There is a hint at it, which I didn't even realize, in the first episode when I'm sitting with Doug right after the tour. So, there you have it. Or not. Or there you don't have it. I'm always bad about giving anything away. I don't like to tell anything about what's coming.

Sometimes people get in trouble for that.
I don't think that I would get in trouble, because I've seen Showtime give away our finales in the past, literally at the beginning of the season. Do you remember they had some sort of promo and it said "In a season that's pregnant with possibilities," which is literally our last shot of the show? I just couldn't believe it. I don't even know what our cliffhanger is this year, or anymore. It used to be that we would go in and they would tell us stuff, and I suppose maybe they still would, but I don't want to know anymore. I don't even want to know episode to episode. I like getting the new script and seeing what happens next.

There are some rumors about this being the last season, do you think that's the case or would you like to see it go longer?
I don't think it is -- well, I don't know. If I had to guess, I think that when it's our last season it will be officially announced, because they will have us write to a series finale. And that has not happened in this particular case. So, we'll see. But that's not always the case, and I guess we'll just have to wait and find out. But you'll have to watch it like it was the last! That's my message to the viewers.

Assuming that it continues, do you see Andy and Nancy ending up together in the end?
I've had mixed feelings about that over the years. I don't even bother myself with trying to predict or even hope what will happen. The fun part for me is seeing what I get on my plate and then trying to do it. So I don't know. There are things about that scenario that would be cool, and then things that I think would not be right about it. I mean, I want to see them all killed.

You do?
I do! I just think it would be ballsy. Even on a show like 'The Sopranos' with all the murder and such -- not that we don't have our share of murder -- they only suggested. I would love to see us with blood flying and gurgling our last breath. How great would that be? Like a deadly serious 'Bonnie and Clyde'-style last scene.

What are things like when you reunite with Nancy?
I think we're a little nervous to see her, and see what three years in prison have done to her. I mean, she was already a sketchy character, so now, to see her after, I would assume that three years in prison does something to a person. I think we all have mixed feelings in the sense that we all miss her, Shane maybe has a little bit of guilt, that he's sort of in debt to her on some level since she went to jail for him. She's not fully out -- she's now living in a halfway house in New York so she gets to come out for little snippets.

How is being in New York different from when the Botwins were in the 'burbs or on the run?
Different green screen.

Richard Dreyfuss guest-starred last year; who did you have on the show this season?
We have a list of crazy and amazing guest stars. This year, possibly topping them all on my personal list was Martin Short, whom I have met a few times but I did not get to work with or even see on our set. He was such a childhood hero of mine that I can't decide if I wish we did have a scene or not. I might've been too scared. But he has a great part. I'm assuming he made a nice meal out of it all.

Does Andy have a new lady friend in New York?
Yeah, I do have one this season.

Who's that?
There's an actress named Lindsay Sloane who comes in and I have some scenes with. That's a funny story that I won't give away, but it's a very specific and bizarre situation, as you would expect on 'Weeds.' [Pauses] When I said an actress named Lindsay Sloane, I now have fears of her reading that as though I was insinuating that she is not famous and fabulous. [Announcer voice] Lindsay Sloane is on our show!

I love her; she's great. How was it working with her?
A delight. I've met her over the years a few times but only enough to say hello at some functions, so it was great working together.

What else do you want to tease about the new season?
Shane is killed in the first episode. Kevin does full frontal. I don't like to give away a lot so I'll leave you with those two.

'Weeds' Season 7 premieres Mon., June 27 at 10PM ET on Showtime.

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