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September 1, 2015

'Teen Wolf's Resident Brat Holland Roden on Fan Mail, Teen Shows and Her Number One Crush

by Annette Bourdeau, posted Jun 28th 2011 3:15PM
There may not be any cheesy-yet-awesome basketball montages, but the new 'Teen Wolf' certainly isn't letting anybody down. The dark drama has already attracted a loyal fanbase after just a few weeks on air. And really, why not? The MTV series has everything viewers are hot for these days: teen angst, teen lust, teen sports and a whiff of the supernatural.

Even though she hasn't gotten a ton of screen time in the first few episodes, Holland Roden is already one of the show's standouts as the bratty mean girl Lydia Martin. Fans eager for more of her snarky quips are in luck: we're going to see a lot more Lydia as the season progresses.

We caught up with Roden to chat about fan mail, her number one crush and why there's a lot more to Lydia than you might think.

How did you get involved with 'Teen Wolf'?
It's been a long time coming. Back in November 2009 my agent called and pitched me two characters. One was Lydia Martin, and the original breakdown for her was off the runways of Milan. I'm definitely not a model! So I just told him he was crazy and clearly they would never hire me for Lydia in a million years. I went in for Alice and they said I didn't have the right look for that part, but they liked me as an actor. So about a month later they called me in for Lydia. I still thought they were crazy! I played it more bratty than bitchy because every other girl in there was a straight-up model.

What really makes Lydia tick?
She's definitely type A. I don't think you can polarize good and evil; I think everybody has both, but she's not this Heather Locklear on 'Melrose Place' evil, out-to-get-you bitch. She's got a method to her madness. You don't see it very much in the series thus far, which is definitely done on purpose to make Lydia a dark horse. I don't want to say too much more. But in a nutshell, she's very much your Tracy Flick from 'Election.'

Are you a big fan of the 'Teen Wolf' movies?
I am! I'm a huge Michael J. Fox fan. One of my favorite movies is 'Back to the Future.'

What kind of feedback are you hearing from fans so far?
Oh my gosh. That's been so surreal. Between Twitter and Facebook and how close you can be with your fans and how close they can be to you these days is, I think, quite miraculous. It's like getting a greeting card every single day. I still get fan mail to my agency the old fashioned way. They're really excited about the plotlines and the cute boys, of course. I sent an autograph to a 60-year-old man the other day who said "I just genuinely love the show." Howard Stern is apparently a fan now, and had our creator on his show.

What sorts of things are you hearing from fans?
I get the occasional "We hate you," "You're irritating," "You're annoying," "You're mean." Stuff like that. But I get a lot of fans who get it, who say, "You're hilarious, we get it." It's so funny -- you're an annoying brat but it's so addictive. I love that some people get it. I'm so glad.

What can we expect to see from Lydia throughout the season?
You definitely find out more about her family. Why she is the way she is. Some of the viewers have already had predictions that I'm the alpha werewolf. I can't say! I don't want to give too much away. She's a dark horse, that's the best way I can put it.

At this point she reminds me a bit of Cordelia from 'Buffy.' Have you heard that at all?
I haven't! But we've had some 'Buffy' comparisons, which is such a compliment because I know they had some pretty intense fans. That's interesting, I'll have to look more into that.

Do you have your own favorite teen TV shows?
I loved 'Dawson's Creek.' I was pretty young, not quite a teen. To this day, Joshua Jackson as Pacey is my number one crush. Seriously, I am not kidding.

What else do you have coming up? Anything you can talk about?
I've been on hold for a couple of things. I have something coming up on 'Memphis Beat' with Jason Lee on TNT in July. I've been acting for about three-and-a-half years now and I'm doing the same thing every actress in LA is doing, just auditioning. It's a very interesting position I'm in right now, being a half-successful actress, half still doing the audition game. I have one foot in each world.

Is there anything else you think fans would like to know about the show?
Tyler (Posey, who plays Scott) and Dylan (O'Brien, who plays Stiles) really are best friends in real life, which I'm sure is not hard to imagine given their chemistry on screen. Colton (Haynes, who plays Jackson) and I are very, very good friends which hopefully helps our chemistry. It's just been such a wild ride to go to work with people you love.

You can catch 'Teen Wolf' on Mondays at 10PM ET on MTV in the US and on MuchMusic in Canada.

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