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October 8, 2015

'The Voice' Finale: Coach and Winner Interviews and What You Didn't See on TV

by Laura Prudom, posted Jun 30th 2011 12:01PM
The winner has been crowned and the confetti has been swept away, but for fans of 'The Voice' who weren't fortunate enough to be in the crowd for the finale last night, allow AOL TV to lift the curtain for you.

The Voice finalists
Not only did we have a plum spot from which to admire the back of Adam Levine's head during the taping (and to admire all of the artists' off-screen antics), we later hit the red carpet to talk to the coaches and the winner as they reflected on a triumphant first season.

Dirty South, Dirty Mouth
Country crooner Blake Shelton knows how to kick a finale off right; when Carson Daly introduced the coach before the show went live, he swaggered out with a frat boy-esque red cup and offered Carson a sip -- the host promptly declared that it was "moonshine" and faked being floored by the taste. Later, when the hapless warm-up guy decided to pick on Blake's spelling ability on Twitter, Blake dryly told him to "spell-check 'kiss my ass.'" The easy-going judge wasn't all snark, though: he was swaying throughout the whole of Dia and Miranda Lambert's duet, and was first up to give his ladies a standing ovation at the end of the performance.

Harder to Breathe
Between Blake and Adam Levine, the audience had no shortage of eye candy, and we especially enjoyed the way the Maroon 5 frontman sprawled across his chair during the pre-tape segments with one leg over the arm. There were no sour grapes between him and Blake after Javier was crowned either; the pair wrapped each other in a hug and bounced around after the results came in -- the bromance continues. Adam also took it upon himself to wrangle the audience when the production team had trouble getting the crowd to take their seats; he turned around in his chair and told his section to "sit the f*** down! ... Just kidding!"

Cee Lo GreenCee Lo Brought the Bling
Who didn't enjoy Cee Lo Green's gem-studded tracksuit last night? It wasn't the only shine he was sporting. During the ad break, the warm-up guy went in search of the biggest 'Voice' fans in the audience and found a guy with a "Team Cee Lo" watch -- mostly because it was bright red and slapped closed. Cee Lo tried it on and was considering wearing it throughout the finale, but graciously gave it back in the end. Time is money, after all.

Say What?
Right before the winner was announced, the final four gathered on stage to say a little something to the audience during the commercial break, but it was Vicci Martinez who summed the whole experience up perfectly. "We love the f*** out of each other! And we're not on TV so I can say that!" she crowed. Beverly McClellan chimed in with an enthusiastic "F*** yeah!"

What a Girl Wants
Christina Aguilera was a little tardy to the party: after Carson introduced the three male coaches, our token girl was conspicuous by her absence while the guys taped promos for 'The Voice of Holland,' on which 'The Voice' is based. She arrived just before the show went to air. We were also amused to spot Christina's own private Porta-Potty on the lot, while the three male coaches have to share one -- we can't blame her for wanting to avoid the boy cooties, though.

Later, we caught up with Adam, Christina, Cee Lo, newly crowned Javier Colon and the legendary Stevie Nicks on the red carpet to get their impressions of the night, and the relief was still clear on Javier's face when he reached us, almost an hour after emerging onto the carpet (ever the professionals, he and Dia made sure to give each and every reporter a few minutes, even after the rest of the cast had left).

"I feel great, I feel very relieved and I'm glad that it's over," he admitted with a happy sigh. "I'm looking forward to not having as much stress in my life, hopefully!"

The new champion admitted that he was far more nervous last night than he had been for the performance show, but not because of the impending results: "I had to sing with Stevie Nicks, which is an amazing honor, so I wanted to make sure I did the best that I could, that I went in and I knew my part and what I wanted to do. I mean, it's her song, she's the most amazing artist, and I just wanted to float around what she was doing. I won't forget that, ever."

The admiration was apparently mutual; when we got a chance to talk with Stevie Nicks, she admitted that she'd flown all night to get there in time for the performance: "We just learned [the song together] this afternoon, we had an hour, not even an hour -- but it was very easy, he'd done his homework."

The iconic singer also revealed her last-minute words of wisdom to Javier before he went on stage: "I just said 'smile with your eyes and your heart because you've already won, all of you Adam and Javierhave already won, to get this far, into the last four.' I'm thrilled for him; he has children and he's kind of babyfaced, he's got that silky sweetness and I think the world could use that kind of a voice -- it makes you feel good."

Although Javier cited his duets with Stevie and Adam as highlights of his entire 'Voice' experience, he was humble to the last, effusively praising the other contestants. "To get to share the stage with such amazing artists like Beverly and Vicci and Dia, they're all amazing," he insisted. "To be able to be in their company and get to go through this with them -- they're just genuinely nice people, and obviously extremely talented people -- I was honored to be in their company."

The show may be over, but none of the coaches have any intention of severing ties with their contestants. "Javier needs to relax and have a beer and not worry about this show anymore, and focus on his music," Adam observed wryly. "And I'll help him out, he'll have all the help in the world 'cause I'm gonna be knocking his door down to do it, and god bless him, he deserves everything that's coming to him."

Christina and BeverlyChristina was equally enthusiastic about Beverly, even though the rocker missed out on the final two. "Beverly and I will, for as long as she'll have me, be friends," the 'Beautiful' singer insisted. "I love her; she's great fun, she's professional, she rocks the stage -- I'll always have her involved some way or another in what I'm doing."

When asked about his parting words for contestant Vicci Martinez, Cee Lo pointed out that this was far from the end of their journey. "There's no need for parting words because we're going to be together from now on -- I'm gonna help continue her success. Y'all watch out for Vicci, I don't give a damn about Javier!" he quipped.

The coaches were clearly thrilled that the audience connected with 'The Voice' so enthusiastically, but Adam was quick to point out that ratings aren't everything. "I feel like the success of the show should be based on the way we feel when we're doing it," he mused. "There's a lot of love -- I sound so corny, but there's really so much love, so f*** ratings, who cares?"

And the coach had no hesitations about announcing his intentions for a second season. "I'm coming, I'll be back!" he insisted. "If Cee Lo comes, I'll come, but only if I can wear an Adam Levine tracksuit with diamonds on it."

As for Cee Lo, the flamboyant judge decided to play a little harder to get ... "Next season? MONEY," he drawled. "I'm just kidding ... No no, yeah, money. No, just kidding! But really, money." Despite the jokes, it was clear that Cee Lo was just as invested in the process as Adam, admitting, "This is such a cool thing, I did not think I'd have this much fun. And it's not about the money, it's about this positive energy and being a part of it. It has grown into something very prolific, present, right here, right now. I feel like I'm reveling in this opportunity and it's real to me, it's real life. They're all going to be huge stars."

Did your favorite contestant win 'The Voice'? What did you think of the final duets?

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