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August 31, 2015

July 2011 Calendar of Premieres, Specials and Finales

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 1st 2011 11:40AM
'Damages' / 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' / 'Torchwood'
After everyone gets done celebrating America's Independence Day on July 4, what are they going to do for the rest of the month? It's awfully hot out there!

That's why we recommend staying inside where the air conditioning is cool, and TV is even cooler. You'll want to hang onto this handy guide of all the premieres, specials and finales so you'll know where to find your favorite shows like 'Torchwood,' premiering on Starz, and 'Damages,' shifting over to DirecTV's Audience channel.

Other big premieres for July include 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' 'Rizzoli & Isles,' 'Breaking Bad,' and final season bows for 'The Closer,' 'Entourage,' and 'Rescue Me.' Wrapping its final season -- at least on NBC; it already wrapped on DirecTV's Channel 101 -- is the excellent 'Friday Night Lights.'

Reality fans can get ready to get claustrophobic with 'Big Brother,' while PBS takes us back to the genesis of the format with 'An American Family: Anniversary Edition.'

Animation comes on strong as well, with the premiere of a new series for the 'Thundercats' on Cartoon Network, as well as Marvel imports from Japan 'Wolverine Anime' and 'Iron Man Anime.' A few properties even get the movie treatment, including 'Phineas and Ferb,' 'The Fairly Oddparents' and Adult Swim's 'The Venture Bros.'

To make room for all of this cool goodness, television bids farewell to a great season of 'Men of a Certain Age' and wraps the network burn-offs of 'Law & Order: LA' and 'Chaos.' Also wrapping are summer series 'Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition,' 'Love Bites,' and '101 Ways to Leave a Game Show.' Will any of them come back?

We told you it was a lot, which is why you should probably bookmark this calendar of premieres, specials and finales so you can keep one finger on the thermostat and the other on your remote.

Friday, July 1
8:00 - 'Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures' (Nickelodeon) series premiere
9:00 - 'Dual Survival' (Discovery) 2nd season finale
9:00 - 'Flea Man' (National Geographic) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best' (TLC) 1st season mid-season premiere
10:00 - 'King of Dirt' (DIY) 3rd season finale
10:00 - 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' (TLC) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Ultimate Predators: Nature's Nightmares' (National Geographic Wild) special presentation

Saturday, July 2
8:30 - 'Curb Appeal: The Block' (HGTV) 3rd season finale
9:00 - 'Shane Untamed' (National Geographic Wild) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Celebrity Ghost Hunt' (Biography) special presentation
10:00 - 'Shark Men' (National Geographic) 1st season finale

Sunday, July 3
8:00 - 'The Ultimate Crash: House, Bath, Yard' (DIY) special presentation
9:00 - 'Christopher Titus: Neverlution' (Comedy Central) special presentation
9:00 - 'Masterpiece!: Poirot XI: Hallowe'en Party' (PBS) special presentation
10:00 - 'Treme' (HBO) 2nd season finale

Monday, July 4 - American Independence Day
8:00 - 'A Capitol Fourth' (PBS) special presentation
9:00 - 'Citizen U.S.A.: A 50-State Road Trip' (HBO) special presentation
9:00 - 'Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular 2011' (NBC) special presentation
10:00 - 'Bath Crashers' (DIY) 3rd season premiere
10:00 - 'Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular' (CBS) special presentation

Tuesday, July 5
9:30 - 'Property Virgins' (HGTV) 10th season finale
10:00 - 'Chopped' (Food) 7th season finale
10:00 - 'Hard Time' (National Geographic) 2nd season premiere
10:00 - 'Teen Mom' (MTV) 3rd season premiere

Wednesday, July 6
9:00 - 'Flipping Out' (Bravo) 5th season premiere
9:00 - 'Haunted Collector' (Syfy) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'I Shouldn't Be Alive' (Animal Planet) 5th season premiere
10:00 - 'Devil You Know' (ID) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Men of a Certain Age' (TNT) 2nd season finale
10:00 - 'Restaurant: Impossible' (Food) 2nd season premiere
10:30 - 'Hollywood Treasure' (Syfy) 1st season finale

Thursday, July 7
8:00 - 'An American Family: Anniversary Edition' (PBS) special presentation
8:00 - 'The Great Dinosaur Escape' (National Geographic) special presentation
9:00 - 'Big Brother' (CBS) 13th season premiere
9:00 - 'Call Me Fitz' (DirecTV Audience) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'Police Women' (TLC) 6th season finale
10:00 - 'Jurassic CSI: In Living Color' (National Geographic) special presentation
10:00 - 'Swords: Life on the Line' (Discovery) 3rd season finale

Friday, July 8
9:00 - 'Fish Hooks' (Disney) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta' (TLC) 2nd season premiere
10:00 - 'Killer Shots' (National Geographic Wild) series premiere
10:00 - 'Monster Fish' (National Geographic) 3rd season premiere
10:00 - 'Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids' (TLC) series premiere
10:00 - 'Torchwood' (Starz) 4th season premiere

Saturday, July 9
8:00 - 'Dino Gangs' (Discovery) special presentation
8:00 - 'A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!' (Nickelodeon) special presentation
8:30 - 'Secrets from a Stylist' (HGTV) 2nd season premiere
9:00 - 'Baring It All' (Style) special presentation

Sunday, July 10
8:00 - 'Big Brother [Sunday]' (CBS) 13th season Sunday premiere
8:00 - 'Mob Wives: Reunion Special' (VH1) special presentation
8:00 - 'Sunday Best' (BET) 4th season premiere
9:00 - 'Hoarding: Buried Alive' (TLC) 3rd season premiere
9:00 - 'Holmes Inspection' (HGTV) 3rd season premiere
9:00 - 'Secrets of Seal Team 6' (Discovery) special presentation
10:00 - 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' (HBO) 8th season premiere
10:00 - 'Famous Food' (VH1) series premiere
10:00 - 'Finding Bigfoot' (Animal Planet) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'The Indestructibles' (National Geographic) series premiere
10:00 - 'Sex, Lies & Power' (TLC) special presentation
10:00 - 'Tough Cookies' (Food) series premiere

Monday, July 11
8:00 - 'Eureka' (Syfy) 4th season mid-season premiere
9:00 - 'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations' (Travel) 7th season mid-season premiere
9:00 - 'The Bad Girls Club' (Oxygen) 7th season premiere
9:00 - 'The Closer' (TNT) 7th season premiere
9:00 - 'HGTV Design Star' (HGTV) 6th season premiere
9:00 - 'Love Crimes of Kabul' (HBO) special presentation
9:00 - 'Man vs. Wild' (Discovery) 7th season premiere
9:00 - 'Warehouse 13' (Syfy) 3rd season premiere
10:00 - 'Alphas' (Syfy) series premiere
10:00 - 'Dance the World' (Travel) special presentation
10:00 - 'Deadly 60' (National Geographic) series premiere
10:00 - 'Law & Order: LA' (NBC) series finale
10:00 - 'Rizzoli & Isles' (TNT) 2nd season premiere
10:00 - 'Surprise Homecoming' (TLC) series premiere
10:00 - 'Surviving the Cut' (Discovery) 2nd season premiere

Tuesday, July 12
8:00 - 'Eat St.' (Cooking) 1st season finale
8:00 - 'MLB All-Star Game 2011' (Fox) special presentation
8:00 - 'Mutant Planet' (Animal Planet) special presentation
9:00 - 'Food(ography)' (Cooking) 3rd season premiere
9:00 - 'Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape' (BBC America) series premiere
9:00 - 'I Hate My Kitchen' (DIY) 2nd season premiere
10:00 - 'Chopped' (Food) 8th season premiere
10:00 - 'Love/Lust' (Sundance) 1st season mid-season finale
10:00 - 'United Tastes of America' (Cooking) 2nd season premiere
10:00 - 'World's Deadliest Snakes' (National Geographic Wild) special presentation

Wednesday, July 13
8:00 - 'Big Brother [Wednesday] (CBS) 13th season Wednesday premiere
9:00 - 'Ghost Hunters International' (Syfy) 3rd season premiere
9:00 - 'Roseanne's Nuts' (Lifetime) series premiere
9:00 - 'Sons of Guns' (Discovery) 2nd season premiere
9:00 - 'This New House' (DIY) 2nd season premiere
10:00 - 'America's Most Desperate Landscape 2011' (DIY) special presentation
10:00 - 'Damages' (DirecTV Audience) 4th season premiere
10:00 - 'Dance Moms' (Lifetime) series premiere
10:00 - 'The Franchise: A Season with the San Francisco Giants' (Showtime) series premiere
10:00 - 'Legend Quest' (Syfy) series premiere
10:00 - 'One Man Army' (Discovery) series premiere
10:00 - 'Rescue Me' (FX) 7th season premiere
10:00 - 'Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?' (ID) 2nd season premiere
10:30 - 'I Married A Mobster' (ID) series premiere

Thursday, July 14
9:00 - '4th & Forever' (Current) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'Sweet Home Alabama' (CMT) series premiere
10:00 - 'Texas Women' (CMT) series premiere
11:00 - 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza' (Showtime) 2nd season premiere

Friday, July 15
12:00AM - 'Childrens Hospital' (Adult Swim) 3rd season mid-season finale
8:00PM - 'Friday Night Lights' (NBC) series finale
8:00 - 'Prankstars' (Disney) special presentation
9:00 - 'Phineas and Ferb: Boys Interrupted' (Disney) special presentation
9:30 - 'Great Performances: Rigoletto from Mantua' (PBS) special presentation
10:00 - 'Haven' (Syfy) 2nd season premiere
10:00 - 'Outrageous Food' (Food) 2nd season finale

Saturday, July 16
8:00 - 'Chaos' (CBS) series finale
8:00 - 'Pretty Hurts' (Logo) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'Born Male, Living Female' (Style) special presentation
9:00 - 'Keeping Up With the Randalls' (Hallmark) special presentation
9:00 - 'Super Eruption' (Syfy) special presentation
10:00 - 'Home by Novogratz' (HGTV) series premiere
10:00 - 'Pit Boss' (Animal Planet) 2nd season mid-season premiere

Sunday, July 17
8:00 - 'Cyberbully' (ABC Family) special presentation
8:00 - 'Eden Eats: Austin' (Cooking) special presentation
9:00 - 'Big Rich Texas' (Style) series premiere
9:00 - 'Masterpiece!: Zen: Vendetta' (PBS) special presentation
10:00 - 'Amsale Girls' (WE) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Bar Rescue' (Spike) series premiere
10:00 - 'Breaking Bad' (AMC) 4th season premiere

Monday, July 18
8:00 - 'Giuliana & Bill' (Style) 4th season premiere
8:00 - 'Hell's Kitchen' (Fox) 9th season premiere
8:00 - 'House Crashers' (DIY) 4th season finale
8:00 - 'Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story' (Lifetime) special presentation
9:00 - 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' (TeenNick) 11th season premiere
9:00 - 'Mann v. Ford' (HBO) special presentation

Tuesday, July 19
8:00 - 'It's Worth What?' (NBC) series premiere
10:00 - 'Drug Kingpin Hippos' (Animal Planet) special presentation
10:00 - 'Million Dollar Decorators' (Bravo) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'True Grime: Crime Scene Clean Up' (ID) series premiere
11:00 - 'Awkward' (MTV) series premiere
11:00 - 'Web Therapy' (Showtime) series premiere

Wednesday, July 20
8:00 - 'Run My Makeover' (HGTV) series premiere
8:00 - 'Sweat Equity' (DIY) 8th season finale
9:30 - 'Hollywood Hi-Tech' (DIY) series premiere
10:00 - 'Deadliest Warrior' (Spike) 3rd season premiere
10:00 - 'South Beach Tow' (TruTV) series premiere
10:00 - 'Storage Wars' (A&E) 2nd season premiere

Thursday, July 21
10:00 - 'NY Ink' (TLC) 1st season finale

Friday, July 22
12:00AM - 'NTSF:SD:SUV' (Adult Swim) series premiere
8:00PM - 'Cool Room Countdown' (DIY) special presentation
9:00 - 'Deadly Women: Deadliest Women' (ID) special presentation
10:00 - 'Heat Seekers' (Food) series premiere
10:00 - 'Killer Shots' (National Geographic Wild) 1st season finale

Saturday, July 23
9:00 - 'Single With 7' (Style) special presentation
11:00 - 'The Inbetweeners' (BBC America) 3rd season finale
11:30 - 'Come Fly With Me' (BBC America) 1st season finale

Sunday, July 24
9:00 - 'Finding Sarah' (OWN) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'Same Name' (CBS) series premiere
9:00 - 'Swamp Wars' (Animal Planet) 1st season finale
10:30 - 'Entourage' (HBO) 8th season premiere
11:30 - 'The Venture Bros. Special: From the Ladle to the Grave: The Story of Shallow Gravy' (Adult Swim) special presentation
11:45 - 'Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1' (Adult Swim) 8th season finale

Monday, July 25
12:15AM - 'Mongo Wrestling Alliance' (Adult Swim) 1st season finale
8:00PM - 'Are You Fitter Than a Senior?' (Health) 1st season finale
8:00 - 'Hitler's Suicide Ship' (National Geographic) special presentation
9:00 - 'There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane' (HBO) special presentation
10:00 - 'The A-List: New York' (Logo) 2nd season premiere
10:00 - 'Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition' (ABC) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Vanished with Beth Holloway' (Lifetime) 1st season finale

Tuesday, July 26
9:00 - '101 Ways to Leave a Game Show' (ABC) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'Deadliest Catch' (Discovery) 7th season finale
10:00 - 'Nail Files' (TV Guide) 1st season finale
10:30 - 'Hook, Line & Dinner' (Cooking) 1st season finale

Wednesday, July 27
9:00 - 'Ton of Cash' (VH1) series premiere
10:30 - 'Truck Stop Missouri' (Travel) series premiere

Thursday, July 28
9:00 - 'Black Tide: Voices from the Gulf' (Animal Planet) special presentation
9:00 - 'Project Runway' (Lifetime) 9th season premiere
9:00 - 'Serving Life' (OWN) special presentation
10:00 - 'Jersey Shore: Recap Special' (MTV) special presentation
10:00 - 'Love Bites' (NBC) 1st season finale
10:30 - 'The Originals with Emeril' (Cooking) 1st season finale

Friday, July 29
8:00 - 'Ice Pilots' (National Geographic) 1st season finale
8:00 - 'Thundercats' (Cartoon) series premiere
9:00 - 'Yard Attack' (DIY) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Deadly Women' (ID) 5th season premiere
11:00 - 'John Pinette: Still Hungry' (Comedy Central) special presentation
11:00 - 'Iron Man: Anime' (G4) series premiere
11:00 - 'Young, Broke & Beautiful' (IFC) 1st season finale
11:30 - 'Wolverine: Anime' (G4) series premiere

Saturday, July 30
8:00 - 'The Cabin' (Hallmark Movie) special presentation
9:00 - 'Age of Dragons' (Syfy) special presentation
9:00 - 'Renovation Realities' (DIY) 7th season premiere
10:00 - 'Carson Nation' (OWN) 1st season finale
11:00 - 'Outnumbered' (BBC America) series premiere
11:30 - 'Friday Night Dinner' (BBC America) series premiere

Sunday, July 31
9:00 - 'Great White Invasion' (Discovery) special presentation
9:00 - 'Sessions: A Conversation with will.i.am' (OWN) special presentation
10:00 - 'Jaws Comes Home' (Discovery) special presentation
10:00 - 'The Real L Word' (Showtime) 2nd season finale
10:00 - 'Unique Eats' (Cooking) 3rd season finale
10:30 - 'Unique Sweets' (Cooking) 1st season finale

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I want to know about SOA on Fox ?? is that coming back

July 04 2011 at 4:51 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to tucker's comment
Jason J. Hughes

Looks like Season 4 of 'Sons of Anarchy' will most likely be a fall premiere (or late summer). My money's on the fall as they just wrapped editing the first ep and each of the prior seasons has kicked off at the start of September. No official announcement has been made yet by FX.

July 05 2011 at 1:48 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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