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October 4, 2015

Who the (Bleep) Did They Marry? TV Husbands With Double Lives

by Maggie Furlong, posted Jul 6th 2011 1:00PM
If you've ever wondered about your significant other's side dealings, well, you're not alone. There are plenty of examples of lying, cheating, law-breaking husbands in the news, and there are even more secretive spouses on TV.

'Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?' (Season 2 premieres Wed., July 13, 10PM ET on Investigation Discovery) looks at the very worst kind of misrepresentation: those husbands who do double-duty as thieves, spies and even serial killers.

Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?

We decided to round up some fictional better halves that turn out to be worse -- much worse -- than anyone could've ever imagined. From a meth dealer to a very dirty cop and even a real-life reporter tasked with exposing wrong-doings caught in his own expose, here are just a few TV husbands leading double lives.

Walter WhiteWalter White (Bryan Cranston), 'Breaking Bad'
He was a devoted husband, father and high school chemistry teacher, and now Walt is Albuquerque's most notorious meth dealer. Skyler, suspicious of her husband's behavior and long, unexplained absences, left Walt after the birth of their daughter, only to be brought back into his tangled web after having an affair herself. Their major marital problems make for seriously addictive TV.

Dexter MorganDexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), 'Dexter'
Dexter's double life shenanigans deserve a really big bleep -- the man is a forensic blood spatter analyst by day and a methodical blood-spattering serial killer by night. Of course the show explains his sins away by reminding us that he only hunts and kills guilty bad guys, but that doesn't eliminate collateral damage. (See: wife Rita.)

Tony SopranoTony Soprano (James Gandolfini), 'The Sopranos'
This Jersey mobster was always taking advantage of his bossman status at the Bada Bing, and never turned down a chance to cheat on Carmela. Of course, she wasn't without flaw either, but Tony's shady business dealings were often the least of their marital problems. Carm left him once, after she couldn't take anymore, but quickly realized that you can't ever divorce a crime family.

Vic MackeyVic Mackey (Michael Chiklis), 'The Shield'
Vic Mackey is not the typical TV protagonist, but despite his cheating ways and under-the-table dealings at the precinct, fans always forgave him, and so did ex-wife Corinne. She finally left her husband of 12 years, the father of her three children, but only after she was taken for a fool time and time again. Add her to the list of people conned by the LAPD badass, including countless informants, co-workers and those Armenians with their money train.

Peter FlorrickPeter Florrick (Chris Noth), 'The Good Wife'
'The Good Wife' follows Alicia (Julianna Margulies) as she picks up the pieces of her life after a big bleeping scandal involving her politician hubby Peter. His corrupt political dealings as Chicago's Cook County State's Attorney and very public affairs with prostitutes landed him in jail, and forced Alicia to go back to work and hit the reset button on her life.

Howard Archibald, aka The CaptainHoward Archibald (Sam Robards), 'Gossip Girl'
Hey Upper East Siders: Which NYC heartthrob lost his entire trust because his seemingly successful dad was actually a money-grubbing, drug-addicted embezzler? Nate Archibald (Chase Crawford) took the fall for his dad's stash of cocaine and a tough punch in the face from the Captain before he and his mom realized that daddy dearest was really bad news.

Chris HansenChris Hansen, 'To Catch a Predator'
In a sad case of life imitating art, and our only real contender here, 'To Catch a Predator' reporter and host Chris Hansen -- the man tasked with putting sexual predators away with the help of some hidden cameras for 'Dateline' on NBC -- was caught on hidden camera himself, cheating on his wife. And no one even had to offer him milk and cookies to get it done.

Stan LarsenStan Larsen (Brent Sexton), 'The Killing'
This whodunit left viewers hanging, but it did give us some of TV's most unlikable-slash-sympathetic characters on TV. Stan Larsen, the hard-working father of young murder victim Rosie, reverted to some old mobster ways to beat the cops to the punch (literally) of punishing her suspected killer. We hope his newly single dad status will trump any future shenanigans.

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Which other TV two-timers do you think deserve (dis)honorable mention on our list? Share your nominees in the comments.

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