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October 7, 2015
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Top 5 TVR Clips of the Week: 'The Talk' Reacts Live to Anthony Verdict, Regis and Larry David Get Awkward & More (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Jul 9th 2011 12:50PM

What a week it was. We emerged from our barbeque and beer induced long-weekend slumber on Tuesday just in time for the most shocking court verdict since the O.J. Simpson trial. The ladies of 'The Talk' gave Nancy Grace a run for her money, reacting live to the verdict with tears, confusion and bewilderment.

But other fun things happened too. Betty White played the drums. Bristol Palin and Barbara Walters treated us to one of the most uncomfortable sex discussions ever. Regis Philbin and Larry David had their long-awaited sit-down, and it was as awkward as we hoped. Kathie Lee and Hoda tackled the modern scourge of people talking on their cell phones while sitting on the toilet.

Onto the videos! Check out our Top 5 clips of the week and vote for your favorite in our weekly poll.

When Julie Chen made the executive decision to keep 'The Talk' live as the Casey Anthony verdict was read, it led to a truly memorable live TV moment. This clip had just about everything: the awkwardness of Chen's Les Moonves introduction that quickly segued into raw emotion when the verdict came down, and finally concluded with Leah Remini wandering aimlessly around the set.

Getting Larry David on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' has been on Regis Philbin's bucket list for years, though who knew that once he got him there, all Regis would talk about is how Larry's been snubbing him all these years? It made for some entertaining, cringe-inducing daytime TV, which we suppose is entirely appropriate for a segment featuring Larry David.

Raise your hand if you'd like to hear Barbara Walters and Bristol Palin talk about the night Bristol lost her virginity to Levi Johnston! Not all at once, guys. After listening to Barbara and Bristol talk about sex, we may just join the abstinence movement. Or the priesthood.

We've seen Betty White's do a lot of crazy stuff over her decades-long career in entertainment, but have we ever seen her rock out on the drums? No, we haven't, until this week's episode of 'Hot and Cleveland.' And as with most everything Betty White does, it was adorable and charming. Internet, please make an animated gif of Betty White playing the drums. Thank you, that is all.

We are suckers for bathroom humor, as are the ever-willing-to-gross-out-their-viewers Kathie Lee and Hoda. A segment about people who talk on their cellphones while sitting on the toilet started with the gals talking about cell phone hygiene, but ended with them cracking up and making poop noises. And this is why the fourth hour of 'Today' is an American institution.

What was your favorite clip of the week?
'The Talk' reacts with shock to the Casey Anthony verdict59 (57.8%)
Larry David and Regis finally have an awkward interview7 (6.9%)
Barbara Walters and Bristol Palin talk about sex4 (3.9%)
Betty White plays the drums23 (22.5%)
Kathie Lee and Hoda discuss people who talk on their cell phones in the bathroom9 (8.8%)

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