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August 31, 2015

'The Bachelorette': Top 5 How Many ABC Interns Does It Take? Moments

by Lincee Ray, posted Jul 12th 2011 12:40AM
After a week off to celebrate 4th of July festivities here in America, I thought that this return episode of 'The Bachelorette' would be a little more entertaining, especially since Ashley is choosing which suitors will escort her on their home turf.

The Bachelorette

Unfortunately, there was a lot of behind the scenes preparation that resulted in some pretty lackluster coverage if you ask me. And that is where I, Lincee Ray, got this week's inspiration:

Top Five "How Many ABC Interns Does It Take?" Moments from This Week's 'Bachelorette'

1. How many ABC interns does it take to light up a bunch of red paper love wish lanterns and set them free at the exact same moment Ashely and Greek Groban set their love wish lantern free? From the looks of their date, the answer is about 47. And let the record show that I'd like to befriend the sarcastic one who taught the dog to take a whiz on Ashley's lantern before lift off. Hands down, the best part of the show.

2. How many ABC interns does it take to locate various costumes for three separate fake wedding photo shoots? In this scenario, one intern has the easy job of running down to the local Chen's Formal Wear with JP's measurements in hand to rent a tux. Another intern must peruse the local Taiwanese market for the traditional ceremonial wedding garb for Lucas, confident that he will be ticked off that he has to wear what he will undoubtedly mistake for a dress. And finally, the third ABC intern must knock on Ames' door and get permission to sift through something fabulous he packed in his dress-up trunk. We need a frock with sequins and feathers? Not a problem. He has it in gold and silver. Take your pick. By the way ... TEAM AMES!

3. How many ABC interns does it take to convince Ashley's wardrobe consultant that backless blouses are not going to happen. Apparently none, because Ashley wore three of them.

4. How many ABC interns does it take to fetch Ryan a paper bag when he began hyperventilating near the koi pond when Ashley sent him home before the rose ceremony? Only one. This ABC intern was given the task of following Ryan around with strict instructions to call for reinforcements the minute he sensed Ryan was crashing from his high. He carried in his possession one Prozac, a small Evian water spritzer and a mirror to harness natural sunlight until the Psychotherapist arrived on the scene.

5. How many ABC interns does it take to hold Emily down as a doctor stuck her face with preventative Botox? So many interns signed up for this job for the chance to be near Emily, there were too many to count.

Lincee Ray works in the oil and gas business in Houston, Texas. She has been recapping The Bachelor for seven years. In her spare time she enjoys frolicking on the beach in her bikini and drinking Dr Pepper. To read her entire season seven recap, go to www.iHateGreenBeans.com.

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