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October 13, 2015

'So You Think You Can Dance Canada' Sends Home First Pair of Contestants

by Bryan Cairns, posted Jul 13th 2011 2:35PM
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No one wants to be sent home (especially first!), but on last night's 'So You Think You Can Dance Canada,' jazz dancer Cassandra Flammini and contemporary dancer Adam Asselin-Rioux were season 4's first eliminated contestants.

It was especially bittersweet for Montreal's Adam A, who, after just not making the top 22, was called in last minute to replace an injured Moses. AOL TV Canada caught up with Cassandra and Adam A, who reflected on what went wrong and their future plans.

Your performances were full of energy, technique and personality, and even the judges sang your praises. So why didn't the viewers pick up the phone and vote for you?
Adam A: That's a really good question. I wasn't supposed to be in the competition because I had been eliminated in the finals. Having the opportunity to do the show and get back on track was amazing, but they didn't show me until Monday, so people didn't know I was back. For sure, that took off some votes for me and I didn't have much publicity. I had two hours to get some votes because I couldn't talk about it. They didn't want me to speak about coming back to the competition.

Cassandra: Honestly, I have no clue. That's why I was really shocked when I was in the bottom three because of the comments from the judges. I personally think the whole "Ca-sexy" thing made girls not want to vote for me. Maybe it's a girl thing. I have no clue, but it happened and everything happens for a reason. I'm not bummed out, even though I would have liked to continue in the competition.

What were some of the challenges of tackling new disco and the rumba?
Adam A: For sure, the lifts were really hard because Geisha was a little taller than me. And then my hip flexor was injured, so it was really hard getting all those hip movements right. It wasn't my style, but I'm so glad I got to try new disco because it was so much fun.

Cassandra: Some of the challenges were probably letting Francois lead because I'd always try and spin when he was supposed to spin me. Just adjusting myself to that genre ... everything is so opposite to the way I was trained. You were always supposed to leave your feet on the floor and there were different ways to move your upper body. The counts are so different, so it's hard to snap out of my counting and do the rumba counting. I felt we did a good job, though.

Adam, despite an earlier hip spasm, you still hit the floor and busted some moves. How much pain were you in during that routine?
Adam A: Honestly, it really, really, really hurt. I was always on ice, ointment, and Tylenol before every song. It was really hurting me, but when you get that adrenaline rush just before going on stage, it gets you somewhere [so] you don't think about it. It's about performing and not letting your partner down. It's a competition for both of us.

Tre Armstrong wasn't too impressed with the female solos. Looking back, was there anything else you could have done to sway the judges?
Cassandra: Anyone can always do more than they did, but I was honestly happy with what I showed them. My nerves were a little worked up, so I didn't perform it as well as I should have, but I felt good about it. If I had done a bad job, I would be even more bummed out that I was going home. But the fact I left on something I was proud of, it was a positive goodbye for me.

You got really choked up when Jean-Marc announced you have a free pass to the final week in season 5, Adam. Having a small taste of 'So You Think You Can Dance Canada,' how will you better prepare for next year?
Adam A: Obviously, I wasn't prepared for this. I got the call on Sunday and the next day I was in Toronto at 6AM. I never thought I'd be back on the show that fast. I wanted to return next year, so I was saying to myself, "I'll prepare, be ready, take lots of dance classes and choreography." Since I didn't have the privilege to take workshops before the show, it was really hard.

A lot of dancers use this series as a platform to jumpstart their career. What's on the horizon for you, Cassandra?
Cassandra: I'm moving to Los Angeles soon, so I want to use this to get my Visa. I want to go to L.A. and assist different choreographers so I can get my name out there. I want to do as many jobs as I can to show people I'm working.

Lastly, both your partners are still in the running. Why do Francois and Geisha have a good shot at winning?
Adam A: She is really amazing. Obviously, Geisha's really talented and has this great personality. I loved being with her and having this opportunity to dance by her side.

Cassandra: It's really amazing that Francois was only trained in ballroom. The fact he can do hip hop so well ... when we were doing it in the workshops, you couldn't even tell he was a ballroom dancer. The fact he's so versatile will really help him in the competition.

You can watch 'So You Think You Can Dance Canada' on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on CTV.

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