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October 10, 2015
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An 'Awkward' Accident Leads Everyone to Think Jenna Tried to Commit Suicide (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 20th 2011 6:25AM
'Awkward' - 'Pilot' series premiereWhen MTV first jumped into scripted comedy with 'The Hard Times of RJ Berger,' it launched based on a gimmick that it really didn't need. The show succeeded more when it focused more on typical teen angst and drama. And we find that 'Awkward' (Tue., 11PM ET on MTV) is even better because it focuses on those things.

The drama shifts from a male teen with a big situation to a female teen with a whole different kind of problem to deal with. While RJ's truth was accidentally revealed to the entire school, leading to all kinds of problems, Jenna's problem is in many ways much worse because a non-truth about her begins to define people's perceptions of her.

Teen suicide is a very real problem, but 'Awkward' manages to dance around the fringes of it, and even gently poke at our struggles in knowing how to deal with it. Jenna was a frustrated and depressed teen. She was not suicidal. But an unfortunately worded blog entry followed by a bathroom accident painted a very clear, if inaccurate, picture.

The bulk of this Series Premiere dealt with the aftermath of Jenna's accident. She was never very popular in school, but there was the hot guy she had a crush on. Unfortunately, after she gave her virginity to him, he told her he could never publicly admit that he liked her.

Add to that an arch-nemesis in plus-sized cheerleader Sadie. Then there's the note that started the whole thing: An anonymous letter that in no uncertain terms told Jenna to "stop being such a p****." So, she stood up and took ownership of her situation, changed her blog name from Invisible Girl to That Girl and just might find her way.

As a premiere, this was one of the stronger ones we've seen in the teen comedy category, so hopefully it finds an audience on MTV. The target audience for the network should absolutely be able to relate to the issues we've seen brought up so far, and Ashley Rickards is perfect as the every girl lead, even though she's a little too pretty to be believable as this awkward unpopular teen -- but that's Hollywood for you.

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