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October 4, 2015

Kenny Hotz Tackles World Issues -- Sorta -- In 'Triumph of the Will'

by Annette Bourdeau, posted Jul 20th 2011 5:00PM

Mideast peace crisis? Check. Mortality? Check. Discrimination? Check. Kenny Hotz is confronting all of the world's biggest issues in his new show, 'Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will.'

But don't worry -- this isn't a serious show featuring a goody-goody Kenny. You'll get to see all of the famous controversial Kenny antics you've grown to know and love over the years, on a much bigger scale. Remember how on 'Kenny vs. Spenny' Kenny would do anything to win, whether it was moral or not? Well, he's applying that approach to his new missions on 'Triumph.'

Still have no idea what to expect from 'Triumph'? Read on for a more thorough explanation from the man himself. AOL TV caught up with Kenny to get all of the dirty details about 'Triumph,' including his rationale for pimping out his elderly mother on national television.

I'm intrigued by the 'Mission Impossible'-meets-'Dateline' concept. Can you explain?
Kenny Hotz: Yes, it's 'Mission Impossible' meets 'Dateline.' Next question! Well, I'm kind of going back to my roots as a journalist a little bit. I went to school for photography and I used to do a lot of photo essays that involved human disasters like the Gulf War and tons of concentration camps and the fall of the wall of Berlin. Even the movies I've done like 'The Papal Chase' all have these kind of Herculean task elements to them.

So will it be a serious show?
It's serious, it's funny, it's got heart. It's kind of grown-up a little, but it's definitely a way smarter, more meaningful show. Unlike 'Kenny vs Spenny,' which kind of had no meaning in a sense. Everything I'm doing is really socially and culturally relevant. Like find my mom a husband or build a Mosque for the Muslims. I think every episode I do could make world news. If I find my 75-year-old widowed mother who hasn't been laid in 22 years a husband, if I get her to fall in love on national f----n' television, that is big. There's a story to that about a son who loves his mother. Even if she's not into it, like mom you are gonna get f----n'' laid and you are gonna like it. You are gonna be happy before you die whether you like it or not. That's what this show's about. If I become a pariah in the Jewish community because I'm hitting up my Jewish friends for cash to build a mosque, then f--- it. Who cares. That's what I'm doing. Nobody's done it and I'm doing it.

How did you come up with the concept?
I like the narrative thread of winning or losing, being able to fail or accomplish something. I kind of like the little weirdness of being an immoral or unethical Christine Amanpour or Anderson Cooper. Like being a journalist who shouldn't be a journalist, trying to accomplish things immorally that are moral.

How will your missions impact society?
Probably not at all. Everyone's a bunch of ADD f-----g YouTube-watching, Dorito-munching stoners who don't give a s--t about anything except what new video game is coming out. And I'm one of them. And that's what I think is so weird. I'm the antithesis of the media who actually cares. Sean Penn is trying to pull Haitians into a boat. I could save a million more Haitians unethically by doing something that nobody in that spotlight has the ability to do, because I don't care about my persona or how I'm viewed. No guy has ever dressed his mom up like a peacock and whored her out on national television. I may go about it the wrong way, but I'm doing it for her own good because I know she wants to get laid. I know that she wants a man, but she's too scared to admit it or too set in her ways. Maybe I'm doing what's best for the world even though they don't want me to. I think everybody's pretty apathetic.

How do you choose your tasks?
It's the most important things going on in the world. The Mideast peace crisis is me trying to offer a gift to Islam. Mortality and the elderly = me and my mom. One of the episodes is I'm going to France -- French people drive me crazy and I've had very bad experiences in France so I'm going to go and try to get to like the French. That's prejudice. It's like love, fame, religion, God, y'know, the American dream. It's the biggest possible topics I could ever put into a 22-minute episode.

Wow. Ambitious.
Yeah. Ambitious. Crazy. Lame. I don't even know. It could be the greatest show I've ever done in my life or the worst show I've ever done.

Will Spenny be making any appearances?
God, I hope not. He'd better not be. [Laughs] No, this show totally stands alone. To me this is so much better than 'Kenny vs Spenny,' I can't even tell you. It makes me wonder why I did 'Kenny vs Spenny' for so long. I'm really enjoying this. I think it's great. Each show is a little film. 'Kenny vs Spenny' looked like s--t. But this is a really slick, high-produced content that's totally beautiful.

Do you put yourself in danger?
Oh God, yeah. Totally.

Do you get hurt?
Oh, yes. Very badly sometimes.

'Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will' premieres Friday July 22 at 10PM ET on Showcase Action.

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