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October 7, 2015

'So You Think You Can Dance Canada' Says Goodbye to Rodrigo and Lauren

by Bryan Cairns, posted Jul 20th 2011 2:01PM

'So You Think You Can Dance Canada's elimination night is never easy for anyone, and after landing in the bottom three last week, salsa dancer Lauren Lyn and hip-hop dancer Rodrigo Basurto bounced back with a high-octane, swag-tastic hip-hop number. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to keep them around and the charismatic couple was sent packing.

Jumping on the phone with AOL TV Canada, Lauren and Rodrigo spoke about six-packs, injuries and impressing the judges.

How did you react when you pulled hip-hop out of the hat?
Lauren: Honestly, I was really excited about it. That's why I came on the show, because I enjoy doing other styles. I really wish we could have stayed on longer so we could mix it up with some contemporary or something like that. I wanted to expose myself to these other styles and really show Canada how versatile I am.

It must have been scary to have judge Luther Brown choreograph your routine.
Lauren: At first when I found out it was Luther, it was a little nerve-wracking because I had never worked with him before except on a group number. He was pretty harsh when he said, "You all need to pick it up! It's not looking so good!" After working with him, Luther is so amazing. He really has a way of explaining things that helps you understand movement in your body.

Rodrigo: Oh, that's my style! When we found out it was hip-hop and Luther, that was great news! After being in the bottom three the first week and then to get my genre which I'm really good at and so is Lauren, I wasn't nervous at all.

Rodrigo was in his genre and both of you displayed plenty of swag. Are you a little surprised to be going home?
Lauren: Not really. I was in the bottom three last week and it is based on the votes. I kind of had a feeling, so I was prepared.

Rodrigo: Definitely! That was my genre, so if you're going to get kicked out of the show, it should be on something you didn't do properly. I was definitely surprised!

Things got off to a rocky start for you, Rodrigo. What happened during that initial solo?
Rodrigo: Everything happened so fast. People were screaming so loud, so I couldn't really hear my music. I didn't realize it was already playing so from the beginning, I was already rushing things. I don't know if I missed a step or tripped on my own feet, but I tripped and tried to cover it up as much as I could. My performance level was so up to the roof that I didn't even feel I hurt myself until after I finished. But I hurt myself at the beginning, so all my choreography went out the window. That was the fastest 30 seconds of my life.

Even though I would absolutely kill for your abs, Cassandra believed being too sexy was her downfall last week. Rodrigo, do you feel it hurt you as well?
Rodrigo: Depends how you do it. I don't think it hurt at all. If you have the body, why not show it? And that's the way they wanted me to do it, so it wasn't just my decision. I hope that's not the reason I went home, but I wish they had commented more on my talent instead of too much on my body.

Considering it was your second time in the bottom three, what were you hoping to showcase or prove in your solos?
Lauren: Last time, they said we had to step it up, so I added more in there, put some jumps in there, some turns and really attacked this one a lot more. I really wanted to show them I was coming back harder and better than the last time I had to dance for my life. I got a lot of really great feedback on this solo.

Rodrigo: Honestly, because of what happened the first week, I was really excited to dance for my life again, just to show them "I got this." I wasn't nervous to dance again; I was just nervous I was going home. I didn't realize I was in the bottom three with two hip-hop dancers until I was on stage with them. It just never hit me because everything happens so fast. I just wanted to dance my heart out and I was going for blood.

Can you talk about working with each other?
Lauren: Rodrigo is awesome! He works hard. He's kinda like the drill sergeant out of the two of us. He's like "One more time." Then after that, it's "One more time, one more time, one more time." We did a partner piece the first week and he's a really good leader. He was there for me and never dropped me. I trust him.

Rodrigo: My partner does not play around. Lauren was really into the competition. We had no fights at all, helped each other, and everything couldn't have been more perfect. She's such a great person, an amazing dancer and easy to work and talk with.

Going forward, what would be your dream dance job?
Lauren: Obviously, it would have to be dancing with a huge artist. For most people, it would be Michael Jackson because he was such an inspirational performer and dancer. Anyone like Janet Jackson, Usher, or even Britney ... oh, Lady Gaga! She would probably be my favourite! I worked with her once before for the MuchMusic Video Awards this summer and she's always doing these crazy concepts.

Rodrigo: I don't know. Working with Beyonce. I wish I could say Michael Jackson, but he's gone. Usher would be amazing and is one of my favourite performers. Justin Timberlake. Chris Brown is an awesome performer as well. I just want to keep doing this, but on a higher level.

You can watch 'So You Think You Can Dance Canada' on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on CTV.

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