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October 6, 2015

'Community' Is Hiring! Filling the Greendale Yearbook with More Awesome Human Beings

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jul 28th 2011 11:00AM
It's been a busy week for the casting directors of 'Community.' Greendale Community College is in hiring mode, and the faculty is freshly stocked with two new, sufficiently awesome (and yes, a little random) teachers: Michael K. Williams, coming on board to play a fresh-out-of-jail biology professor, and John Goodman, the new vice dean of the school of air conditioning repair.

While neither actor seems quite perfect, tonally, for the offbeat, referential comedy, the choices may prove brilliant for that very same reason.

With that in mind, we got to thinking about some other slightly plausible, square-peg-in-round-hole teacher choices that might just be crazy enough to work.

Even if they don't take any of our casting advice, that faculty lunchroom is about to get even weirder, in the best way possible.

Quentin Tarantino
Who better to teach a community college filmmaking class than Oscar-nominated director Quentin Tarantino. They've already given the auteur a nod with their 'Pulp Fiction' homage, and we know Abed's a fan. Awesome bonus: They could get Tarantino to do double duty and direct an episode of the show, too ... 'Paintball Part 3' perhaps?

Bob Saget
As aficionados of all things geek, it's about time the 'Community' crew learned how to go viral. May we humbly recommend the video editing skills of Professor Bob Saget, the former host of 'America's Funniest Home Videos' and one of TV's pioneers of funny cat videos and clips of men getting hit in the groin. Saget's brand of deadpan, weird and raunchy humor could make him an excellent rival to Señor Chang.

James Franco
Sure he's busy writing short stories, directing dance theater, doing movies and plotting his soap opera return (Franco!!), but you've gotta admit: The ultimate installation for James Franco's "life is art" mentality would be spoofing his own career ridiculousness on 'Community.' Seeing him teaching an over-the-top multimedia performance art class would be 100 times weirder than the remarkable acting class Troy and Britta took last year, because it wouldn't really be acting ... or would it?

Woody Harrelson
With biology in the rotation for the Greendale gang this year, we recommend expanding to other sciences as well ... like botany. Who better to expound on the versatility of herbal crops than the hemp king himself, Woody Harrelson. Pierce would make the best student (you know he puffed on some magical things in the '70s), but we'd love to see Shirley enroll, just to have her outraged when it's not all helpful hints for home gardeners.

Adam Levine
Wanna put an end to the Annie vs. Britta competition for Jeff Winger? Just introduce a hot new musical history professor, preferably someone like Adam Levine. The heartthrob reignited quite a few crushes while coaching on 'The Voice,' but now we're left Levine-less while that's on hiatus. NBC, this would be corporate synergy at its finest. (Plus we're pretty sure he and Britta could share leather jackets.)

Danica McKellar
Okay, so 'Community' already has a sexy statistics teacher, but she's gone missing since dating Jeff and Greendale is in dire need of a substitute. Enter Danica McKellar, author of a real book called 'Math Doesn't Suck,' who hasn't done nearly enough TV since melting our hearts on 'The Wonder Years.' Special bonus: She's also into racy lad-mag photoshoots, should Allison Brie and Gillian Jacobs want to go back for Round Two.

Kirk Cameron
Cameron, a devout Christian evangelist, has already been touring colleges trying to spread his message. We recommend that Dan Harmon & Co. invite him to Greendale as an adjunct professor of religion (and maybe omit the part about it actually being for a TV cameo). If they could just set him up in a classroom and let him run through his spiel in front of the gang, the resulting improv could be comedic 'Community' gold.

Lily Tomlin
The master character actress needs to be on 'Community,' whether it's for multiple episodes or just a brief cameo. She can play both over-the-top comedy or dry, understated wit. We'd suggest she play a visiting sex education professor who meets Chevy Chase's Pierce Hawthorne at a 'Sex Over Sixty' seminar. He'd quickly fall in love with her, of course, and shamelessly try to seduce her for the rest of the season.

Gary Busey
Busey might not have been business savvy enough to make it too far on Donald Trump's fake job competition, but the few weeks we did see of the actor and his beloved, inspiring acronyms could make him a good fit as a motivational speaking instructor on 'Community.' The guy's got plenty of WAITS -- that's Wisdom And Intelligence To Share.

Bryan Cranston
Rounding out the science department, how about Bryan Cranston as the oddly intense chemistry professor with a secret? After the gang notices equipment keeps disappearing from the lab, they unravel a mystery that leads them to a trailer parked in the desert. They promptly realize their professor is addicted to the show 'Breaking Bad,' and have to solve the crisis by gifting him a 'Mad Men' DVD box set.

Who would you like to cast on 'Community'? Add your picks in the comments.

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