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October 22, 2014
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'Wilfred' Poisons Ryan to Stop Him Saving Jenna's Relationship (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 29th 2011 3:56AM
'Wilfred' - 'Conscience'So, is Wilfred representative of that part of Ryan's brain he doesn't really want to listen to? Ryan is concerned about being a nice guy, and yet he succumbs to Wilfred's generally bad suggestions all the time on 'Wilfred' (Thu., 10PM ET on FX).

This week it was about Jenna and her boyfriend Drew. The main reason Wilfred seems to hate Drew is that Drew has complete control over him, like the alpha male of the pack. So he concocted a plan to have Ryan pull out the super-competitive side of Drew.

This is a side that Jenna hates, and it worked. She broke up with him. Mission accomplished. Well, according to Wilfred it was, but Ryan's pesky conscience kept getting in the way, and he wanted to set things right. So Wilfred poisoned him.

Actually, it turns out he only fed him chocolate ... but hey, it's poison to dogs! Still, if Wilfred is some kind of subconscious expression of Ryan's baser impulses and desires, what does it say that he poisoned himself to stop from getting Jenna and Drew back together?

On the one hand, he knows Drew really is a world-class douchebag. However, Jenna was upset and Drew was upset. But Ryan wants Jenna to be with him, though he's too spineless to say. Maybe eventually his Wilfr-id will help him stand up and demand to be noticed and heard as more than a dogsitter.

Not any time soon, probably, but maybe eventually they'll hook up. And if they do, Wilfred will probably transform into that part of Ryan's brain that will want to see fault in everything Jenna does and try to sabotage what should be a good relationship. Or maybe Wilfred and everything he does is real, and we just have to accept that Ryan is like a stoned Dr. Dolittle.

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