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October 24, 2014

MTV's Johnny Bananas Sues HBO, 'Entourage' Over 'Johnny's Bananas'

by Alex Moaba, posted Aug 3rd 2011 4:15PM
Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio, a veteran of MTV's 'Real World: Key West' who's currently participating in 'The Challenge: Rivals,' is accusing HBO's 'Entourage' of some serious monkey business.

He's reportedly sent the network a cease & desist notice, and is threatening to sue for copyright infringement over the name of Johnny Drama's gorilla cartoon show 'Johnny's Bananas,' a central plotline on the new season of 'Entourage.'

Devenanzio has hired attorney Stephanie Ovadia, the lawyer who represented Lindsay Lohan in her suit against the E-Trade for a commercial that she claimed used her likeness.

In a series of tweets, Devenanzio, whose Twitter handle is @MTVBananas, explained why he's taking legal action.

"I along with my attorney Stephanie Ovadia have taken legal action against HBO\Time Warner, and Entourage for Trademark Infringement. We believe HBO and the series Entourage, in particular, the cartoon ape they seemed to create out of thin air, who just so happens to go by the name Johnny Bananas, is in no way coincidental, and is instead an attempt to capitalize on the name recognition which I'm solely responsible for creating. I intend to fight vigorously in defense of the years of hard work and dedication I've spent making Johnny Bananas a household name, and the purpose of this lawsuit is aimed at protecting the integrity of my brand."

He later told TMZ: "My identity's been stolen ... I'll be damned if some half-assed ape's gonna come steal my identity that I've been acting like a jerk-off on television the last 5 years creating a brand for myself."

Now, we're not lawyers, and we have no idea if Mr. Bananas seemingly-frivelous lawsuit has any merit whatsoever. We'll simply point out that back when Devenanzio was on 'The Real World,' he nicknamed his housemate Paula Meronek 'Paula Walnuts,' a reference to 'The Sopranos' character 'Paulie Walnuts.' She's still going by that nickname today (it just so happens to be her Twitter handle.) So maybe they should be on the lookout for a counter-suit from HBO.

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