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August 29, 2015

'So You Think You Can Dance Canada' Says Goodbye to Shelaina and Kevin

by Bryan Cairns, posted Aug 3rd 2011 3:32PM
No one is safe. That was the glaring message on last night's 'So You Think You Can Dance Canada.' Despite a mesmerizing performance that packed an emotional wallop and impressed the judges, contemporary dancers Shelaina Anderson and Kevin Howe were sent home. This morning, the charming couple spoke with AOL TV Canada about leaving the show and what they've gained from this experience.

Let's do a little recap. You had a moving Sabrina Matthews piece. In your genre. With great reviews. And judge Jean-Marc even gave you a standing ovation. Were you totally blindsided to land in the bottom three and then be eliminated?
Shelaina: Out of all the weeks I've been here, this was my favorite routine. I thought it was so strong, so it was shocking. It is what it is and that's the name of the game. I've enjoyed my time here so much and that's all I could have asked for.

Kevin: All day you sit there anxiously waiting but yesterday, for the first time, I was relaxed and very happy about my performance. Obviously, it comes down to Canada's favorite. It was very shocking. I don't regret anything, but just wish I had done more and kept going with it.

Obviously, you two are incredibly talented and full of personality. Why didn't that resonate with viewers this week?
Shelaina: I have no regrets with what I did on the show. It's not always about the best routine of the night or the dancing. Sometimes it's about who Canada is looking for. I guess we weren't the favorites, but that's OK.

Kevin, you got pretty teary-eyed towards the end there. What was going through your mind?
Kevin: I auditioned for season 1 and 3. Once I realized who I was in the top 22 with, there was no other season I'd rather be a part of. I'm so close to JP and Shane especially. Being in the bottom three with Shane was hard enough. It's bittersweet because I get to watch him dance now and live his dream. It's hard leaving all those people and at first, I tried to keep composed. But as soon as those guys came on stage and I saw them crying, I lost it.

The judges commented on the dancing and acting aspects of your performances. Was it a challenge getting to that place emotionally and then having to display it?
Shelaina: Definitely. It was by far the most challenging week because we almost had to lose our contemporary technique to get into character emotionally, perform the piece, and be able to act as well.

Kevin: For me, dancing has always been an emotional outlet. It's an art, so that's what it's all about. Dancing has always been something I've resorted to when I'm happy or sad. I'm not an angry person and I'm not a cheater like I was supposed to be in that piece, but it's what you use. It's like method acting, so I just have to go to that place and think about the things that upset or anger you.

To complicate matters, you swapped partners yet again!
Shelaina: Yes, the changing of partners was definitely an added challenge. It was crazy. You start to build that connection with your partner and then they pull the rug right out from under you. I got to dance with more guys on the show, so it really was great to work with a range of dancers from different genres.

From Bollywood to the Viennese Waltz to hip-hop, you guys nailed it. Was there another style you were aching to tackle?
Shelaina: For me, when I was training for the show, I fell in love with ballroom. I was really looking forward to maybe dancing a cha cha or a waltz.

Kevin: Jazz funk. I've worked with Blake McGrath before. I danced with him this past summer. I love his choreography. It would have been fun to do something more upbeat and a little more me. My least favorite was the Viennese Waltz. It was very difficult, but a different experience.

Even though it's a competition, does it feel like all your fellow contestants have become a supportive surrogate family?
Shelaina: Oh yeah. Everyone gets so close so quickly. We spend all of our time together. You see each other every day, so it will be weird stepping outside of that bubble.

Kevin: Exactly! Tuesday mornings, we made a tradition out of making breakfast all together. Every week we know someone is going home.

What are you taking away from this, Kevin?
Kevin: Man, I'm walking away with so much. I have a whole new family. You meet these people and 20 years from now, I'm going to look back and go "Remember that one summer I was part of a TV show?" That's crazy! It's going to be hard waking up in the morning without having someone doing my hair and make-up or driving me around town . It's just amazing. A TV show like this gives you your 15 minutes and you have to take advantage of it. I've gotten incredible exposure and met amazing people I want to continue having relationships with.

To end on a fun note Kevin, has anyone ever mentioned your uncanny resemblance to actor Ryan Reynolds?
Kevin: Yeah! I've gotten that a lot! I don't see it at all, but he's a good-looking guy, so I'm definitely not mad when people say that.

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