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October 23, 2014
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'Big Brother': Eviction, HOH Crowned, and a New Twist (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 5th 2011 12:08AM
'Big Brother 13'It's eviction time on 'Big Brother' (Thu., 9PM ET on CBS), with Brendon and Jordan on the block. Daniele's intention in putting Jordan up in place of Rachel was to have her be the pawn in hopes of ensuring Brendon's eviction. But as the only former winner left in the house, Jordan could prove to be at risk herself.


More significantly, the power is going to shift to the newbies in this case, as Rachel and Jeff will cancel out one another's votes. Kalia has been a strong ally for Daniele of late, while Porsche has been solidly in Rachel and Brendon's corner. Shelly has played both sides for weeks, while Lawon and Adam are more wild cards.

Rachel certainly didn't help her case by having yet another emotional breakdown, even before the votes came down. This one looked like it might cost her Porsche's support, as Porsche was advising her to try and stop being so sad as even if Brendon gets eliminated, she needs to try to get along with the rest of the house.

As tends to happen, Rachel's emotions got the best of her and she started jumping to worst case scenarios, digging a hole for herself and leaving Brendon to do damage control. What will she do without him, and how will everyone else be able to stand her?

When the votes came down, only Rachel and Porsche voted to evict Jordan, signifying a pretty major shift in allegiances away from Brenchel. But, with the newest twist, there's a chance Brendon could return next week. America will vote to allow one of the first four to return and compete with the next evicted houseguest. The winner of that contest will re-enter the house.

The episode also featured Evel Dick offering us some critique of Daniele's gameplay, and it wasn't all flattering. He thinks she's no master strategist and tried too soon to make big moves. But, in her outgoing HOH interview, Daniele acknowledged she may have done just that.

However, in the HOH competition, her ally Kalia took the title, virtually assuring Daniele safety in the next week. With the whole house knowing how tight Porsche and Rachel have been, Porsche's going to need to do some damage control to get off that sinking ship.

Or maybe Rachel can redeem herself. It should be an interesting week as the evicted Houseguest has to combat one of the eliminated ones and will be coming back in the game.

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