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September 2, 2015

'Glee: The 3D Concert' Film Cast: 'We're the Luckiest Kids in the World!' -- Exclusive Video

by AOL Music Staff, posted Aug 10th 2011 5:00PM

The Cast of 'Glee'Lester Cohen, WireImage

In just two seasons, the high school heroes of 'Glee' have become international sensations -- celebrating their differences, pushing boundaries and pocketing Emmys, Golden Globes, People's Choice and GLAAD Media Awards. The Glee Live! In Concert! tour played 40 shows and sold 500,000 tickets worldwide, sometimes performing in three states in one day, always bringing in massive, excited crowds. Now that 'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie' has hit the theaters, 'Glee'-lovers across the country can get up close and personal to experience the concert, see the 'Glee' cast backstage -- hilariously, in character -- and see touching stories of fellow fans. The 'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie Soundtrack' is available now for Gleeks everywhere to enjoy live performances of 'Don't Stop Believin,'' 'Firework,' 'Somebody to Love,' and more. Drop by AOL Music's Listening Party to listen to the album.

Just hours before the premiere of 'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie' in Los Angeles, AOL Music caught up with the cast. Meanwhile, crowds of hundreds had been lining up by the red carpet since morning. Read on as all the cast of 'Glee' tell us just what it's like to be part of a phenomenon, the film and Season 3. Cory Monteith addresses addiction, Lea Michele talks plastic surgery and Chris Colfer talks spreading Glee's message of acceptance coast to coast -- "It's about time." Read on and watch our exclusive clip of the cast.

How does it feel to know there are hundreds of people lined up waiting to see the premiere?

Darren Criss (Blaine):
It never loses its luster. [We're] the luckiest kids in the world ... It's incredible that people care about what you do. That's a very basic, amazing thing. This movie is about the fans and it's about what the whole 'Glee' experience has meant for them. It's very much for them. And they're in it!

Ashley Fink (Lauren): And they feel part of it and they're changed by it and it's special. You're never used to it. Every time people come out and support what we do, we're just as excited as the first time.

Lea Michele (Rachel): I kind of feel like it's our wedding tonight. I feel like we're getting married and people are coming and we have guests. You marry me, girl! This is it.

Amber Riley (Mercedes): We're not in New York. I can't marry you.

The Cast: Aw...

Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina): Come on, California.

Watch the Cast of 'Glee' in Our Exclusive Clip

What was your experience being shot in 3D on tour and what can your fans expect to see in the film?

Dianna Agron (Quinn): We were trying to get as many cool moves in there, so hopefully they're flying at your face. Did you fall in love with Cory's beautiful mole?

Naya Rivera (Santana): That's what I'm excited about in this movie, having Cory Monteith's jaw line this close.

Darren: Not to say that people weren't crazy in New York and L.A., these are heavily metropolitan cities that are used to these concerts, but when we go out somewhere in the Midwest where people don't get to see this stuff as often. That was really cool to be there with them.

Kevin, for your 'Safety Dance' number, you perform without your wheelchair. How did that come about?

Kevin McHale (Artie): I really wanted to do it, and I've been trying to get it into the show for months, but it wasn't happening. Two days before the first show, the girls kind of convinced [producer] Ryan Murphy to put it in. I owe them a lot because it was so fun, it was definitely my favorite part of the show.

With the popularity of the show, how do you feel about the message of your show spreading to parts of the country where being "different" is harder than say, in New York or Los Angeles?

Darren: Well, you nailed it. It's a pretty cool thing that this is a non-exclusive show. The show is inherently inclusive for everybody. Everyone is represented and that transcends sexuality, spirituality, anything that anyone deals with on a personal level.

Diana: Growing up in high school and middle school can be some of the most horrifyingly awkward and intimidating years of your life, because you're trying to find yourself. The most inhibiting thing could be somebody oppressing you and making you feel like you don't deserve having your place or having your say.

Chris Colfer (Kurt): It's about time that these torrents are coming to the mainstream and I think for all of us to represent, each our own ...

Amber: We all are each a representation of something different.

Chris: We all are a representation of a community of some sort. So to be part of the journey is great.

Lea: Do I represent the large-nosed clan?

Chris: Yeah.


Lea, you have spoken about your being pressured into having a nose job. What is your stance on plastic surgery?

Lea: I think that to each his own. I think that people can make the decisions for themselves. All I'm just saying is that for me, I just didn't feel that it was right for me, but so many people at my high school made it feel like I had to do it. As long as you're being safe and not going to any sort of extreme, it's everyone's own personal decision. This was just mine. I didn't want anyone to make it for me or tell me I had to do anything. If you tell me I have to do something, I'm going to tell you "no."

Amber, your character has spoken out about being not used enough in the Glee club. Have you ever had any of that experience as a cast member?

Amber: Oh, had I not been used enough... Ah, it's a show. I don't take it personally.

Lea: Amber, question. What if you woke up one morning and like in the Ryan Reynolds' movie 'The Switch,' and you woke up and you were me? You wouldn't be happy?

Amber: No, thank you. I'd go back to sleep.


Lea: If I were Amber for the day, everywhere I would go, I would sing. And I would challenge people on the street and I would go up to them.

Amber: I don't want your workload. Sorry ... I'm happy where I am.

Lea: No, I want to be Amber Riley for the day. I want to be able to sing in peoples faces like that.

Mark, as somebody with more experience in the music industry, do you have any advice for other cast members who are working on solo albums?

Mark Salling (Puck): If they can balance the time, God bless, God speed.

Darren: Doing anything else, music aside, going home to do your laundry is hard enough.

Mark: Keep it real. Make sure it's honest, not this processed, packaged thing.

What are you most excited about for the next season?

Cory Monteith (Finn): I'm excited it's a new year. I think the show is really going to return back to basics. I think it's going to be the show that people fell in love with.

Diana: And if you think about senior year, there's a lot of antics. In most schools. You're on top ...

Cory: There has to be antics!

Naya, is your character Santana going to come out this season?

Naya: It's something that I'm really, really glad we started to explore; there are so many people that are going through the same thing and I think that was really good and we handled it responsibly. And I would like to see the continuation of that. Just how Kurt dealt with his sexuality and continues to do that, and now has a boyfriend, I'd like to see Santana come full circle I guess.

Cory, you recently spoke out about overcoming drug addiction as a teenager. Were you hoping to reach out to fans who might also be going through this?

Cory: Well, that's just it. It's important for me to communicate that everybody struggles with something, everybody has their challenges in life and this me coming out and say "This is something that I dealt with" to people out there who might be experiencing the same problem, "It could work out." If you just keep your eyes on the prize and work hard, things can charge.

Watch the 'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie' Trailer

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