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September 3, 2015

David Koechner on Todd Packer's Future in 'The Office'

by Eric Larnick, posted Aug 13th 2011 9:00AM
David KoechnerNow that Michael Scott has left Dunder Mifflin, what will his former BFF Todd Packer do?

Last seen during Season 7 being sent down to Florida after alienating the entire 'Office' gang, actor David Koechner is confident his obnoxious, love-to-hate character will rear his head in Scranton once again.

"It's sort of like a bomb that they get to use every once in awhile, it's a grenade they get to throw at the place," Koechner said about his character. "And now he's got vengeance, so that could be fun."

While doing press for 'Final Destination 5,' Koechner dished about his time on 'The Office' and his fond memories of working on 'Saturday Night Live.'

Do you think Todd Packer will ever return to Scranton?
I would just assume so. They haven't told me; I'm just a guest star, they have me back on an average of 2 or 3 times a year, but that is another one of those roles that just jumps. I'm grateful that it happens and I assume that he'll come back and do whatever they want to do.

How will Packer react to a Dunder Mifflin office without Michael Scott?
I would think that there would be no boundaries. Now he has no allies. Maybe he has to come and make some. He comes back with a vengeance or he comes back with his tail between his legs. He's a fun character to play; you can splash as loud as you want in the pool.

Well, I hope you come back for one more office party episode; you play drunk really well.
[Laughs] It's sense memory.

How do you look back at your time on 'SNL'?
I look back quite fondly, I had a blast. I'm from Tipton, Missouri, a town of 2,000 people. I was on 'Saturday Night Live,' that was a dream come true. I'm still a fan of the show, I still have friends who are producers and writers on the show. That's a great piece of showbiz legacy to be a part of.

Speaking as a long-time 'SNL' fan, I could never get enough 'Bill Brasky' sketches.
You want to talk about a movie that needs to be made. In the movie, I say we need to save Bill Brasky even though we hate him; we find out that Bill Brasky is in peril and we go to rescue him only to find out... it is a ruse. And then he does whatever he wants to our lives and our families. "To Bill Brasky! I hate him, but I respect him." That's the genius of Adam McKay, Will Ferrell and Norm Hiscock.

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