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October 6, 2015
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New Strategies Emerge Amid Wheeling and Dealing on 'Big Brother' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 15th 2011 2:28AM
'Big Brother 13'Well, things have gotten very strange in the 'Big Brother' house (Sun., 8PM ET on CBS), and it all started during Kalia's reign as HOH. The twist certainly lived up to what the producers usually hope for these things, as it created absolute turmoil and turned alliances upside down.

After Lawon went crazy and thought Julie Chen was going to give him superpowers if he got eliminated last week and then send him right back into the house, Daniele and Kalia found themselves face-to-face with Brenchel again, and the Power Couples looked ready to take over the game again.

As frustrating as it was to see Brendon return into the game, essentially negating two weeks of strong gameplay by Daniele, it was almost worth it to let poor Jordan off of "Rachel-Duty." Man, that girl is a handful!


If you're watching this show, rooting for the underdog team that now consists of Daniele, Kalia and Porsche, this HOH competition was crazy, yet very exciting, to behold. Adam and Shelly immediately tried to celebrate with the Power Couples and create a new alliance of six, and then one by one the six fell from the competition.

In fact, it was the Power Couples who fell first, led by Rachel. Eventually, Daniele won HOH over Porsche and the streak for her mini-alliance continued. Imagine the situation she and Kalia would have been in after this win had the twist not brought Brendon back into the house.

As it is, though, I have to give Brenchel credit for approaching Daniele smartly this time around. No threatening and posturing. Just a respectful discussion about strategy and allegiances. And a little appropriate target practice Shelly's way.

Shelly has been playing an almost impossible strategy in a hamster cage world like 'Big Brother,' and then to make matters worse, she's not even remembering all the alliances she's tried to put up. I've been wanting her gone for sure, but not before Brenchel! Never anyone else before Brenchel!

Well, at the nomination ceremony, the gamesmanship worked ... or at least seemed to. Dani is smart to be rethinking strategies again now that she's on the wrong side of the numbers again, but I was glad to see her at least considering a back-door of Brendon should one of her nominees get picked.

In trying to save face with the veterans, she did the next best thing for her game by putting up their two newbie allies: Shelly and Adam. Obviously, live feed and 'Big Brother After Dark' viewers already know who won the POV, so please refrain from spoiling it in the comments (or at least put up a warning).

What do you think of these huge changes in strategy this week? Is Daniele going to regret this deal with Brenchel? Has she done irreparable damage within her own alliance by not targeting them for elimination?

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