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October 4, 2015
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Love Is In the Air on 'The Big C' Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 16th 2011 7:58AM
'The Big C' - 'The Last Thanksgiving'It was Thanksgiving time on 'The Big C' (Mon., 10:30PM ET on Showtime) and love was in the air. Especially on the big day itself. Paul found himself charged up after talking to Cathy's cancer buddy Lee, while Andrea had to let down her walls a little to admit she reciprocated Myk's declaration of love.

Blame that one on Adam, who remains one of the most unlikable teenagers on television. He had Andrea half-convinced that all guys were as sleazy as he is. At least Adam has Sean, who's the only character who seems to have any sway over him, and may yet prove to be a good influence.

The characters have gotten so good and so real on this show, that I found myself excited when Rebecca started her monologue about why she loves Sean and wants to marry him. She proved that she's been listening to his ramblings, and motherhood is changing the way she sees the world in a good way. The meds are leveling Sean, without taking away his goofy charm. Everything is just working right now with both of these characters.

Just in time too, as our new-found love and affection for them made it even more tragic in those closing moments. The shot of the family at the window as the ambulance arrived across the street and Sean frantically waved them inside where Rebecca was haunted us through the closing credits.

Rebecca had been complaining of pain earlier in the day, but not much was made of it. It was a subtle bit of foreshadowing of that ending scene amid much bigger scenes. A very clever way to plant it without drawing attention to it so as to not weaken the impact later.

Granted, the clips from the next episode showed her alive and well (not so sure about the baby as it was a little confusing), so they spoiled a little of the tension themselves, but it was a well-crafted sequence nonetheless.

'The Big C' is firing in all cylinders this season, and almost every character is heading down some interesting paths. We can understand Paul's desperation in the face of looming credit card bills, but pilfering from his new retail job along with Myk will put both of them at risk legally.

We're pretty sure Lee and Cathy will be able to make up after she hid from him the fact that she had symptoms proving her body was reacting to the drug treatments. She did it to try and protect him as he's showing no reactions, but it's easy to see why he would feel betrayed.

We missed Marlene, though, as Cathy's conscience. She could come back every episode to haunt and mentor Cathy and we'd be happy to see her. We miss her, too, Cathy.

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